Breeze Events Summary and Highlights

Meet Magento India in Mumbai

Meet Magento 2023 Highlights – Breeze Trip to Mumbai

Meet Magento 2023 India highlights and coverage through tweets and schedule.

Trends and Future of Web Hosting Breeze Participate

GoDaddy Pro Event 2022 // Summary

Picking the right hosting is critical in building your and your customer’s successful online presence. Mr. Arun Bansal collaborated with GoDaddy Pro share a talk. …

Meet Magento 2022 Breeze Participate

Meet Magento India 2022 // Highlights

Meet Magento India is the leading ecommerce conference of Magento that took place place online February 4, 2022. Meet Magento India offers the opportunity to …

Cloud Leadership Summit 2021 Breeze Participate

Cloud Leadership Summit 2021 // Highlights

Cloud Leadership Summit is an exquisitely curated meetup by Cloud Leaders Network for the Indian Cloud Hosting Industry Veterans. Date: November, 8-10 Place: Goa, India …

CloudFest 2021 Breeze Participate

CloudFest 2021 // Highlights

CloudFest is the industry event of the year and stands as a monumental opportunity to connect with the leaders of Cloud industry. It is joined …

Web Summit 2018 Breeze Participate

Web Summit 2018 // Highlights

Web Summit 2018: The largest technology conference in the world brought together leaders of emerging tech. The event was spread over four days of motivational …

RISE Conference 2018 Breeze Participate

RISE Conference 2018 // Highlights

RISE, the event that’s buzzing around the world, and the businesses (large and small) are going banana over it. It’s the largest tech conference in …

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