You Build - We Secure

Build your store without worrying about hacking, DDoS attacks, data theft, network issues, or any other malicious code slipping into your website.

Our team has implement security technologies tools to actively block any hacking attempt, look for doubtful activities, and prevent all attacks before they reach your store.

Protection is Better than Fixing

Breeze Security WAF

Cleaning Magento store consume resources, efforts, energy and time. You lose credibility, sales and brand reputation for the time your store is down due to attack. In fact, in some fields (crypto, financial, banking), if you get hacked, you lose the reliability that is essential to run the business. The payment gateways partner block your account, and you may have to to pay hefty fee to put your customer’s data at risk.

Take the secure Magento Hosting from the First Step.

CloudFlare WAF

CloudFlare is popular CDN and WAF provider used by millions of websites. You can enable it in a click within the dashboard to enjoy the protection against bot attack, DDoS attack, network filtering, SSL certificates and network security.

Sucuri Security

Sucuri is market leader in fixing hacked website and their firewall is trusted by million of users. The enterprise level edition comes with Breeze, monitoring your store to find hacking indicator, raise alerts, and clean website code from external injections.

Breeze Monitoring

Our security experts have made multiple in-house tools to help us secure our client’s site in the last 10 years. When we build Breeze, we integrated all of them within the platform. With active monitoring, and server firewall, your store will be safe even if you don’t use Sucuri and CloudFlare.

Free Hack Fix

We are proud of our security system, and engineers. If your website get compromised, penetrating all of our advanced safety features and firewalls, we will fix and clean your site for free.

A Copy in Breeze Safe is Always Safe

Create and download the backups locally, or keep it on the Breeze server. You can restore it in a few clicks, if you want to revert the changes, or get affected by a malicious code.

Breeze Backups

Automatic Backup

Schedule automatic backups and Breeze will create a complete backup of your website at a scheduled time. Daily, weekly – as per you like it.

Manual Backup

Create a manual backup if you are going to make a major changes, and want to protect the existing store setting, configuration and design.

Security Solution keeping your Store Secure


Dedicated Firewall

Our server and your store is safe behind the OS-level firewalls, filtering out all the malicious traffic (indicated by the strict rules, and always updated database) so no intruder can enter.

SSL Magento Security

Free SSL

SSL is critical for eCommerce store, to encrypt the data transmits over the HTTP protocol. You can enable it in one-click with our SSL partner – Let’s Encrypt.

Patching Magento Security

Regular Patching

Regular OS patching ensures the server stays in healthy state, and no damaged server get allocated to the user. We are serious about keeping our servers clean and spam free.

Bot Protection Magento Security

Bot Protection

Bot protection is necessary for any website, to protect the website from traffic congestion and wastage of bandwidth.

FTP Magento Security


All the data transmits from our servers in the secure encrypted format, protecting the website from the data theft via man in the middle attack.

Magento Security IP

IP whitelisting

Whitelist the IPs of the users, network and regions to collaborate smoothly without any restrictions, while keeping the website blocked for everyone else.

Magento Security TLS

TLS 1.3 Support

We support TLS 1.3 which is the latest HTTP update, much faster and secure than the TLS 1.2.

Magento security PHP updated

Updated PHP

We don’t entertain the websites working on outdated technologies, as they can exposed the servers to the vulnerabilities. Website running on the PHP 7 and up are on Breeze.

Magento Security Bot protection


Our firewall detect the malicious requests such as XML-RPS and Brute Force Attack, and block it before reaching the webserver.

Magento Security Spam Free

Spam Block

Block the IPs, and regions that you think are irrelevant to your business, or can affect the security from the Breeze dashboard.

Magento Security User Roles

Limited User Roles

Add user to your company, and give them a role suitable for the work they required to do on the store. Restricted access with granular control over the store.

Test the Strength of Seat Belts.

Schedule a Demo and see yourself how Breeze offer 360 degree protection to your busines.

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