Migrate Magento Store to Breeze

Enjoy the benefits of having the Breeze Team migrating your store while you relax. Whether you have multiple Magento stores, or only one, you will receive a hassle-free magento migration at no cost.

Procedure of Free Migration

Step 1: Sign Up on Breeze

Sign up for any Breeze plan. Free magento store migrations are for all customers, regardless of the plan they take.

Step 2: Fill the Form

After the account set up, you will get the mail to submit a form. Fill in your details, and our team will take it from there.

How Breeze migration helps you?

Magento Migration could be challenging as the eCommerce store is live and sales are going on. If anything goes wrong, you could lose more than sales.

  • Data loss during transition
  • Data mess up breaks pages
  • Stores can go down or offline
  • Losing credibility among customers

Letting the expert Breeze team migrate your store would be much safe and secure.

There will be no downtime during the magento migration, and you can inspect the store before we make it live.

Site performance After Migration.

40% Faster CPU Performance

3X Faster Read/Write Speeds

2X Faster Time to First Byte

Can Handle 9X More Traffic Easily

Included in Free Migration.

Website Optimization

Breeze is built for speed, and to make your website fast, we will optimize your store a little.

Zero Bugs

Our expert engineers ensures that the Magento code does not break during migration. 

No Downtime

The store will be up and running during the entire process, and the business will not stop.

Maximum 2 Days

We will migrate the store as fast as possible, and it will not take more than 2 days.

Restrictions in Free Migration.

Highly Dynamic Site

Highly dynamic website has to go into the maintenance mode during migration. We will inform you in that case.

No Migration on Trial

We will not migrate your store on the trial version. You have to get a plan to start.

Innovative and Simple Magento Hosting Platform

Quit worrying about hosting, and make Magento stores with the Breeze platform — designed for Magento merchants, agencies and developers. Take a free test today.

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