How to Use SFTP to Connect to Your Magento Site?

SFTP or Secure File Transfer Protocol is a standard communication protocol used to transfer computer files from a server to a client on a computer network. It requires a connection between the client and the server, but unlike FTP, SFTP transfers files over a secure channel.

At Breeze, we only support the SFTP connections to keep the data safe and secure during transfer.

In this quick tutorial, I will show how to use SFTP to connect to your Magento store.

Connect SFTP to your Magento Store

To connect SFTP to the Magento store, you will need:

#1 SFTP Client

SFTP Client is nothing but a simple app that provides an interface to connect to a server, transfer files, and much more.

There are many clients you can download for free.

Some SFTP clients:

  • WinSCP
  • FileZilla
  • CyberDuck
  • MonstaFTP
  • Cerberus
  • Couchdrop
  • Tectia SSH

In this tutorial, I am going to use FileZilla.

#2 SFTP Access Information

FileZilla or any other SFTP client is only an interface to connect to the server. You will also need the necessary credentials to create the connection.

Providing FTP access to the server is the common feature of hosting providers. If your hosting service is not allowing you SFTP access, it might be time to reconsider it.

At Breeze, you can find the SFTP access information within your dashboard.

  • Connection type: SFTP (not regular FTP)
  • Address/URL/Hostname: Use your IPv4 Address.
  • Username
  • Password
  • Port

Once you have the credentials, you can fill them in to the SFTP client to create the connection. 

Letโ€™s see how to configure a FileZilla client with a store hosted on Breeze.

Connect SFTP to your Magento Store at Breeze

Step 1: Assign the SSH Key to the Store

If you already have SSH keys assigned to your store or you are not on Breeze, you can skip step 1.

First, you have to assign an SSH key to the store.

Go to SSH Key page from the Store’s dashboard

Here you will find the list of all SSH Keys connected to the store. You can add a new Key or keep working with the existing Key.

Step 2: Configure SFTP Client

We will be using FileZilla.

  1. Open FileZilla
  2. Select Site Manager from the File option
  1. Create a New Site

Configure the General setting.

Protocol: Select SFTP – SSH File Transfer Protocol from the dropdown.

Logon Type: Select Key File from the dropdown.

Find the rest of the information at the Access Page on Breeze Platform.

Fill the Host, Port and Username fields in the FileZilla client.

Click on the Browse button in the Key File box, and select the Key file on your computer. It will insert the location of the Key File into the FileZilla client.

On Windows systems, you may have to change the PPK to PEM, as the Key is in PEM format.

Thatโ€™s it. Your store is connected with SFTP.

Upload and Download the files as you like — keeping the files secure during transfer with Breeze.

Wrap Up

You can use any SFTP client, and the process will be similar.

SFTP is a secure way to connect to the server.

There are also other options such as phpMyAdmin and log in to the server, but playing with the database without safety can hurt the database.

We also suggest using SFTP to transfer any files. If you found any steps confusing, please tell me in the comment section.

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