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How to Duplicate Pages in WordPress (1)

How to Duplicate a Page in WordPress?

You can duplicate a page in WordPress manually, or with the help of a plugin. Doubling a page or post helps you in working on a page or post without actually changing the existing page in any way.

Bootstrap 4.3.1 & 3.4.1 release

Bootstrap 4.3.1 & 3.4.1 released: Fixes XSS vulnerability affecting about 16% WP sites

Are you using Bootstrap powered theme or plugin? If yes, then Consider updating the Bootstrap version to the latest 4.3.1 and 3.4.1 version. Previous versions …

Critical Bug in Popular WP Plugin can take over Entire Website

A plugin Simple Social Buttons was reported to have a major bug that can comprise the entire WordPress website by allowing hackers to have unauthorized access …

How to Access SSH/SFTP through

SFTP (SSH File Transfer Protocol) protects against password sniffing and hacker/botnets attacks. Also, it protects the data integrity through encryption and cryptographic hash functions. In …

How to Access MySQL through CLI and PHPMyAdmin in Breeze? offers a user-friendly and a quite intuitive platform for its customers. You can easily access MySQL in Breeze panel through both, CLI and PHPMyAdmin. …


ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS, also referred to as Redirect loop is a common problem. However, its solution is not always so easy. Yes, you can adjust the URL …

How to Check Your Site Logs on Breeze?

Log monitoring is critical for your site’s health, for a number of reasons. First off, it can prevent downtime on your sites and servers. Secondly, …

How To Track Website Traffic Through Breeze Dashboard?

No. of visitors to your website (Website traffic) is an important factor to judge your online success. The number of visitors equals the number of …

How to Check Your Website Disk Usage on

Disk Usage (DU) is referred to the total percentage of computer/website storage currently in use. It’s a crucial metric as it provides the information needed …

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