How to upload Product Videos in Magento 2 from YouTube?

Upload Product Videos in Magento 2

Do you want to upload product videos in Magento 2 from YouTube?

Uploading the videos directly to the store will increase the page size and make it load slowly. Speed is critical for ecommerce websites. 

The solution is to upload the video to YouTube and then fetch it to your store. But to fetch the YouTube video through the link, you must add YouTube API to Magento.

In this quick tutorial, we will learn to upload videos in Magento 2 from YouTube.

Why use Product Video?

Advantages of having a product video on product pages:

  • Video increases the pages viewed per session by 127 percent for a website.
  • Videos help consumers understand products better, according to 71 percent of consumers.
  • Visitor purchases are 73% higher when they watch product videos.
  •  Video is preferred over other marketing content by 71% of consumers.
  • An increase of 37 percent in add-to-cart conversions
  •  An ecommerce company with product videos would be more likely to sell products to consumers, according to 44 percent of consumers.
  • The number of pages viewed per session on an ecommerce site increases by 340 percent when videos are included.

3 Steps to Upload Product Videos in Magento 2

Follow the steps to upload product video in Magento 2:

  1. Get your YouTube API Key
  2. Add Key to Magento
  3. Link to Video

#1 Get your YouTube API Key

First we need the YouTube API Key to connect the YouTube channel with the Magento catalog.

  1. Login to your Google Account
  2. Go to Google Developers Cloud
upload Product Videos in Magento 2 from YouTube
  1. Search for Youtube to get all YouTube API
Youtube API from Google Developer
  1. Enable the YouTube API if its not On.
  2. If already enabled, go to the credentials
Creating API Keys
  1. Click on + Create Credentials and select API key
  2. An API key will be created
API Key created
  1. Copy the API Key

#2 Configure in Magento

Now we have to add the API key to the Magento store.

  1. Login to the Magento admin
  2. Navigate to Stores > Settings > Configuration
  3. Choose Catalog from the panel
  4. Click on Catalog from Catalog tab
Catalog in Magento 2
  1. Expand the Product video tab
Adding YouTube API Key
  1. Pase the API key to YouTube API Key field

Save the configuration and clear Magento cache.

#3 Link to Video

Now you have to add the video to the product.

  1. Go to the Catalog > Product
  2. From the Product Detail, click on Add Video in the Images and Videos.
Add Video
  1. Click on Add Video
Add YouTube URL Product Video
  1. Paste the YouTube URL of the Video.

Title: Add the title to the Video

Description: Give video a quick description.

Preview Image: Add preview image from the computer

Assign the role to the video, mark the corresponding checkbox of each Role:

  • Base Image
  • Small Image
  • Swatch Image
  • Thumbnail
  • Hide from Product Page

When everything is done, click on Save to save the changes. Finally, clear the Magento cache to update the store.

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Wrap Up

An image is worth 1000 words. And a video is worth thousands of photos.

A product video can show the user what a product looks like from all the angles and settings. Adding product video will significantly improve the page value and make it easier for the customers to judge the product.

I hope this tutorial helps you add the product videos in Magento 2. If you encounter any issues, feel free to leave them in the comments.

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