Not only does Backups provide relief at the time of any security break-out or a sudden disaster but it is also recommended to always take a backup before making any big changes in your website.

We provide daily automatic backups for all site on your account. All these backups are available as a restore point on dashboard.

If you wish to take manual backups, here’s what you need to do:

1. In your dashboard, click on the “Manage” button of the site you want to take a backup.

Manual Backups

2. Go to “Backups” option on the menu bar that you see on the top of the screen.

Manual Backups

3. In manual tab, click on “Take Backup” button. You will see a popup asking for a unique name for your backup file. Follow the instructions given below to name your backup file:

  • There shouldn’t be any spaces in the name of your site back up.
  • The backup file name should be in alphanumeric form.
  • The backup name should be unique; it means, it should not be the same name as that of any existing backup file name.

Manual Backups

4. Click start. Depending on the size of your website, it might take a few minutes.

And you’re done!

You have successfully created a manual backup that you can restore on your website anytime.