Importance and Use of Magento Extensions

Importance and Use of Magento Extensions

Magento extension contribution to the Magento ecosystem cannot be neglected or ignored.

Running a Magento store would be difficult and much more expensive without these extensions.


In this article, we will see the importance and use of Magento extensions.

Why Magento extensions?

Magento extension performs these four operations:

Enhance store’s functionality

Magento is a powerful platform, but it has its limitations. The Magento platform’s limitations are the Magento extension’s opportunity.

Many functions can be added to the Magento store through extensions. Extensions help in marketing, payment, billing, content, blogging, and in various ways to enhance the Magento store. Security, monitoring, scheduling, and social media – there are extensions for almost every functionality.

Importance of Magento Extensions - Type of Extension

Magento is a powerful platform that gives a huge advantage when building an ecommerce store. But there is more to an ecommerce store than setting up a website. 

A few processes involved in eCommerce are tracking shipping, automating invoices, payment, bills, orders, managing email lists, customer segmentation, and email marketing.

Magento store Performance

Speed is everything in eCommerce. You lose money in sales and customers for every second delay in website loading.

Magento store Performance Extensions

Magento extensions including Minifier, Fastly, and Plumrocket optimize the store for speed and performance. Extensions are minifying the code, enabling the Gzip, and compressing the images.

Magento stores can load fast and pass the core web vitals with the right extensions. Core Web Vitals are the latest Google ranking factor, and they are critical for the search engine ranking.

Reduce development cost

You have a function and design to add to the Magento. Building it would take time, resources, and money. 

After the custom development, you have to update it regularly, optimize the code, fix the bugs, and ensure hiding and removing the vulnerabilities. Having custom extensions is not for small and medium-sized businesses.

Custom Extension Save Development Cost

A prebuilt Magento extension is an affordable option. The Magento agencies develop the extension and sell it at low cost to many Magento stores. They make their profit by distributing it to many Magento stores. 

The best part – the Magento vendors take responsibility for the extension’s security, push updates, and patch bugs. You get the lifetime updates for the Magento extension with a one-time payment.

3rd Party Integrations

Ecommerce stores need to integrate with other software to work efficiently. This software includes payment gateways, review sites, notifications, and more. 

To add this software to Magento will take coding and expertise. But the companies create an app for popular platforms like WordPress, Magento, and Prestashop.

MailCHimp Integration with Magento

The store owners do not have to do any coding to add the software feature to their store. They can quickly add the extension and import all the functions.

Magento extension is a neat way to connect the 3rd party software’s functions with the store.

Magento Extensions helps in:

Let’s observe several areas where Magento extensions help:

Managing on-time Delivery

On-time delivery is critical for the store’s reputation and positive reviews. You should not be taking it lightly and delaying the order.

Magento extensions like Easyship, Mageworx Shipping Suite, and Delivery Date enable the shipping options on the store. Users can choose which option to pick, calculate the shi[pping price, view the shipping time, and order accordingly. You do not have to do it all, as the extension will do it all for you.

Magento Shipping Extensions

You can connect multiple courier accounts, verify the address to reduce fraud orders, and customize the shipping charges. 

Shipping is complicated, but you can make it easier for you and your customers with a mix of the right extensions.

Inventory Management

Managing inventory is as important as selling the products.

Magento extensions like Barcode, Table Rate Shipping, MSI Import, Order Grid, and Metapack track the inventory and pre-order following the admin-made rules.

Inventory Management Magento Extensions

You can add suppliers, import suppliers’ products to your store, transfer orders to the suppliers, and automate the order processing. Magento extensions reduce the manual grunt it takes to collaborate with the suppliers to keep your inventory full.

Social Media

Show social media share buttons, customize the design to match the store and captions & brand mentions when anyone shares the product.

Social Media Magento Extensions

Magento social share extensions can make your store social media-friendly by automatically fetching the correct size images for thumbnails.

Email Marketing

Collecting email addresses, sending email marketing campaigns to customers, setting up email addresses, designing emails, and maintaining the list is part of email marketing.

Without a Magento extension, you will be doing it all on different software. The email marketing extension helps you manage, run and track your email campaign from the store dashboard.

Popular email marketing service providers like Klaviyo, Mailchimp, Magetrend, and Clever Reach have Magento extensions, available at no cost. You can run an email newsletter and send beautiful emails to your customers.

You can automate the complete email marketing journey, including first order to cart abandonment emails.

Blogging and Content Marketing

Blogging and content marketing are popular ways to promote the ecommerce store. Magento does not have any native blogging function.

To publish the content on the Magento, Magento owners typically add the WordPress CMS within the Magento. But many extensions can add the blog post publishing to the Magento store.

There are also SEO extensions, writing optimization extensions, and extensions to improve the content that can optimize the blog for search engines—this way, the store’s blog can bring organic traffic and can be used to sell more products.

Payment Gateways

Magento is working on an inbuilt payment gateway – until then, you have to use the third-party payment gateway. The good thing is that all the popular payment gateways, including Stripe, offer Magento extensions. 

Payment Extensions Magento 2

Magento extension adds the payment gateway function to the dashboard, and you can view the orders, sales, and payment transactions quickly.


Hence, Magento is an open-source platform, open to various vulnerabilities and hacking attacks. The developers regularly patch the bugs; however, your responsibility is to keep the store secure.

Magento security starts from hosting. Breeze actively monitors and secures the stores hosted on the server. After hosting, you can activate an extension with multiple functions to keep the store safe. 

Security Extensions Magento 2

Secure checkout, SSL, address verification reducing fraud purchases, captcha for bot attacks, and GDPR notification can be managed with Magento extension.

Analytics and Reporting

Knowing all the analytics is important to plan for the store’s plan. If you are not a Magento store owner, you have to create a report to submit.

Everyone has to create a report. They are the backbone of the modern corporate world. Emails and reports – without them, the business will die.

Analytics Reporting Magento Extensions

Magento extensions create all types of reports – marketing, sales, traffic, leads, cart, suppliers, emails, etc. You can set the template and automate the reporting.

Wrap Up

Magento extensions help to run the Magento store. Without them, you have to do lots of coding and customization to add the desired features. Extensions are pre-packed bundles of code specified to do a function.

Without extensions, you have to build them from scratch, which will cost time and money. 

After reading this article, I hope you know why Magento extensions are useful.

Have questions? Please leave them in the comment box.

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