Case Study | Successful Launch with Load Balancing and Load Testing

One Store Launch Case Study

Note: Due to contract, we cannot reveal the name of the store. So we are using the fictional name One Store.

About the Brand

One Store is the Mobile Cover Merch store started by a Youtube Influencer. The creators are shifting toward the personal platform to create new revenue channels.

This popular Youtuber has a good following (nearly 1 M subscribers). With the collaboration with an agency, the One Store was created to sell the customized I-Phone back covers.

The store has only several products – but all of them highly customized for the fans and followers of the Youtuber.

Launch Problem

The issue with product launching is you cannot estimate the amount of traffic that might arrive. No one knows the demand. 

Similarly, for the One Store, there was no demand estimation. We knew the rough range by analyzing the views of videos

Also, the traffic was going to be highly irregular.

Whenever the Youtuber would release the video and mention the product in the video, the traffic would rise instantly. Then the wave might be low until the next video.

For the first time, there was no idea how many users would arrive. The agency that created the Magento store reached out to us through a friend.

The Solution

First, we migrated the store to our servers. It gave us better control and flexibility to properly manage the launch.

We did all the usual speed optimisations and caching:

  • Updated tech stack
  • Powerful server
  • Configuring CDN
  • Redis-Varnish cache
  • Thread bundling
  • Code minification

The Magento store was loading in 2 seconds.

One Store Case Study

Load Testing

We did not have any idea how the store would react to the high concurrent traffic.

Team Breeze decided to do a load test for 5000 concurrent users. The team has the resources and knowledge to run a load test.

The store’s speed went down and crossed the 3 seconds mark at 5000 concurrent users. 

Once Store Load testing

The team made the changes to the server, adding the resources to stabilize the performance.

  • Added resources
  • Configured load balancing
  • Implemented image CDN

The next test results were greatly improved.

One Store Load Balancing

For nearly 5000 users, the store was loading in less than 3 seconds. Hence the benchmark has been steup. The store only has to replicate the results for the real traffic.

Launch Day

On the launch day, the team was excited. Though we tested the store for 5000 concurrent users, we had a server reserved in case the traffic increases.

Nearly an hour after the Youtuber’s video went live, the traffic began to arrive. The maximum number of concurrent users was around 4500.

The launch was successful and we are still managing the Magento hosting for the agency.

Having a Launch?

Would you like to have a successful launch of your website? 

The first impression is important, and if your website crashed the first day, it will be a dark spot on the image for a long time.

Let’s talk about your launch.

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