Whether you have to update all your hardcoded HTTP URLs in the database after migrating from HTTP to HTTPS or you are just updating old shortcodes, content, strings of text etc. You will need to perform bulk search and replace on your website.

You can easily do this by using our search and replace tool available in your Breeze.io dashboard. Just follow the steps below:

1. Go to the admin dashboard of Breeze.io and click on the “Manage” button next to the site you want to run a search and replace on.

search and replace

2. Now on the horizontal menu bar click on “Tools”. You will find  “Search and Replace” tool at the bottom of the screen

Important: When using Dry Run the actual changes are not saved to the database.

search and replace

4. You’ll see a confirmation message asking you that you are about to run the command to calculate how many replace will be made. Click Agree to confirm

5. Your screen will display the number of changes replacements that will be made.

search and replace

6. If you wish to finalize these replacements just deselect Dry Run and click on Replace.

search and replace

Important: A backup is automatically created before the replacements are made, so you can always return back

7. You will see another confirmation message. Click OK

search and replace

That’s It!

With just one click you have successfully replaced the text you wanted to change, thanks to Breeze.io!