Magento 2.3 End of Life – What you need to Know?

Magento 2.3 End of Life

Adobe Commerce has announced the Magento 2.3 End of Life. The newly released Lifecycle Policy notifies that the End of Life date is September 2022. The Magento 2.4.X will be replacing the Magento 2.3.

Magento 2.2 was released in July 2020. It’s been more than two years since the release, and nearly 40,000 Magento stores are still live on Magento 2.3. These websites are not going to vanish and will continue working. The ‘End of Life’ does not mean the end of the website but the ‘End of Support for Specific Versions of Software.’

You can make several changes and modifications to your software, and everything will be fine. But let’s see what Magento 2.3 End of Life means.

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What Does “Magento 2.3 End of Life” Mean?

#1 No More Updates

With End of Life, Adobe will not release any update for Magento 2.3. There will be no future updates, patches, bug fixing, and PCI compliance. 

It means your Magento store would be open to vulnerabilities and security issues. The customer’s data would be at risk. You will be on your own with Magento 2.3, as the official community will be working on Magento 2.4.

#2 No More Support

Currently, you can take Adobe’s support if you encounter any issues with your store. After EOL, Adobe will close the support window for Magento 2.3 users.

For any technical support and help, you can go to various Magento forums, developers, and communities, but the official support would not be available.

#3 Incompatible with Marketplace Extensions

The vendors and developers will update and build the Magento extensions to support the latest Magento version. The extensions that support the unsupported Magento version will be removed from the Magento marketplace.

There will be a few extensions left that support your store. And those extensions would be expensive due to low suppliers.

The already installed extensions would be outdated and become another security vulnerability for the store. Without the extension, it would be difficult to use the latest eCommerce technologies in your store.

#4 No Official Documentation

The official documentation regarding the outdated version will be removed from the website. The DevDocs are helpful to developers to troubleshoot errors, fix bugs, and add new features to the website.

Once it is removed from the website, it cannot be accessed to code writing tools using APIs. Without documentation, the development would not be as easy, so it would become more expensive.

Top Reasons to Upgrade to the Latest Magento 2.4 Version

Switching to Magento 2.4 from Magento 2.3 would be time and resource-consuming. But at the end of the day, it would be worth it. The biggest reason to upgrade to the Magento 2.4 version is security. But more reasons are listed below:

More Secure: Every upgrade is more secure than the previous version. Magento 2.4 has support for 2FA, ReCAPTCHA support has been added to coupon codes, encryption of OAuth access tokens and password reset tokens for database storage, and other bug fixes.

BOPIS: Buy Online and Pickup in Store support is added to the Magento 2.4 release. It is useful for brands with brick-and-mortar stores.

Gallery: The media gallery built in Magento 2.4 is 30 times faster than the previous Magento versions.

Performance Improvements: There are performance improvements for search functionality, faster checkout pages, smooth store catalogs, and ten times faster processing.

PWS Support: PWA 6.0.0 and PWA 6.0.1 are supported.

The User Interface is much more smooth. Inventory management is faster. Improvements in payment mechanisms.

How to avoid the Magento 2.3 End-Life-related issues?

The biggest concern for the store owners in Magento 2.3 is security threats, support, and PCI compliance. The easiest way is to upgrade to Magento 2.4. But if it’s not possible, your second best option is to use the secure managed Magento hosting. A quality Magento hosting company can solve the majority of the security issues.

Final Words

Sooner or later, you have to update to Magento 2.4. The extensions, themes, and developers would move to the latest Magento version, abandoning the Magento version your store built on. The lack of solutions and plugins will limit eCommerce innovation and functionalities.

But you still have lots of time. Stores are running on Magento 1. But take the secure Magento hosting

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