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How to Access SSH/SFTP through

SFTP (SSH File Transfer Protocol) protects against password sniffing and hacker/botnets attacks. Also, it protects the data integrity through encryption and cryptographic hash functions. In a nutshell: SSH/SFTP play an important role in maintaining website security....

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How to Check Your Site Logs on Breeze?

Log monitoring is critical for your site's health, for a number of reasons. First off, it can prevent downtime on your sites and servers. Secondly, it acts as a red flag when something bad is happening. Analyzing your logs regularly on will allow your...

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How to Add New Domain from Panel?

Wish to add another domain through Breeze dashboard? Relax, it's easy! Just follow the below steps and add your desired domain in a few seconds. Let's get started. How to Add New Domain? Note: Before adding a new domain to Breeze panel, it's critical to point your...

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How to Point your Domain or DNS to

Humans access information through domain names and browsers access information through IP addresses. In the most simple language, DNS helps browser by translating a domain name to IP address. Once you start hosting your site with us you will have to point your...

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How to Clear Cache from Dashboard?

Clearing cached data and pages ensure that your website shows the most recent version to your users. Thus, everytime you upgrade to a new version, we suggest you clear all the cache stored of your site pages. Take a quick look at how to do it on 1. Open...

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