Breeze Events Summary and Highlights

Meet Magento India in Mumbai

Meet Magento 2023 Highlights – Breeze Trip to Mumbai

Meet Magento 2023 India highlights and coverage through tweets and schedule.
Trends and Future of Web Hosting Breeze Participate

GoDaddy Pro Event 2022 // Summary

Picking the right hosting is critical in building your and your customer’s successful online presence. Mr. Arun Bansal collaborated with GoDaddy Pro share a talk. ...
Meet Magento 2022 Breeze Participate

Meet Magento India 2022 // Highlights

Meet Magento India is the leading ecommerce conference of Magento that took place place online February 4, 2022. Meet Magento India offers the opportunity to ...
Cloud Leadership Summit 2021 Breeze Participate

Cloud Leadership Summit 2021 // Highlights

Cloud Leadership Summit is an exquisitely curated meetup by Cloud Leaders Network for the Indian Cloud Hosting Industry Veterans. Date: November, 8-10 Place: Goa, India ...
CloudFest 2021 Breeze Participate

CloudFest 2021 // Highlights

CloudFest is the industry event of the year and stands as a monumental opportunity to connect with the leaders of Cloud industry. It is joined ...
Web Summit 2018 Breeze Participate

Web Summit 2018 // Highlights

Web Summit 2018: The largest technology conference in the world brought together leaders of emerging tech. The event was spread over four days of motivational ...
RISE Conference 2018 Breeze Participate

RISE Conference 2018 // Highlights

RISE, the event that’s buzzing around the world, and the businesses (large and small) are going banana over it. It’s the largest tech conference in ...

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