Powerful Managed Magento Hosting for Small Businesses

Secure, Fast and Reliable Magento hosting platform. We add hours of time back to your life so you can deliver amazing online experience to your customers and accelerate the growth of your store.

Free Migration

Our expert team will migrate your Magento store to Breeze whenever you like. We use SSH and SFTPs to safely migrate the website’s files ensuring no data is loss, even during the complicated migrations.

Free SSL

You can quickly add the Free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate for your website, in a matter of minutes, from the dashboard. We will safely add the code to make all your website’s assets load on HTTPS.

24/7 Support

Anytime, anywhere, and any day – We take pride in our fantastic support team. No question is too difficult or too easy to our super friendly support team.


Rest peacefully knowing that Breeze is keeping a copy of your website completely safe. You can make manual backups and schedule automated backups in a click, with the retention time of 14 days.


We have configured and provide various ways of caching, that you can apply to your Magento store in a click. Enterprise level CDN gives your customers a seamless browsing experience, wherever they are.


Enterprise level firewalls, and CDNs are protecting your store all the time. Our team is proactively monitoring the servers for any anomalies. Take rest knowing your website is hack free.

Hosting Experience Growing Store Need

$3 hosting is for $3 for a reason.

It comes with problems like – downtime, slow page speeds, poor customer service, increased security risks, and a lack of backups.

Doing it all on your own is frustrating, and consumes time, energy and resources. Breeze saves you hours of work that can be invested in boosting the brand.

Higher Conversions

A one-second delay results in a 7% drop in conversions. Each millisecond counts. We will load your page in under 3 seconds, so you don’t leave a single cent due to slow Magento store.

Better Ranking

Google has confirmed speed as a ranking factor. Fast speed is directly responsible for better ranking and ultimately more visitors and sales.

Uptime Guaranteed

Breeze can easily manage the high traffic websites or sudden spike of traffic due to flexible architecture, cloud hosting and scaling capabilities.

Breeze Save Hours of DevOps Time

DevOps resources are expensive.

Stop wasting their time in server maintenance, failed deployments, speed optimizations, managing resources, replicating stores and monitoring the security — Breeze does all of this.

The Breeze platform comes with multiple features and tools to help you run your business efficiently and save your time.

SSL Magento Security

Adding SSL

Add FREE SSL certificate to your store and load the website on secure HTTPS.



Install pre-configured powerful search engine to your website.


Advance Caching

Apply the advanced level caching to websites for blazing fast speed.



Automate backups and make manual backups to keep a copy of your website secure and safe.


Deploy Static Content

Deploy static content on Magento without running backend commands.


Staging to Live to Staging

Push the stage to live and make a replica of live on stage in a click.

Take Control of your Store and Track Everything from One Dashboard

Multiple User Roles

Add team members to the website and give them access to as per their user roles. Give access to agencies and developers to your store. Delete the user once their task is done.

Scale the Resources

Pick the plan for developers to work on and track the usage of hosting resources. See how your store is performing, and if there is a need to scale up the resources.

Test on Staging

Create the stage for developers to deploy their work. See live preview on it and only go live when you are happy with the development. Make the replica of your store to stage in a click.

Manage SSH Keys

Add and remove the SSH and SFTP keys of developers, marketers, and other team members.

Complete Magento Hosting solution for Small Businesses

High Performance Servers

All of our servers are equipped with powerful and latest SSD servers with NVMe. It is 6 X faster than a HDD. With regular patching, repairs, and updates — our hardware keeps performing the best.

Optimized Technical Stack

We only use the latest technologies including Nginx, PHP 8.0, LXD software containers, MariaDB, and MangoDB. We support technologies that are not yet out of market.


Breeze supports HTTP/3 to give lightning fast page speed, having quickly established a secure network than the HTTP/2. If you want to stay on HTTP/2, we also have that too.

CDN Integration

We integrated the CDN solution within the Breeze. You can enable firewall, content delivery and server rules from CloudFlare directly to your website.

Varnish/Redis Cache

Advanced level caching such as Redis, Varnish and server level caching is already built into the Breeze. You can enable them for your store in a click to improve the performance of your website.

WAF and Bot Protection

Advanced level caching such as Redis, Varnish and server level caching is already built into the Breeze. You can enable them for your store in a click to improve the performance of your website.

Automated Backups

Schedule automatic backups – daily, weekly and hourly. Always be relaxed knowing that your store backups are safe with Breeze. And only a one click away to restore.

Free Hack Fix

We take pride in our security. But still if anything happens, we guarantee a Free Hack Fix with our security partner – Sucuri. We will clean your website and restore it to the secured state at no cost.

Pro Active Monitoring

We have set up tools, and services that monitor the servers and all of our client’s sites to detect any unpredicted changes. With keyword-based monitoring, you can assign a keyword to look out for.

IP Whitelisting/Blacklisitng

Whitelist the IP of your developers and team members, so they can access the store while everyone else sees nothing. However, blacklist the IPs of frequent spammers.

PHP Version

Easily change the PHP version and restart the PHP engine. We support PHP 6, 7, and 8 versions.


SSH and SFTP for developers so they can quickly and securely transmit the data to the server.


Get the GIT access with the CI/CD. Continue making changes and deploying them on stage.


Latest search technology to boost the search performance of any ecommerce store. It can analyze any type of query and file.


DevOps Support

Get stuck in some development task or need quick help. Call our DevOps support and our team will do it for you.

Supporting Magento at All Fronts

Free Magento Migration

Help moving your Store to Breeze

We make switching to Breeze easier. You don’t need to hire a developer or agency to oversee your migration.

Our dedicated team will migrate your Magento store, safely, keeping all the data intact.

Fantastic Breeze Support

Expert Support as your Extended Team

Your store is supported by a team – entirely made up of Magento experts. Whether it is a security concern, speed issue, or server related problem, our team is always available to assist you.

No problem is too complicated or too easy for our friendly engineers, and we will gladly help you.

Ready to Accelerate Business Growth

Sign Up on Breeze and spend more time focusing on scaling your business. Leave the hosting and its complexities with Breeze.

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