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The client requested to stay anonymous. For this case study, we will use Snapshot Commerce (SC).

SC is a leading Magento agency that’s been around since 2013. They provide Magento developers, extensions, themes, migration, hosting, custom changes, and all services related to Magento. Helping hundreds of clients without neck-cutting costs, the agency is helping Magento store owners grow across the globe.

But it was getting difficult to manage the server-side things due to extensive technical challenges and a lack of a proper task force.

The Problem

Managing a client’s store is not fun. You have to take care of Magento speed and security. You need lots of resources and expertise to manage servers, mitigate DDoS attacks and keep the website live. The agency’s reputation brings leads and customers, but the clients get unhappy if they have to spend even a single moment on server-related tasks.

The Snapshot Commerce core service is Magento development. While doing the development project, clients often request Magento hosting. Though SC provides the hosting by getting a third-party server, their lack of expertise in the field often creates angry customers.

As the number of customers grew, it became impossible to manage the hosting without it taking a chunk of time from their development section. Basically, one side of the business was biting the other side of the business.

So they took the help of dedicated Magento hosting companies. But there are no good options in the market. Gladly they found us through cold email outreach, and from the discovery call, the team knew Breeze and Snapshot Commerce were a match.

Existing Situation

SC’s clients were hosted in three different places.

  1. Cloud Hosting: For the Magento businesses just starting.
  2. VPS Hosting: Magento stores are getting significant traffic.
  3. AWS Hosting: Magento businesses that want AWS hosting.

Moreover, the client’s also needed a way to access their Magento hosting.

At a glance, the entire process was a mess. Some stores were hosted on HDD servers, while some were on the latest SSD servers. The lack of support and unmanaged AWS services were more of a headache to the SC team. The store would often experience downtime because another store on the same server was eating up the entire RAM and bandwidth.

They were trying to move out and introduce uniformity to their hosting package. But there was always doubt about the system crashing during migration.

But Team Breeze assured the SC that the migration would be safe to the stage. And once the stage is thoroughly tested, it will be move to live, and existing infrastructure will be removed.

Breeze Solution

The SC team was impressed with the Breeze platform. The product allows them to share access with the admin while sharing the store management duties with them.

The SC team does not have to install SSL certificates, change domain names, or welcome the requests like ‘what are my SFTP-SSH credentials?’ Because everything was already available through the Breeze platform.

They also like other features:

  • Staging environment
  • Cloudflare CDN available
  • Reviews and feedback on client support speed were very positive
  • Free managed migration
  • Daily backups
  • Free Redis
  • Varnish Cache
  • Free SSL

The Migration

In the beginning, they moved two stores to to test the water. From the first week, the client loved the platform and the ease they could make changes to their store.

The following week, the Breeze migrated five more stores. In the upcoming weeks, we gradually migrated all the stores to the Breeze platform.

The Result

The results from the last 3 months are positive. The immediate outcome was a huge reduction in customer support tickets. Clients are not ringing the SC team all the time for some minimal action on their store. Also, the SC team is receiving top-notch support from the Breeze team. So they are saving time on both fronts.

As the hosting is taken care of, the SC team focus has gone back to growing business and serving the developments.

If you are a Magento agency, would you like to give high-performance and amazon customer support to your clients? Then you must check Breeze Magento hosting and take the product demo.

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