Magento on AWS​

Deploy Magento on AWS with Breeze panel in few clicks and minutes.

Breeze put Magento Hosting at Ease

Create or join multiple companies, manage Magento stores, add/remove domains, CDN, firewall -- take control over the store from the unified platform.

Pre-built integrations and 1-click tools such as SSL, CDN, live/staging, creating/restoring backup and more, saves hours of time.

Add or remove users and team in the company and distribute work accordingly to streamline the process. Roles come with limited permissions.

We are Expert at AWS

Get your AWS Right with Breeze

Quick Deploy

Quickly create the AWS server for Magento from the Breeze panel, and deploy the store in minutes.

Pay for Use

Pay only for the resources that the Magento store use, and reduce your AWS bill with Breeze.

Scalable Server

Enable auto-scaling the server for the mission critical Magento stores, and don’t lose a single visitor.

2 Second Speed

The perfect combination of Magento on AWS ensures your visitors don’t struggle with slow speed.

Smart Security

WAF, malware scanning, SSL, uptime monitoring and DDoS protection keep the server-store safe & secure.

Extended Support

Have 24×7 support and proactive monitoring throughout all the plans and team members.

Intelligent Hosting, Incredible Results

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Trusted by 1000s of Stores and Agencies

Migrate your store for Free

We offer advanced magento migration service for your magento stores. Our team will migrate your store at no cost. We will handle the custom server setting and server-level optimizations. Our technical team will be with you at every step of migration.

Magento on AWS made easy and simple

Quit worrying about AWS Magento hosting and build stores with a Breeze panel, that is designed for Magento merchants, agencies and developers. Take a free trial today.

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