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How to Import Customers in Magento 2?

Import Customers List in Magento 2

Are you looking to import customers in Magento 2?

Magento is an excellent eCommerce platform with many features to run a highly effective eCommerce store. This article will teach us to import customers in Magento 2 in easy steps.

Why import Magento Customers?

Backup Restore: You must take a complete backup of the Magento store before making any significant changes. If anything goes wrong, you will have an exported customer list that you can import without worry.

Sample Data: When starting the website, sample data could be imported to the Magento store to test the website. Various functions like an email newsletter, marketing, and performance would be more accurate if tested with the data.

Manually Updated Data: You can export the customer data and make changes manually. You can add more customers, edit the existing information, and do much more with it. Once the file is ready, you can import the customer list to Magento.

Lost Data: If you lose data due to website downtime, website hack, or migration, you can merge the backup customer data with import.

How to Import Customers in Magento?

Follow the steps to export customers in Magento 2:

  1. Log in to the Magento store to open the dashboard
  2. Click the System from the right side navigation panel
  3. Find the Import option under the Data Transfer
 Import Customers in Magento 2
  1. Configure the Magento Import setting
 Import Customers in Magento 2

Data Type: Select the Customer Main File from the drop-down

Import Behavior is about what the new data is about.

Add/Update Complex Data: If you are adding new data

Delete Entities: Removing or changing the existing data

Validation Strategy: Action in case of an error. Should the store stop the import or skip the error?

Allowed Errors Count: How many errors are fine before the import stops?

Select File to Import: Browse the file from the local storage and upload it.

Click on Check Data to save it. 

That’s it; you imported the customers in the Magento store.

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Final Words

That’s it. You successfully imported the customer list in Magento 2. Changes, data cleanup, and restoring the backup – do anything in the file before importing.

If you encounter any errors at any steps, please let me know in the comments.

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