Just like creating your site back up, restoring the backup is also easy at Breeze.io.

You can simply restore your WordPress site from a backup and push it to stage. This can help you see how your site worked previously without having to break your live site. Also, it can be really helpful in recovering and retrieving information from a previous backup without modifying your live site.

To restore your backup, simply follow these steps:

1. Go to your admin dashboard and click on the “Manage” button of the site you want to restore a backup of.

restore backup

2. On the top navigation bar, go to Backup option

3. You will find details about all your available backups, which are available to restore on staging.

restore backup

4. You will see 2 options– Restore to Live and Restore to Stage, choose where you want to restore the backup.

5. Depending on how large your site is this might take a few minutes to restore your backup.

Note: If you choose to restore to the staging site, you will have your own staging environment, completely separate from your live production site.