Meet Magento India 2023 – Offline After 2 Years

Meet Magento India in Mumbai

Mark your calendars for February 3, 2023 to attend the first-ever offline Meet Magento India in 2 years. Breeze team will be attending the event as a sponsor and we are excited to meet all of you! During Meet Magento India 2023, you’ll be able to find us in two places – booth at the event and online team covering the event online.

What is Meet Magento India?

Meet Magento India is India’s largest event when it comes to Magento. You will find the Magento developers, agencies, marketers, professionals, agencies, merchants, hosting companies, solution providers, theme makers, extension managers, technical writers and all involved in Magento somehow.

The get together of Magento experts opens an opportunity to learn new things, get Magento insights, and view the Magento from a fresh angle.

When and Where?

Breeze/ServerGuy Swags and Stickers in Meet Magento 2020

For the last 2 years, Meet Magento has been happening online. But this year, the world is open again.

So Meet Magento is going out. And everyone is so excited to meet the people they learned so much from the video presentations. This is the opportunity.

The event is happening in the city of dreams – Mumbai. At the Leela hotel, which is near to the Mumbai International Airport.

The Leela hotel for Meet Magento India 2023
  • Date: 3rd Feb 2023
  • Time: 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM
  • Address: The Leela Hotel , Sahar Airport Road, Andheri – Kurla Rd, Near Mumbai International Airport, Greater Indra Nagar, Andheri East, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400059

Breeze is a Sponsor

Like 2020, 2021, and 2022, Breeze is sponsoring Meet Magento India in 2023.

Meet Magento Associations is a non-profit organization, and the event depends heavily on the sponsorship from the Magento community. And when it comes to giving back to the community, We never take a step back.

You can view the Breeze on the sponsor page.

Breeze is a Sponsor

Booth at the Location

The Breeze team will be attending the event and will be on the location – meeting with the Magento experts, owners, agencies and developers. There will be swags, gifts, and coupons to share with the partners and anyone who joins the booth.

Breeze/ServerGuy at Meet Magento 2020

The event will have various speaking segments, discussions and presentations where Magento experts would be sharing the insights and knowledge.

Online Coverage

While one team will be at location, another will be covering it via the internet. social profile will be active throughout the day. You can follow Breeze on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn to keep tabs on the event activities.

Contests and Gifts

Breeze and other companies come with Magento swags, gifts and coupons. You can get some gifts by attending the talk, or participating in the events. There will be many contests by the sponsors. You can win those contests to win more gifts and extra offers.

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In India, Evrig and Wagento organize the Meet Magento event. They have been doing it for the last several years, and they are doing a great job at it.

What if you Attend?

The Meet Magento India participants leaves the event with:

  • Updated Magento and Ecommerce knowledge – what is working, what has stopped working, the new trends and how the ecommerce space is growing, and how Magento can help them to move with the new fashion of selling.
  • Make friends, find new clients, claim offers, find a project collaborator for you, and network within the community.
  • Promote yourself, your services, your product and your solution in front of Magento evangelists. A great place to beta test your applications, validate your ideas and and take advice from those who have done it in the Magento ecosystem.
  • Gifts and gifts. If you are a Magento developer, agency or merchants, the other Magento companies would be trying to woo you with amazing offers, gifts and swags. You are the guest of the event and primary buyer – in a market. Everything will be revolving around you in the event.

and a lot more.

The casual perks are delicious food, friendly connections, after party, booze, and a visit to Mumbai – with the possibility of you getting a glimpse of your favorite star.

Get your Ticket!

The ticket to Meet Magento India covers the one day event, all discussions, speaking engagements, breakfast, lunch, dinner and after party.

The standard cost of the ticket is around Rs 5000. But if you wish to attend and find the price too high, We will cover the part (or entire) of your ticket. Send us a message on Twitter, or contact us – and we will arrange a ticket for you.

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