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Deploy Magento on AWS in few clicks and minutes, without any obstacles. Our predefined configuration and expertly design system empowers users to install Magento on AWS from the frontend. No need to run commands, and optimizing AWS.

Empowering Businesses with AWS without AWS-Problems.

AWS is powerful, but also complicated. You have to set up the AWS instances and the stack required for the Magento application, before installing the Magento. After that comes the performance and speed optimizations, scaling the AWS infrastructure and balancing the billing and usage.

Magento on AWS

Magento on AWS + Breeze

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  • AWS + Breeze

Select AWS Cloud

You get an option to select Breeze cloud and AWS cloud. Pick AWS cloud when creating the store and forget the technicalities.

Select a Right Plan

Choose a plan that fits best with your businesses. We have a transparent pricing and you can always change plan anytime as your store grows.

Leave to Breeze

Sit back and relax, Breeze will do all deployment, optimization, and ensure your store utilize the AWS powers properly.

We are Proven AWS Experts

Making AWS Reliable and Convenient for Magento

AWS reliability comes with Breeze convenience to ensure your store get the efficient and powerful support.
AWS Hosting Features AWS 500x500 logo breeze aws
24/7 Chat & Ticket Support
Optimized Stack
Managed Security
Dedicated Firewalls
Free SSL Certificates
Managed Backups
All PHP Apps Supported
Unlimited Staging Areas
Built-in Advanced Cache
Built-in CDN
SSD-Based Servers
Server & App Monitoring (15+ Metrics)
1-Click Server Cloning
Managed Website Migration
Built-in MySQL Manager
1-Click App Install
Availability of Multiple Cloud Providers
Account Management Dashboard
Easy DNS Management
1-Click Advanced Server Management
Easy Application Management
Easy SSL Installation & Auto Renewal
App Backup Support

Get your AWS Right with Breeze

With all the experience, and experts, you can trust us when it comes to properly utilizing the AWS for you. Sometimes, your store use extra and you get the outrageous AWS bill, then sometime you are paying for more resources than your Magento websites is consuming. Either way, it is critical to ensure you are using all the AWS resources you got, i.e. you are paying for only what you need.

Quickly Deploy

Quickly create the AWS server for Magento from the Breeze panel, and deploy the store in minutes.

Pay for Use

Pay only for the resources that the Magento store use, and reduce your AWS bill with Breeze.

Scalable Server

Enable auto-scaling the server for the mission critical Magento stores, and don’t lose a single visitor.

3 Second Speed

The perfect combination of Magento on AWS ensures your visitors don’t struggle with slow speed.

Smart Security

WAF, malware scanning, SSL, uptime monitoring and DDoS protection keep the server-store safe & secure.

Extended Support​

Have 24×7 support and proactive monitoring throughout all the plans and team members.

All Websites on Breeze are Core Web Vitals ready

Worried about speed?

Core Web Vitals, are three metrics that score a user’s experience loading a webpage. It is a critical metric w.r.t search engine optimization, conversion rates and user experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

yes you can use your AWS cloud hosting plan to host Magento store. All you have to set up the instances, make sure all the Magento required stack (PHP, MySQL, Apache, etc) are installed, deploy the Magento store, and then maintain the architecture.

If you with Breeze, you do not have to do any of it. We will deploy your store on AWS cloud and manage the performance.

You can trust Amazon Cloud Services when it comes to security. They have world-class infrastructure, expert engineers, security analysts, a large team of bug hunters and a dedicated security managers for every element. 

Joined with Breeze, your Magento store is theoretically unhackable from the technological side. If it happens, the restoration and cleaning is on us.

Yes, you can scale Amazon Cloud Servers. You can add more RAM, resources, cloud instances, CPU, storage, bandwidth etc. Though there is a system that you have to follow, which could be difficult and bring downtime.

With Breeze, you do not have to worry about scaling. In few clicks, you can add as many resources you like, and our team will scale it up.

Yes. We offer FREE migration to everyone.

You cannot use your existing Amazon hosting account with Breeze. We will create a separate one for you, for the security reasons.

AWS is powerful, but also complicated. You have to set up the AWS instances, setting up the stack required for the Magento application, and then install the Magento. After that comes the performance and speed optimizations, scaling the AWS infrastructure and balancing the billing and usage.

Managed Magento hosting on AWS eliminates all the process with a single streamline where you only have to click on DEPLOY button.

Yes, you can launch as many Amazon cloud servers you like.

Magento Hosting on AWS Steroid

Have questions? Schedule a Demo today and we will show you how we manage AWS to boost your store capabilities.

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