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Breeze Case Study Diana Arrow

Note: The client wishes to stay anonymous to protect their product. Frankly, the products this client sells are common, but the marketing strategy is rare and something I have never seen. I am using the fictional name for the study: Diana Arrow (DA).

Diana Arrow (DA) is an ecommerce store with a fantastic marketing team that can sell dirt online. They use many tactics and tricks to promote their store.

The product is a commonly used tool in everyday tasks, and many people sell it online. But the way Diana Arrow approached the marketing, no one did.


The traffic to the store is inconsistent.

We experienced issues with the performance and downtime at the time of promotions. The support was slow and unhelpful in solving our issues.

Diana Arrows ran many promotions, and when one worked, the store would go down. The Magento hosting company knew this but would not be able to solve it. During downtime, the team raised tickets to get support, which was slow – making the store lose money.

They learned about Breeze through a cold email.

As we promised an uptime guarantee and 3-second loading time, they replied immediately, and the team was on the call discussing the requirements and plans.


The Breeze team understands that Diana Arrow would need dedicated support and reliable uptime.

Breeze is specialists in Magento commerce, and dedicated servers. We optimized a server for the Magento, and made several tweaks to the store to make it fast. A service manager was assigned to the store.

With 24 hours support, one-click staging, inbuilt CDN, Redis, Varnish, and Elasticsearch, the store loading speed improved.


After free migration to Breeze, the Diana Arrow team was happy and thrilled to see the store open in less than 3 seconds. The marketing team is excited as the marketing efforts would not be wasted with such a low loading time.

Loading speed is an important factor for the ecommerce store, and we are excited to run campaigns now without worrying about losing our hard work due to low speed and downtime.

After a month, we reached out to the team asking for feedback, and the Diana Arrow team was completely satisfied.

What did Breeze do to make this happen?

  • Optimizing the hosting and Magento store for speed
  • Assign a dedicated account manager
  • Free migration to Breeze servers
  • Live chat support to every team member
  • Regular monitoring to detect the traffic and automated server scaling
  • Downtime alerts

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