11 Best WordPress Migration Plugins (2023)

best wordpress migration plugins

Just like shifting a home or office, migrating your WordPress site can also be a tedious task to do.

It has become relatively easier to move your WordPress website on the web, thanks to the best WordPress migration plugins.

3 Reasons to Migrate

WordPress migration is a fiddly process but can be necessary sometimes. There can be different reasons behind migrating a website.

You probably want to move your site because of the following reasons:

  1. Move a client project from a local development site.
  2. Launch your own site and move it to Live from the staging local development server.
  3. Done with poor web hosting service and want to change their host. (If this is the reason, move to a Managed hosting provider instead. Good hosts would do the migration for free!)

Site Migration is Not 100% safe

No matter what your reason is, you must know that moving your site from a server to another is never 100% safe. It can lead to many problems including data loss, frequent downtimes or abnormal working of links, etc.

Who wants that?

At least I don’t.

So, it’s always recommended to use tried and trusted plugins when you plan to move your WordPress website.

With the best WordPress migration plugins, you don’t have to worry about website migration.

P.S. All you need is a good WordPress migration plugin to enjoy a fast and safe migration.

Our 11 Best WordPress Migration Plugins 

  1. WordPress Duplicator
  2. WP Migrate DB
  3. WordPress Move
  4. Backup Buddy
  5. Migrate Guru
  6. UpDraftPlus
  7. BackUpWordPress
  8. All-in-one WP Migration
  9. VaultPress
  10. WP Clone
  11. Super Backup & Clone

1. WordPress Duplicator

Yes, it has to be on the top of our list. Why? Because people love this plugin, and their love is clearly reflected in the number of downloads. It has crossed 480,000+ downloads and got 4.9 stars rating on the WordPress Plugin Repository.

That’s what makes Duplicator the coolest and no. 1 choice for the WordPress migration plugin.

Also, the WordPress Duplicator plugin helps you:

  • Handle your standard migration
  • Clone your WordPress site to a new domain name
  • Allows you to create back up or staging versions of your site and prevent data loss
  • Is a great plugin to move your site on another server

However, you need to have above than normal technical know-how to use this plugin successfully and without any worries.

Price: Free

2. WP Migrate DB

As its name says, WP Migrate DB is entirely focused on your WP DataBase. Thus, it’s not a self-contained plugin like WordPress Duplicator.

It is focused on the database, you know how agitating the process of migration can be.

Don’t worry!

  • WP Migrate DB makes it easy by finding and replacing the URLs
  • This plugin remains a good option when you are technically sound or a WordPress developer
  • If you want to do it manually, WP Migrate DB lets you do that
  • If you’re seeking something that handles everything for you, choose another plugin from our list.

Price: Free

3. WordPress Staging

WordPress Staging is one of the best WordPress migration plugins that help you move your site hassle-free.

In fact, it empowers you as a WordPress user. How?

  • This plugin allows you to create, duplicate and migrate a staging or development site in seconds
  • WP Staging creates a clone of your WordPress site into a subfolder of the main installation.
  • This subfolder under WordPress installation also comprises the entire copy of your WordPress database.
  • WordPress Staging protects your website from being unavailable.
  • It is probably the easiest plugin to work with and migrate your WordPress site.
  • Yes, you can transfer the database and download backup in the process of migration

However, it’s a new plugin and it’s pro version costs you around $109. And with more than 20,000 downloads it becomes a good plugin for people hunting for something new.

Price: Free

4. Backup Buddy

Fed up of your old host that’s not offering satisfactory services anymore?

Backup Buddy is a cool option to move your site to a new host!


  • It’s a popular premium plugin that lets you create a complete backup of your site
  • It allows you for safe migration
  • With ImportBuddy scripts and on-screen prompts, you can easily move your client site to a local or temporary server/domain
  • You are able to move all the data, media, themes, plugins, and widgets easily

Price: $80 (Yearly)

5. Migrate Guru

Want to try a plugin that is new and happening?

Migrate Guru is the name to look for. It is launched in August 2017 (just a year back) and gives you a terrific experience when it ones to WordPress site migration.

Its creators, the BlogVault team, claim Migrate Guru to be the fastest plugin for WordPress migration with up to 80% faster than other best WordPress migration plugins.

The good news about the plugin is that it’s absolutely FREE and has no “premium” version. thus, is a perfect option for you if your website’s size is up to 200GB.

Here’s what tempting about Migrate Guru:

  • 4.7 stars rating out of 5 on WordPress.org makes Migrate Guru trustworthy.
  • There’s built-in instant site migration in cPanel and FTP on most web hostings
  • It offers one-click migration along with multisite support
  • Features include real-time progress reports and email alerts.

Price: Free

6. UpDraftPlus

best WordPress migration plugins

With more than 2 million downloads, UpDraftPlus becomes one of the hottest and best WordPress migration plugins available.

The total downloads show the count of happy people out there. It’s a trusted plugin that helps you create backup, duplicate the data, and also move your site safely to another location.

UpDraftPlus also offers several handy features. The list includes:

  • Backup encryption for WordPress website security
  • Backup encryption components to move website by splitting it into archives
  • The backup you create can be easily restored with just one click.

Price: Free

7. BackUpWordPress

If you’re afraid of data loss while migrating your WordPress site, we must tell you about an awesome WordPress backup plugin – ‘BackUpWordPress’.

It’s a plugin for a complete site backup to prevent the loss of data. Here’s something you want to know about the plugin:

  • You can install and transfer WordPress in just one click
  • It is super easy to use
  • No setup is required
  • Works on Linux & Windows Server
  • Avoids any unauthorized access to the links and data
  • Translations for different languages including Spanish, German, Chinese and more.

Price: Free

8. All-in-One WP Migration

It’s a free migration plugin, so if you’re tight on budget and want to enjoy a free plugin for WordPress migration, you must choose the All-in-One WP Migration plugin.

What’s makes this plugin one of the best WordPress migration plugins?

  • It’s been rated 4.8 stars out of 5; that’s what makes it a promising plugin
  • It’s super easy, and even beginners with a little technical knowledge can easily use it.
  • The process to migrate files, folders, media and other data can be done in just a few clicks.

Price: Free

9. VaultPress

It’s a complete paid plugin for WordPress migration. It means that you get nothing for free when you choose these premium migration plugins for WordPress. Know more about VaultPress:

  • It’s a paid plugin with a starting price of VaultPress is $9/month
  • Its features, speed, and reliability speak for the price.
  • It offers more than migration; it supports your WordPress site with backup and security scans.
  • With VaultPress, your posts, comments, post revisions and media files also get synchronized.
  • You can also scan your files with this WordPress website migration plugin.

Businesses and webmasters who want an exclusive plugin for WordPress site migration use VaultPress for extensive experience.

Price: $9 (Per month)

10. WP Clone

This plugin is from WP Academy. Whether you want to transfer your WordPress website from a local server to another, or you want to migrate your site to a newer, better web host, WP Clone is one of the best WordPress migration plugins of 2018 to look for.

WP Clone is an amazing plugin for website migration because:

  • It lets you migrate, copy, clone and create the backup. Yes, all in one place
  • It allows you to install the pre-configured versions of WordPress
  • You don’t have to deal with the complex FTP program to process your WordPress migration
  • If you talk about the WordPress Plugin Repository ratings, WP Clone gets 4.6 out of 5 stars, on an average.

Price: Free

11. Super Backup & Clone

best WordPress migration plugins

WP Super Backup & Clone is always listed in the best WordPress migration plugins as it enables its users to move, store, restore and do a lot more in just one place.

Migrating your WordPress website is always a long and fiddly process. The Super Backup and Clone plugin put your mind at ease. Here’s how:

  • It’s a reliable backup solution helps you prevent any discrepancy during WordPress site migration.
  • You can connect to clouds and make fast migration of multiple WordPress sites.
  • You can easily create a backup and restore your backup anytime you want, in just one click.
  • The backup can be file and folders backup, data backups and full site backup.

Download link: Here 

Price: $35 (Regular License)

One-Click Migration for Free!

Whether you want to turn your staging site ‘live’, or you want to create your site backup instantly, you can do it at breeze with just one click.

Yes, when you add your WordPress site to Breeze, you get an amazing, easy WordPress migration service, and empower yourself for a better and faster WordPress experience.

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