How to create Newsletter Templates in Magento 2?

create Newsletter Templates in Magento 2

Are you looking to create newsletter templates in Magento 2?

Newsletter and email marketing are in huge demand now, and every brand has a newsletter. The email provides a very personal communication without distraction.

The best part, you can automate the newsletter and schedule it to send weekly.

But you have to create a newsletter template for that. In this quick tutorial, we will learn to create newsletter templates in Magento 2.

What is a Newsletter Template?

Templates provide an overall layout with placeholder text, images, and graphics that can be replaced with information relevant to your business. The information could be entered manually or fetched automatically by the RSS feed.

The beauty of newsletter templates is that they can be used repeatedly to establish brand consistency. In addition, they save time and money because you don’t have to design a newsletter every time from scratch.

Create Newsletter Templates in Magento 2

Follow the steps to create a Newsletter in Magento 2:

  1. Log in to the Magento admin panel
  2. Navigate to Marketing > Communications > Newsletter Template
Create Newsletter Templates in Magento 2
  1. Click on Add New Template
Create Newsletter Templates in Magento 2

Template Name: Pick a unique template name so you can recognize it quickly.

Template Subject: Define what this newsletter is aboutโ€”the topic of emails.

Sender Name: From whom name the newsletter will be sent to subscribers.

Sender Email: The email to be used in sending the newsletter.

Template Content: The show/hide editor button enabled and disabled the WYSIWYG editor. It is flexible to edit and update the content as needed.

Template Style: Insert CSS declarations to format the content in the Template Styles field.

Finally, click on Save Template to apply changes.

Unsubscribe Link by Default

You will find an unsubscribe link in the Template Content box by default. It is because unsubscribing links in the newsletters is legal in many countries due to GDPR compliance.

Also, having a link so the person can unsubscribe from the emails is recommended email marketing practice. You have to prevent the emails from going to the spam folder. If the user does not get a chance to stop receiving the email, they might mark your email as spam.

Marking the email as spam affects the email delivery and reputation. You can prevent this by letting the uninterested subscribers quit.

Wrap Up

Newsletters are a great way to connect with your customers regularly. Also, your audience expects a newsletter from you after a time, so you have to be consistent.

You can promote new products, campaigns, and much more once you are in touch with the audience.

In this quick tutorial, we learned how to create newsletter templates in Magento 2. If you encounter any issues, please leave them in the comment section.

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