These 6 WordPress SEO Tips is All You Need to Rank Better

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Developing and enhancing your WordPress SEO is essential for getting more traffic to your website. Unfortunately, most WordPress SEO tips are too technical for beginners to get started.

Have you heard about: “Have a mobile-friendly site! Increase your page speed”?

Surely. But these techniques are of little use when you’ve heard it over and again but not sure from where to start. In this article, we will discuss some super simple WordPress SEO tips to help you to upgrade your WordPress SEO strategy and receive more organic traffic.

6 Simple WordPress SEO Tips

These simple and effortless steps contain tactics, techniques, and strategies that are crucial to your website’s SEO.

1. Content is King

One of the most important WordPress SEO tips is Content. It has to be original, well written, and without mistakes. Try to create attractive and engaging content.

However, you should not ignore the quality of the content. Every blog post that you publish should focus on a particular problem and how to get it fixed. Content that clarifies the everyday issues of users are always in high demand and are shared in large number via social media. Not only does your website need to be original and well written but it has to remain dynamic with fresh content on a regular basis.

2. Choosing a Focus Keyword

Your WordPress SEO structure mainly reflects in the site’s navigation or the main menu. Keywords play a big role here. To create a keyword-optimized main menu, start by brainstorming a bunch of broad keywords. These keywords will be used as items on your main menu and the submenu. 

  1. List all the keywords you plan to target.
  2. Next, we will arrange them into a solid structure that supports your WordPress SEO. Basically, we are systematically narrowing down keywords to the long tail ones.
  3. Once you have laid out your website hierarchy using different menu and submenu items, your next step is to create an internal network of links between these posts, pages, and resources. Both search engine and users will use these links to explore more of the related content on your site. Thus, it will significantly improve your WordPress SEO.
  4. Each time you publish new content, link to the existing resources on the site that may be relevant to that content.

3. Get more traffic from your existing page

The third step is to get more traffic from your existing pages by covering subtopics that Google wants to see.

Ahrefs conducted a study on 3 million searches to find the number of keywords that a page can be ranked for. It was found that the average #1 ranking page will also rank for about 1000 other relevant keywords. So, how do you find these keywords? It is very easy to find it through a content gap analysis. In short, a content gap analysis reviews the performance of your present content, where it can be improved and what relevant content might be missing.

4. Backlinks

The quickest way for search engines to find you is to tell them that your website exists. Use the two-step email outreach.

#1. In order to rank on Google today, you need to build backlinks. There is a step-by-step process that can be found here.

#2. An old-fashioned yet effective approach – a simple outreach email. However, there are both wrong and right ways to do email outreach.

You might have seen, most people send out hundreds of spam emails begging for links and it definitely doesn’t work today. Instead, I recommend a proper research and listing of prospective web pages that you would benefit getting links from. Subsequently, you need to structure a proper email that is customizable for every webmaster that you send it to, and capable of compelling the webmaster to respond. So, submit your website to as many directories, social networks, blogs etc as possible.

5. Optimize your video around “video keywords

You might have noticed that YouTube dominates Google’s first page for so many different keywords. In fact, 45% of all Google search results contain a YouTube video. Well, if you are trying to rank your videos on Google, you need to make sure that there are already video results for that keyword. Otherwise, your video will be unlikely to rank on Google.

Therefore, search for the keyword on Google, before deciding it for your video. It is great if you find a YouTube video on the first page. That means you just found a video keyword but if you search for your keyword and don’t see a YouTube result, then you might want to choose a different keyword to optimize your video around.

6. Use short URL

You should use short URLs because all things being equal, short URLs rank better than long URLs.

1. Keeping your URL short provides great help to the users and search engines.

2. Ensuring the placement of a focus keyword inside of your URL can be an added advantage. In most cases, make sure to use hyphens inside of a URL to separate keywords.

3. Your URL should not be any longer than 2083 characters approximately.

4. It should be consistent as much as possible and should never be dynamic.

You can use URL shorteners to shorten your long URLs.


If you apply these WordPress SEO tips to your site, you will surely be able to attract more organic traffic from the major search engines. 

However, you should keep an eagle eye on the search algorithm changes that happen from time to time. Make quick changes in your approach and continue to rank higher in search engines. 

You’d be surprised to see the boost in your rankings within a few weeks! Let us know which tip worked the best for you in the comment section below! 🙂

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