#1 Fully Managed Magento Hosting

Breeze platform is built with a fully optimized stack to deliver the most reliable managed Magento hosting experience to you. Fast page speed, tight security and support that works 24/7 gives you time to grow your store.

Deploy in Minutes

Say goodbye to hosting, optimization & installing scripts. Launch your Magento store in minutes with intuitive dashboard. 

Efficient Management

Focus on scaling your business, while the experts managed your servers to back you with powerful hosting.

Unmatched Experience

Advanced web caching techniques, and innovative Magento optimization ensures an elevating experience.

Secure and Performance-Focused Magento Cloud Hosting

Magento is a powerful eCommerce platform, but it need an equally supporting hosting. With Breeze cloud, you never have to worry about security and performance.

SSD-Only Cloud

300% faster than non-SSD cloud hosting. Move files and database faster to enhance store speed.

Optimized Stack

Using the latest and powerful stack including Nginx, PHP-FPM, and MariaDB for quick loading.

Free CloudFlare CDN

Move the content closer to your visitor by using inbuilt CloudFlare CDN. Be near, be fast and sell more.

Server level caching

Breeze caches at server level to give the initial boost to Magento stores, without breaking any functionality.

Advanced Cache

Breeze comes with advanced cache options such as FPC, Varnish, and Redis.


Prebuilt elasticsearch to empower the Magento store to search the database quickly.

Auto-Healing Servers

The servers audit and repair themselves to solve minor issues and errors, eliminating any downtime or loss.

1-Click SSL Installation

Install the SSL in 1-click, within the dashboard, for free. Enable https to ensure secure data transmission between servers.

Automated Backups

Schedule automatic backups for Magento store daily, weekly, or monthly. Or just take manual backup anytime.

Dedicated Firewalls

Platform level firewall is always on and monitoring tools keep track of any doubtful activities. Regular upgrades keep the Magento store secure on cloud.

Sucuri Security

Sucuri integration to protect store hacking attacks including DDoS attack, bot attack, SEO spam and MySQL injections.

Server Logs

Access to the server logs to have the record all the changes made on the store.

SSH and SFTP Access

Secure access to the servers via SSH and transfers files over SFTP..

Staging Area & URLs

Test & develop your store on the staging area preventing any breakage or bugs implementations.

Application & Server Cloning

Duplicate the entire server to the new URL (stage and live), moving all the databases and files.

1-Click Static Deploy

Deploy Magento static content in just 1-click

Multiple PHP Versions

Change your PHP version up and down as you seem right for your project.

Multiple Cloud Option

Choose a cloud provider to host your store between Breeze and AWS.

Multiple Application Versions

We offers multiple version of the Magento, so you can install the one you are most comfortable with.

Seamless Scaling

Scale the RAM, processor, bandwidth, and storage of your server in 1-click without affecting the customization.

User Roles

User roles with limited accessibilities to the platform gives you granular control of the Magento store.

24/7 Expert Support

Most active support team and human support is available to you 24/7. Send your query and we will sort it out.

Knowledge Base

Dive into the extensive knowledgebase if you ever need help with Breeze, and want to solve it our yourself.

24/7 Ticketing

Feel free to raise ticket anytime, and track your query and responses easily.

Magento Migrations

Need help with migrations? Our team will move your store without breaking a single URL or page.


Actionable blogs, books, and guides to learn about eCommerce, marketing, content and Magento.

All Websites on Breeze are Core Web Vitals ready

Breeze comes with a powerful hosting and agile architecture that open the pages at lightning fast speed.

Worried about speed?

Core Web Vitals, are three metrics that score a user’s experience loading a webpage. It is a critical metric w.r.t search engine optimization, conversion rates and user experience.

Schedule a Free Breeze Demo.

Unsure about Breeze as your managed Magento hosting solution?

Schedule a Free demo. We will show you how Breeze can make you store faster, save hours of work, and make Magento more reliable.

Breeze Helps Magento from Every Angle

Fantastic Breeze Support

Supportive as one of your Team Member

When you launch the store on Breeze, we become a member of your team. You can lean on us at any time 24/7, for any query, issue, and help. Regardless of plan, you get a fantastic support, with a problem solving hosting attitude. 

Free Magento Migration

Migrating your Store at No Cost

Don’t worry about all the technical complication of moving the Magento to Breeze. Our team will handle it carefully – no code issues and SEO problems. We will move the store from any hosting, for absolutely FREE. 

Breeze Hosting delivers Results

Here’s why our Customer Love us!

Frequently Asked Questions

Magento Hosting is a web hosting plan or a server specifically optimized and set up for the Magento platform. Magento is an open source eCommerce platform.

It is a popular and powerful platform, and require a hosting and servers with configuration that are optimal to Magento.

No. Magento is a PHP based open source eCommerce platform. There are two versions. Enterprise which is provided by ADOBE. While open source is available to everyone, but it requires hosting, specifically designed for Magento.

Magento 2 have long and detailed requirements. basically, you need an operating system, composer, memory, a web server, database, PHP, mail server, and various dependencies.

You can either configure them all, or take a Magento server which is ready with Magento already.

You can launch Magento store on Breeze in several minutes and steps. Just sign up, and pick a server, and deploy Magento on it. 

Breeze is a system designed by Magento experienced engineers and experts. It automate the server setup and Magento optimizations.

Yes. We offer FREE Magento migration. And you do not have to worry at all about downtime, and other issues related to migration.

From day 1, we know the importance of security. Our engineers has integrated multiple security tools monitor the sites and servers 24/7 and mitigate any attacks.

At Breeze, we regularly patch the software, upgrade firmware, and audits hardware. Server-level firewalls and antiviruses provides additional security layers.

We use the latest and always updated tech. All our servers are SSD, which is 300 times faster than the typical servers. Elasticsearch, CloudFlare CDN and HTTP/3 makes the site open much faster. Breeze also comes with Redis cache, Varnish cache, and Server cache to improve the Magento performance.

No. The Breeze comes with Magento hosting, optimization, configuration, migration, and Magento management. Breeze is a compete Magento solution tool.

Powerful and Reliable Managed Magento Hosting.

Put the pedal to the metal and accelerate your store growth with powerful Magento hosting. Schedule a Demo and see yourself.

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