Deliver More Project, and Increase Revenue while Keeping the Clients Happy

No more time wasting on server setups, failed deployments, and configuration problems. Have freedom from tedious tasks and focus on project delivery. Effortlessly configure, develop, review, replicate your Magento store.

Focus on code, not Infrastructure & Deployment

Server optimized. App deployed. Stage created.

We built the Breeze as in-house platform, so our developers does not have to waste time on deploying Magento websites, security, performance optimization and other configuration. 

Breeze does all of it  — letting you focus entirely on development.

You can save hours of time and take more client to increase your revenue. Without losing your comfort.

Ready to Ship Server

No need to waste time on setting up the architecture and stack to deploy Magento. Our ready-to-ship servers are optimized with PHP stack to deploy Magento in 1 click.

Write Error Free Code

Use the inbuilt profiler to debug the code effortlessly. Efficiently monitor the code and track out any errors without having to read the entire code again.

Deliver Fast Websites

Impress your clients by loading the Magento store in 2 seconds. Breeze will do the performance optimizations, you can take the credit.

One Click Staging Saving Hours

Our team understand the importance of Staging. Code optimization and regular changes has to be made on the production site. 

That’s why we come with one-click staging.

Quickly duplicate the entire store to a stage, and run your test safely.

Multi Store

Manage staging of multiple Magento website within the single Magento admin, from a single codebase.


Establish the code standards, and ensure that all the code deployed to production complies with the code standards.

Keyword Based Monitoring

You can set up the keyword and Breeze will send you the alert when the change happen.

Use keyword monitoring to check presence or absence of specific text in the request’s response body (typically HTML or JSON).

Automated Backups

In a single click, you can make a copy of your store (including media, files, database, configuration, customizations). Download them to the local storage or keep it on our server with 7 day retention time.

The outdated backups will delete automatically, and the new one will be added to the dashboard.


Monitor the code to find the errors, and fix the code quickly, before deploying to the live.

Push to Live

Preview the store changes on staging, and make the push to the live store in a click, when everything is perfect.

Offer Magento store owner to click on the push to live button to have that LAUNCH moment.

Ready to Book Demo?

Unsure about Breeze as your managed Magento hosting solution?

Schedule a Free demo. We will show you how Breeze can make you store faster, save hours of work, and make Magento more reliable.

Build the Store on AWS Cloud

No need to go through all the steps to deploy the store on AWS. Relax and let the Breeze deploy your apps on the AWS cloud.

  • PHP, MySQL, Redis, Varnish, Elastic Search optimised
  • No fixed plans – pay only for what you need
  • On-demand DevOps Support
  • New Relic and Blackfyre for Store Monitoring

Server Optimizations

It typically takes several hours to ready the server for the Magento. Then you have to install the app itself.

Breeze take less than 30 minutes.

We use the Kubernetes technology to template the server architecture. Every deployment is perfectly optimize for performance, speed, and scalability. While keeping it all flexible — so you can add anything extra if you need.

Scale the Existing Enviroment

The project requirement are never consistent. As the project demands more resources, it becomes frustrating to get extra servers and migrate the project to the new environment every time.

Breeze solves the problem by providing flexible scaling. You can scale up and down the existing server by adding and removing the resources. Your project will be on the original server with the added resource, saving you lot of extra work.

Protecting your Magento Projects

Cloudflare Breeze Developers

CloudFlare CDN Integration

We integrated the CloudFlare CDN within the Breeze. You can enable firewall, content delivery and server rules from the CloudFlare directly to your website.

sucuri breeze developers

Sucuri Hack Fixes

We take pride in our security. But still if anything happens, we guarantee a Free Hack Fix with our security partner – Sucuri. We will clean your website and restore it to the secured state at no cost.

Bot Protection Magento Security

Spam & Bot Protection

Our inbuilt Spam and WAF continuously protect the network from entering of malicious request. Mitigate all the DDoS attack, save the network from all spam attacks.

magento developers ssh

Add & Generate SSH Keys

Add your SSH key or generate a new one. Access the hosting with SSH, do remote file transfer, and network management. Manage, delete and add the SSH key of you team members.

FTP Magento Security

File Transfer over SFTP

You can only transfer files with SFTP. We don’t allow unsecure transfers to anyone, keeping the security of our clients at priority.

SSL Magento Security

Free Unlimited SSL

Install as many SSL certificate at no cost. In a click, you can add the SSL certificate to all the URL/Domain version of your Magento store.

Magento Security IP

IP Whitelisting

Whitelist the IP of your team members, so they can access the store while everyone else see nothing. However, you can blacklist the IPs of frequent spammers.


Automatic Backups

In a single click, you can make a copy of your store (including media, files, database, configuration, customizations). The new backups replaces the outdated backups automatically.

Developer Friendly Solutions to Facilitate your Work

Server Maintenance

Your developer never have to worry about server performance, security or upgradation. We actively monitor our server’s health – do regular updates, upgrades, and repairs.

Free Migration

Don’t worry about the migration. We will assist you, or even do the entire Magento migration for you at no cost. With guaranteed no data loss and minimal downtime.

Server Cloning

Need to do same customization on the new store? Instead Clone the entire server and Magento store on a new URL in a click. 

Application Monitoring

Our inhouse monitoring, joined with CloudFlare CDN and Sucuri WAF actively monitor your store, keeping it safe even from the cunning network infiltrators.

Cron Jobs

Schedule jobs to run periodically at fixed times, dates, or intervals. Quickly set up the job within the Breeze dashboard.

PHP Versions

Develop in the PHP version you are most familiar with. Breeze offers PHP 7.2, 7.3, and 7.4. We don’t support outdated version as they can cause vulnerabilities.


Load the high traffic website with lightning speed with PHP-FPM. It is an efficient method to reduce the memory consumption and Magento performance.


Varnish and Redis are advance Magento caching methods — They are already setup with the stack, and can be enabled from the dashboard.


We don’t entertain the websites working on outdated technologies, as they can exposed the servers to the vulnerabilities. Website running on the PHP 7 and up are on Breeze.


All the Magento changes, developments, and configurations are recorded in Logs. You can read or export them anytime to see the exact time and duration a process took place.


Breeze support HTTP/3 to give lightning fast page speed, having quickly establish secure network than the HTTP/2. If you like to stay on HTTP/2, we also have that too.


Enable the elastic search for your Magento store in a click, and boost the search speed of the website.


NginX is much faster in serving request than the Apache. We got both. NginX performs the HTTP‑related heavy lifting – serving static files, caching content, and offloading slow HTTP connections.

Move your Magento Development Forward

Schedule a Demo and see yourself how Breeze can fasten up the speed of development with various tools.

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