Breeze platform is filled with rich features to smoothen up the Magento experience. Be it performance, security, scalability, or support, Breeze comes with the best solution.

Loading Under 3 Seconds

The latest technology, best infrastructure, powerful servers, aligned with Magento experts, guarantee 3 seconds loading time.

Support Under 30 Seconds

Anytime, any location, any problem. The breeze engineering team is always live and only a few clicks away.

Protecting Store & Customers

Tools like DDoS detection, IP restrictions, SSL support, and hardware firewalls protect your store and customer from all threats.

See your Business Grow

Take a tour of Breeze to see how our beginner-friendly yet powerful panel helps escalate your business.

Top Notch Support

We don’t believe in a half-hearted support system.

Our team is trained in empathetic problem solving and they are experienced in handling critical situations effectively. 

24/7 Support

Late night, early morning, or weekend, your store is always live, so is our team.

Online Ticketing

Got complicated situation? Raise a quick ticket to get a dedicated engineer.

Helpful SLAs

Our words are backed up with our robust SLA. Get more than what you pay for.

50 Seconds Response Time

Our team keeps average response time under a minute.

Application Monitoring

Proactively monitors sites and resolve issues before your customers even notice.

Performance Oriented

Our powerful hosting elevates the overall website’s performance.

Our engineers fine tune the server and technology to create hosting that make Magento perform at its full potential.

Dedicated Server

Get unmatchable performance with our dedicated server resources.

SSD Servers

SSD with NVMe writes and reads the data 3X faster than HDD.

PHP 7 Ready

Ultimate speed with PHP 7 ready server, that can be updated to PHP 8 at request. 

HTTP/2 Supported Servers

Pre-enable HTTP/2 that is quicker than HTTP in sending URL requests.

Free and Custom CDNs

Lower the store latency rate by adding CDN from the Breeze panel.

Making fastest store more fast with Caching.

Varnish Caching

Save HTTP responses and serve the static content from the Varnish.

Redis Caching

Database cache to serve the frequent queries at super sonic rate.

Server Caching

Inbuilt server caching configured by engineers to enhance performance.

All Round Security

Sleep like a child depending on our security system.

Our proactive monitoring tools and security firewalls keeps the threats out. Your customer’s data, and your store is totally safe.

Dedicated Firewalls

OS-level dedicated firewall protect stores from all web threats.

Bot Block

Identify and block fake traffic, DDoS attempts or brute force hacks.

Regular Patching

Regular patching and auditing of infrastructure to avoid vulnerabilities.

Free SSL

Load store on HTTPS with free Let’s Encrypt SSL (1-click installation).


Create individual SSH keys and SFTP credentials for secure server access.

Freedom to Change

Do more in less time with our intuitive platform.

We give the power and control to your hands so you manage your server the way you like.

Server Settings via UI

Customize various server settings directly from the panel.

Magento setting via UI

Manage settings from panel instead of complicated CLI commands.

Cron Job Manager

Get the work done with simplest cron jobs manager in few clicks.

Pre-installed Magento CLI

Magento CLI for developers to take more control over the store.

Multiple PHP

Switch PHP versions in a click. Get multiple PHP variant to test.

1-Click Solutions saving time and energy.

1-Click Staging

Test Magento setups, upgrades, and updates quickly before deployment.

1-Click Backups

Make manual backups, and restore existing one to live/stage store.

1-Click SSL

Add Let’s Encrypt SSL to domains, subdomains, and aliases.

1-Click Maintenance

Switch the store to maintenance mode without additional modules.

1-Click Static

Deploy Magento static content without breaking any code.

Collaboration and Integration

Improve workflow and productivity with inbuilt tools.

We integrate the useful tools to platform and enable the collaboration mode so you can achieve more.

Git Integration

Auto-deploy the updated code with Git when the remote repositories change.

One Account Multiple Teams

Add multiple teams to the account giving them limited access.

Add Team Members

Add co-workers to the team (access defined) and distribute work.

Store & Server Cloning

Clone a Magento store or entire server to the new staging URL.


Set up emails and connect external SMTP from the dashboard.

Built for Growth

Harness the scalable prowess of Magento.

We excel in optimizing servers for Magento stores, so it can perform excellently, and owners can sell more with the fast websites.

Resize Server

Add resources to server as the store grows and traffic increase.

Increase Storage

Add more disk storage to the same plan if store needs more memory.

Ready for traffic surges

eCommerce store ready for high traffic and concurrent visitors.

Limitless Scaling

Get virtually unlimited scaling of the servers. 

Global Availability

Data center all around the globe and service is available all the time.

Breeze put Magento Hosting at Ease

Create or join multiple companies, manage Magento stores, add/remove domains, CDN, firewall -- take control over the store from the unified platform.

Pre-built integrations and 1-click tools such as SSL, CDN, live/staging, creating/restoring backup and more, saves hours of time.

Add or remove users and team in the company and distribute work accordingly to streamline the process. Roles come with limited permissions.

Need More?

Besides all the features, you can checkout roadmap and add features that you want.

We got you covered.

Check out the upcoming Features we got in the Pipeline.

Managed hosting plans for every store

Take a plan with freedom to scale up/down at any moment.


Starter 1

For starter Magento stores.




Pro 1

Perfect for small business.




Growth 1

Ideal for growing busiensses.




More Plans

Custom plans starts from




Starter 1

For starter Magento stores.




Pro 1

Perfect for small business.




Growth 1

Ideal for growing busiensses.




More Plans

Custom plans starts from




Innovative and Simple Magento Hosting Platform

Quit worrying about Magento hosting and build stores with a Breeze panel, that is designed for Magento merchants, agencies and developers. Take a free trial today.

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