Case Study | Loading Magento Store in 2 Seconds

Case Study 1 Loading Magento Store in 2 Seconds

Note: Due to the contract we have to give the fictional name to the store. Let’s say CompoundV.

About the Brand

CoumpundV is a famous fashion brand from Canada. From stylish dresses to cosy sweatsuits, they have plenty of range to wear year-round.

Starting in 2015, CompundV has grown to become one of the known Canadian clothing brands.

It’s a family-owned business focusing on sustainable and environmentally friendly clothing.


The CompoundV store is built on Magento 2. We connected with the store’s CTO through an event. He talked about how his team is struggling with website speed.

They are using all the premium services and extensions but speed optimization is being challenging.

Our team members Aditya and Mani audited the website to find the causes of slow loading.


After the audit, the team found many issues. They prioritize the list to work on the changes that will show the observable improvement to the store’s performance.

  • Initial server response time
  • Unload event listeners
  • Inefficient Magento caching
  • No content delivery network
  • Uninstalled extensions and themes residue
  • JavaScript bundling

What the Team did

Magento Hosting: The store was on a managed dedicated server but was not optimized for Magento. The very first thing we did was to migrate the store to the Magento-optimized server.

Magento servers are built these servers from scratch – installing the latest software on the powerful servers. All the services and software needed to run the Magento store correctly were set up.

Having a powerful Magento hosting reduced the server response time.

Magento Caching: Magento caching plays a critical role in loading the pages quickly. We enabled the Redis cache, Varnish cache and server cache, which were inbuilt in the Magento 2.

The backend needed several changes to advance the database and file system caching. Our team configured making few custom changes.

Shared Load: The store is replicated to several servers to balance the site load.

Cleaning the Store: The store has used many themes and extensions in the past. Though the themes and extensions are removed from the store, the database and configurations remain.

Themes and extensions leave behind their configuration in case the owner installs the extension again. They were a load to the store, so we cleaned it all.

Javascript Bundling: JavaScript bundling is an optimization technique you can use to reduce the number of server requests for JavaScript files. Bundling accomplishes this by merging multiple JavaScript files into one file to reduce the number of page requests.


The result:

  • Store is Core Web Vital optimized
  • Loading in less than 2 seconds
  • Page view time has increased by 40%
  • Bounce visitors has decreased

Replicate the Results

Want the same result for your Magento 2 store? Contact us, and we are always happy to help.

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