How to Access MySQL through CLI and PHPMyAdmin in Breeze? offers a user-friendly and a quite intuitive platform for its customers. You can easily access MySQL in Breeze panel through both, CLI and PHPMyAdmin.

Navigate through two given sections:

1. Accessing MYSQL from PHPMyAdmin

2. Accessing MySQL through CLI

Accessing MySQL from PHPMyAdmin

1. The first step is to enter your dashboard with your credentials like username and password.

2. On the dashboard, locate your desired website name and click the “Manage” button in front of it.

3. Now, you’ll land on the Overview page.

4. Scroll the page and you will see your Database logins for that particular site.

5. Just copy your username and password from there (Click to copy).

6. Click on the “Open MySQL Editor” button located just beside it.

7. You will be taken to the next page; it looks like this:

8. Now paste your credentials (username and password) that you just copied.

9. Click on “Go“, and you’ll successfully enter your MySQL through PHP, My Admin.

Accessing MySQL through CLI

1. For accessing MySQL through CLI, you will have to access SSH first.

2. Once you’re done, just type this line of code on your CLI screen:

mysql -u <username> -p <password>

3. Press Enter.

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