Harness the CloudFlare Solutions with Breeze

Turn on CloudFlare's Fast, Global Content Delivery Network designed to optimize security, performance and reliability.

Seamless Integration within Breeze Panel

Breeze brings the powerful performance and security features of CloudFlare to your dashboard. Set up and manage the CloudFlare within the MyBreeze dashboard and take full advantage of their services. 




Breeze + CloudFlare

With CloudFlare integration, you will have world-class security, speed and reliability — all from the MyBreeze dashboard.

DDoS Security

Protection against the DDoS attacks (sending high volume of traffic in short period of time).

Web Application Firewall

Protection against malicious attacks that aim to exploit vulnerabilities including SQLi, XSS and more.

HTTP/3 Support

Website ready for the next version of the HTTP protocol for faster connections and SSL handshakes.

Wildcard SSL

Secure the root domain and individual subdomains with SSL that allows wildcard symbols.


Our CloudFlare integration brings powerful and trusted firewall to protect your website from the world’s biggest and newest hacking attacks.

Included Free security against the DDoS attack that affect millions of website every year.


Beside security, MyBreeze leverage the ultimate CloudFlare Performance to accelerate your eCommerce store, improve mobile delivery and availability. 

Unexpected hihg traffic during festival and sale season!! Your website will be live and running.


CloudFlare has more than 200 data center network, ensuring your website will be safe and sound all the time, and accessible from any part of the World.

With Breeze servers and CloudFlare CDN – forget about the downtime.

Easy to Use yet Powerful Magento Hosting Platform

Quit worrying about hosting, and make Magento stores with the Breeze platform — designed for Magento merchants, agencies and developers. Take a free test today.

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