Solve There has been an error processing your request in Magento

There has been an error processing your request

There has been an error processing your request is a common error in Magento development and management. But there is nothing to worry about.

Let’s see how you can solve There has been an error processing your request error.

But before solving, understand the reason for the error.

Reasons behind There has been an error processing your request error

Several common reasons behind error are:

Installation of the new Magento 2 theme or extension: Installing theme and extensions come with coding that might be incompatible with the existing technology.

Updating Magento 2 or Magento 2 extension: Updating Magento 2 or Magento extension typically means change in code. It could be to add a new feature, or removing a bug. The added code may lose connectivity with the existing code, resulting in error.

Changes in the template code: The templates are made to streamline the process. So the process depends on the templates. If the templates change, it affects the workflow, and sometimes it shows like There has been an error processing your request error.

Setting configuration: Configuration setting causes errors when it is done by novice Magento developers on cheap servers. Sometimes, when the setting configuration changes, it enables a piece of code that was dormant. Being activated, it affects Magento and causes errors.

Overloading of the server memory: Server memory also plays a role in error. Magento might be perfectly optimized and working efficiently, but if the server is weak and hosting is not correctly built, you will regularly encounter the errors.

As you can see updates, and new code is a major reason behind the errors. That’s why it is suggested to always take a complete Magento backup before making changes. 

With Breeze you can take a Magento backup in a click. And schedule the automatic backups.

Fixing: Reasons behind There has been an error processing your request error

Reasons mentioned above are common, but it does not mean they are the one affecting your store. To fix the error, you have to find the real reason and fix it.

Steps to find the folder that contain log information of errors:

  1. Connect to your Magento 2 server via SSH or FTP
  2. Open the var/report folder where you will find the Magento 2 error reports
  3. Locate the file with the error number on the error page. Every error has a number and you find that number in the log file.
  4. Open the log file and read the detailed information about the error. The file entails the reason for the error, and then you can solve it.

Check with your Developers

If you do not have access to the Magento backend, and don’t know how to connect to the SSH – you have to go to developers.

Magento is a powerful but complicated ecommerce platform. You need developers for various tasks. But not for every task.

That’s where Breeze enters.

We made Breeze – developer friendly platform with powerful features to manage the Magento store – yet it can be used easily with non-technical people.

Take a look at Breeze dashboard and features. If you want to try it firsthand, take a Demo.

Wrap Up

I hope you managed to solve the there has been an error processing your request error. If it is still coming, try to clear the cache.

Feel free to leave your doubt in the comments.

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