How to Succeed in 2019: WordPress Trends You Must Know

WordPress Trends

With 74.6 Million sites depending on WordPress, it keeps on getting bigger and better. People are always looking forward to new WordPress trends.

As we saw, WordPress introduces new features and improvements in 2018; we are very excited about what it has in store for 2019.

What’s going to change?

Below is the list of some big changes in WordPress trends that are scheduled for 2019. A few of them have been in the news for some time while others are still under development. 

1. Videos

Video consumption is at an all-time high and is said to increase in the coming years.

Cisco has projected that more than 80% of all Internet traffic will be video by 2021 (source)

Video marketing can be used in many ways. But one of the ways to get the most attention is video headers.

Video headers give a more engaging look to your website but you need to be careful while using them. Videos can affect the quality of your website by increasing the page load time and speed of your website.

With version 4.7, WordPress has received great applause for its ability to loop video headers. And with this feature, a lot of themes have also updated there setting to allow you to insert a video header easily.

Hit or miss: We think this is going to be a huge hit among WordPress users. The video header will definitely attract many viewers.

2. WordPress 5.0

Every time there is a new WordPress version, everyone gets super excited. But this time there has been a lot of buzz around the new WordPress 5.0 because of Gutenberg editor.

In 2018, WordPress 4.9.8 was released which included the Gutenberg Callout encouraging people to install it and update.

According to their official site, WordPress 5.0 could be released as early as January 22, 2019.

Here are some changes that we’ll see after 5.0:

2.1 More intuitive site-building experience

WordPress is already known for its 5-min installation and ease of use. The team is now working on making it even simpler for the users. A much more ease in site building will make sure WordPress continues to lead in terms of market share.

2.2 Building custom themes will become easier

For making and customizing a theme in WordPress, you need a development background. But now with this version, creating themes will be much more accessible, thanks to blocks offered in Gutenberg!

2.3 Less relevance for plugins

Plugins are the backbone of WordPress and almost all the plugins directly interact with the WordPress editor by including a new feature or adding some shortcode. However, now these plugins will have to become Gutenberg compatible or they will lose their relevance.

Hit or miss: This one is controversial. Gutenberg will fundamentally change the way most people interact with WordPress. However, it will be too early to say anything as it’s currently only available as a plugin. I guess we’ll have to wait and find out.

3. Personalized chatbots

Chatbots integrate with your CRM and help you provide a better user support. In the coming year, chatbots will become even more personalized.

By personalized, I mean that you will be able to know more about your user than the fact they are a random visitor. Also, if you are using a CRM like Salesforce, Infusionsoft or Active Campaign, you can also know if they’ve downloaded a lead capture, clicked on a certain promo or even interacted with your social channels.

WordPress Trends

Hit or miss: Definitely a hit! Personalized chatbots will provide better engagement between you and your website visitors.


The community has rather gone quiet on the subject of the REST API which was a hot topic two years ago. But in the coming year, you will be able to get the Admin panel on Rest API which will allow you to use WordPress as a framework to manage content for any web application.

The REST API provides an API for WordPress data that allows developers to tap into the content remotely by sending and receiving JSON (JavaScript Object Notation).

By putting the weight of Rest API behind, now you will be able to create mobile apps on WordPress like creating websites.

Hit or miss: Hit; REST API will help bring a new community of front-end developers on board.

Impacts of these changes

Among so many new WordPress trends, which ones will affect you the most?

How can you be prepared for them?

The impacts will be different for everyone.

1. Impact on users

  • Talking about REST API, as a user, you will not even notice a change. Even while you are using a plugin built on REST API it is unlikely that it will have any impact on you.
  • For videos and personalized chatbots, it will work in your favor as you will be able to create more helpful and engaging content. It will improve your site experience 3x and help you get more satisfactory results.
  • Gutenberg, however, will have the most impact on you as a user. It will completely change the way you create and edit a post and there is no guarantee that you will like it. It is not enough to drive new users to WordPress but most of the current users will get used to it.

Although, there can be some teething problems that can arise from time to time. You might need expert help and guidance to solve them.

The problem is who are the experts? Thinking about Hosting Providers? Let’s see what they can do.

2. Impact on hosting providers

Even though there are WordPress specific hosting companies, it is still not sure how well they will have their support personnel trained.

With REST API, your backend will be completely exposed when you will connect your WordPress to any third party. This can easily provide a door to hackers. Managing your site’s security will definitely be difficult with new WordPress trends.

Now is a good time to consider moving to a WordPress-optimized hosting company that is familiar with WordPress changes. Here at Breeze, we have trained support staff and experts for better WordPress Experience.

3. Impact on developers

There are so many challenges awaiting for developers in the coming future. One of the biggest problems will be moving from PHP towards Javascript.

With REST API and Gutenberg, you can still continue to develop in PHP. But once Gutenberg is completely out in the open, more and more plugins will incorporate significant proportions of Javascript.

This will be even big of a problem if WordPress core itself evolves to include more Javascript and less PHP.

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Wrapping Up

We can only assume and predict these WordPress trends. It’s really hard to give an accurate answer.
But one thing is for sure, WordPress 5.0 will change almost everything.

This can turn into a blessing or a disaster for us!

If you face any issues with new updates you can always reach out to our WordPress experts for help!

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