Log monitoring is critical for your site’s health, for a number of reasons. First off, it can prevent downtime on your sites and servers. Secondly, it acts as a red flag when something bad is happening.

Analyzing your logs regularly on breeze.io will allow your business a quicker response time to security threats and better security program effectiveness.

Follow the simple steps to check your site logs through breeze.io dashboard and stay safe.

Step-1 Login to your Breeze.io panel, by entering your credentials.

Step-2 In your Breeze.io dashboard, simply click the “Manage” button in front of the website name of which you wish to monitor logs.

Step-3 On the menu bar on the top of the screen, click on “Logs”.

Step-4 On this page, you can monitor both Access logs and Error logs of your site.

Access logs example:

Note: Because of privacy concerns, we can’t show you the logs (messages). But your Access logs will be shown like above section only.

Error logs example:

P.S. You can also turn On or Off “Auto-refresh” option as per your need.