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Finally, a host that understands your needs

31% of websites run on WordPress. Site owners still struggle with finding the right host.

Faster WordPress

Optimized stack on Google Cloud and AWS.

Better Support

Our support is available 24*7 over email, chat and even on call if critical.

Affordable Pricing

Our plan starts from as low as $25/mo to provide maximum resources.

1-Click Staging

Try and test your crazy ideas safely on staging site with just one click.

Easy Scalability

Growing? No worries! You can scale up and down in just a few clicks.

Suite of Smart Tools

Monitoring? Migration? Analytics? Everything you ever needed is in Breeze.

Breeze has everything you need – in one place

Spin new site

Build a new WordPress site in 90 secs.

Request migration for free

Our experts will take care of migration with zero downtime.

Deploy a staging server

Put your ideas to execution with our one-click staging feature.

Clone Easily

Copy your entire WordPress site with just a few clicks.

Automated backups

All your efforts are backed up daily so that you can start from just where you lost the track.

Core WordPress updates

We ensure there’s no vulnerabilities or bugs breaking your site with latest WordPress updates.

Bandwidth Usage

See what you use.


Track when to scale up and down with your website’s traffic graph in our Breeze dashboard.

Analytics & more

See what’s happening on your WordPress site with our Analytics feature. It includes everything from cache analysis to performance monitoring.

Developer Hours Saved


Increased Speed


Increased Revenue

A Plan For Every WordPress Site

5x Faster. Bulletproof Security. Superior Support.

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