How to Install a WordPress Plugin?

how to install a wordpress plugin

WordPress is an excellent CMS because of the plugins. To harness the total power of WordPress plugins, you should know how to Install a WordPress Plugin.

In this article, I am going to tell you the simple process of installing a WordPress plugin.

Table of Contents:

Plugins improve the functionality of the WordPress site. But before anything, you need to install those plugins and activate it.

How to Install a WordPress plugin from the Repository?

WordPress plugin repository is a place where you find free plugins. They undergo an inspection by the strict WordPress community.

After the complete check-up, the plugin is accepted into the WordPress plugin repository.

Process of Installing the WordPress Plugin:

Login to your WordPress Dashboard and click on “Plugins”. You will find that on the sidebar menu.

Install a WordPress Plugin

You will find the “Add New” button at the top as well. You can see the “Add New” function in the above image too.

Add New Plugins to WordPress

Both of them will take you to the same page.

It will open up the WordPress plugin repository.

Search the plugins you want. You can search by Keyword, Author, or Tags.

For example: ‘Testimonial Plugins

Searching Testimonial Plugin on Plugin Directory

You will see the plugins for testimonials to install. 

Besides this, there are options to see the popular plugins, or featured plugins and recommended plugins.

Overall, WordPress sort the plugins for you. 

After deciding on whichever plugin you need, install it. After installation of the plugin, the ‘Install Now’ button will turn into the ‘Activate’ button.

Activating a Plugin

Click on it to activate the plugin. After activating you will get the notification that the plugin is enabled.

Either you will find the note at the top of the page, or the plugin will redirect you to the Plugin Setup Page.

In the case of Strong Testimonials, the plugin takes you to the tutorial page.

Plugin activation Successful

This is how you install a plugin from WordPress itself.

How to Install Premium Plugin (3rd party)

The process of installing the premium WordPress plugin is different. These plugins are not available in the plugin directory of WordPress. 

Before anything, you need to have the plugin file in Zip format. All the premium WordPress plugin sellers will give you the plugin in a Zip file.

Many marketplaces are selling plugins. Find the one that you need and buy that plugin. 

Plugin Zip File

Process of Installing the Plugin

Login to the admin dashboard, and click on the Plugins.

Installing a WordPress Plugin

You will see the ‘Add New’ button at the top.

Adding WordPress Plugin

Click on the ‘Add new’ button. It will open the plugin directory.

Instead of searching for the plugin in Market, click on the ‘Upload Plugin.’

Upload Plugin to WordPress

It will take you to the next screen, where you have to select your Plugin File. Locate the file on your computer and upload it.

It is like uploading an image on Facebook.

Uploading ZIP File

Click on ‘Install Now’ to install the WordPress plugin after upload the Zip file.

how to install a wordpress plugin

Activate the plugin by clicking on the ‘Activate Plugin’.

WordPress will give display the notification after activating the plugin.

Plugin Tips:

Do not Install lots of Plugins, as ultimately they will negatively impact the loading speed of your WordPress site.

Never Install a Plugin from an unverified site or shady source. Plugins with malicious coding could become a gateway to your site for hackers.

How to Install a WordPress plugin on

Sometimes people try to install a plugin on the blog.

It is not possible to install a plugin on the free blog. You have to update the plan to access all the functionality of WordPress.

Or else you can go with Self-Hosted WordPress.

For self-hosted WordPress, you have to buy the hosting and domain name. After that, you can download the free WordPress from and set up your blog.

Create the WordPress Blog yourself or you can hire a WordPress developer to make a website.

Wrapping Up

That’s all.

You see how easy it is to install a WordPress plugin.

If there are any questions regarding the topic, contact us. Post your query in the comments section.

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