How to Clear Cache from Dashboard?

Clearing cached data and pages ensure that your website shows the most recent version to your users. Thus, everytime you upgrade to a new version, we suggest you clear all the cache stored of your site pages.

Take a quick look at how to do it on

1. Open and click on “Login” on the top right corner.

clear cache

2. Enter your login credentials to access your Breeze dashboard.

clear cache

3. Once you’ve successfully entered into your admin dashboard, look for the site of which you want to clear cache completely.

4. Click on the website’s name, or simply click on the “Manage” button.

clear cache

6. You will see a toolbar on the top that lets you navigate through the panel.

clear cache

7. Go to “Tools” option on the navigation bar.

clear cache

7. You’ll find a “Flush Cache” option on this page. Click on the “Flush” button to clear your WordPress cache completely.

clear cache

8. Click on “OK” on the confirmation popup.

clear cache

9. Done! Within a few seconds, your site will be updated.

P.S. After every latest upgrade, PHP version change or restart, you will have to Flush the website cache to see the changes.

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