ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS, also referred to as Redirect loop is a common problem. However, its solution is not always so easy.

Yes, you can adjust the URL settings for your site, but sometimes it won’t help.

Multiple redirects may usually happen because your domain address/URL points to too many places, or not at the right one. This can cause your website to go into an infinite redirection loop.

Different browsers notify this error to its users differently. Let’s see some variations of this error on different browsers.

1. Google Chrome

Google Chrome shows this error in this way, saying that the domain you’re searching for, has redirected you too many times.

2. Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox says, “The page isn’t redirecting properly”. Here’s an example:

3. Microsoft Edge

M.E. won’t specify multiple redirecting issues by saying it straight. It says that it can’t reach the page you’re looking for:

In a nutshell, having err_too_many_redirects can be frustrating. But having a website on can put your mind at ease.

Fixing ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS through Breeze Dashboard

1. Remove Really Simple SSL offers its own SSL to the websites on it. Really Simple SSL can create some issue and may also lead to multiple redirects.

If you don’t want to fully delete Really Simple SSL, you can simply remove the rules and deactivate it.

2. Redirect your site from HTTP to HTTPS

The second step is to redirect your site to https.

HTTPS means secured HTTP. It’s beneficial not just for multiple redirect issues but also for your customers’ safety.

Here’s our separate KB on How to move from HTTP to HTTPS on Breeze.

3. Flush Cache and Refresh

Clearing cache ensures that all the previous record saved from the server memory is gone and it will now save the new changes, starting from fresh.

Flushing cache is important to show the users the latest version of your site with the latest modifications.

Read: How to Clear cache on panel.

After following all these three steps, reload your website, and you won’t face any redirection issue.

P.S. In case you need further assistance from our engineers, feel free to comment down your query or contact us.

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