How to Check Magento Version?

How to Check Magento Version

Have you ever wondered how to check what version of Magento you or another store are using? Are you looking to check Magento version?

There are quite a few ways to do it!

It’s easiest to find your Magento version if you have access to your admin login or site files, but there are other ways, even if you don’t.

If you need to know what version of Magento you’re using so you can upgrade, troubleshoot a problem, or are just curious about what Magento version someone else is using, try one of these quick methods.

It only takes several minutes and minimal work to obtain this crucial info!

Why Check what Version of Magento you’re using?

But why check the Magento version?

You might be wondering why you should even bother to check the Magento version of your store. It’s a tiny bit of irrelevant information.

But – though tiny – it is not irrelevant and has a significant impact.

#1 Updating Magento

The most given security advice is to keep the Magento platform updated. You should ensure your store stays at the latest Magento version. 

The vulnerabilities of old Magento versions are known. The updates come with patches to fix the security bugs and issues. Hackers rely on known exploits – and if you do not update the platform, the security bug will still be present in your store.

Keeping Magento updated is your best defence against hacks.

#2 Compatibility Issue

Magento extensions and themes work with the specific Magento versions. If you do not match the version, the store’s functionality might break.

Some Magento extensions work with the updated Magento stores. As Magento updated, they added more functions to the core and the need for Magento extensions was reduced.

When installing a Magento extension or theme, you’ll need to check what core version your Magento store is running on to ensure everything will work smoothly.

#3 Someone else’s store

Not for everyone, but checking Magento versions is critical if you are selling products that work on specific Magento versions.

As a developer, you need to know the Magento version to work on it. The different versions have different processes, codes and ways to fix the issues.

Now, let’s see how to check the Magento version.

How to Check Magento Version?

There are several ways to check the Magento version. 

  1. Check Magento version via Admin Panel
  2. Check Magento version using CLI
  3. Get Magento Version From URL

#1 Check Magento version via Admin Panel

If you have access to the website’s backend, using the Admin Panel is the easiest way to check the Magento version. It is also an accurate method to determine the version of Magento your store is on.

  • Log in to the Magento dashboard using the admin password
  • Open any page on the Magento dashboard (or default dashboard)
  • Scroll down to view the right corner of the page to find the Magento version
Check Magento Version

#2 Check Magento version using CLI

A command-line interface is a useful tool for sending commands to computer programs using lines of text. Here are several common CLI commands for Magento developers.

You can check the Magento version with the CLI. To do this, navigate to your Magento 2 base directory and execute the following command:

php bin/magento --version

The result should be like this:

Magento CLI 2.3.2

#3 Get Magento Version From URL

If you don’t have back end access or the CLI – you can check the Magento version only using the URL. However, it will not tell you the accurate version, but only up to the one decimal.
Check Magento Version

If the URL is not loading properly, it means the store owner has hidden the Magento version.


Whether you are checking if your store needs an update, is it running on the latest version, fixing an issue or bug, or just curious to learn more about your Magento platform. You can check the Magento version using the above-mentioned methods.

The best method is to check the admin panel. The developers can use command lines to quickly see the installed Magento version. To check the third party store, you have to add Magento_version to the store.

I hope this article helped you to check the Magento version. If you encounter any issues, feel free to leave them in the comments.

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