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Unpublish a blog post in wordpress website banner

How to UnPublish a Blog Post in WordPress Website?

Read how to unpublish a blog post in WordPress website. There are many methods to hide the post on WordPress. You can do it manually or by plugins.

Add Social Media Icons to WordPress

How to Add Social Media Icons to WordPress

Connect your social media to your blog. Read how to add social media icons to WordPress in a few quick steps. SM could help your visitors to know you more.

Best WordPress Archive plugin

8 Best WordPress Archive Plugin to Display the Archives

The best WordPress archive plugin to install. Check out these archive plugin for WordPress to know which plugin works best for your blog.

best wordpress coming soon plugin

Best WordPress Coming Soon Plugin for Building a Launch Page

LA descriptive list of all the best WordPress Coming Soon Plugin. You can build an excellent launch page with these free plugins. Buzz before going live.

How to Add Captcha to Contact Form 7?

How to Add Captcha to Contact Form 7?

Add Captcha to Contact Form 7. Integrate Google reCaptcha with contact form 7 by adding the keys. Use an alternate method if captcha is heavy for you.

how to install a wordpress plugin

How to Install a WordPress Plugin?

How to Install a WordPress Plugin from the Plugin Directory. A beginner-friendly guide for the installation of the plugin from third party sites.

How to Duplicate Pages in WordPress (1)

How to Duplicate a Page in WordPress?

You can duplicate a page in WordPress manually, or with the help of a plugin. Doubling a page or post helps you in working on a page or post without actually changing the existing page in any way.

Managed WordPress Hosting

Why Should You Go for Managed WordPress Hosting?

You should go for Managed WordPress hosting for stability, security, excellent customer support, and constant fantastic service. WordPress experts manage your hosting and optimize the …

Pingdom Website Speed Test

The Ultimate Guide To Pingdom Website Speed Test Tool

When it comes to the website’s performance, speed is everything. It affects your search ranking, conversions, bounce rate, page views, and even your revenue. oday …

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