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Failed to Load API Definition in Magento 2 Swagger

Failed to Load API Definition in Magento 2 Swagger

Are you getting Failed to Load API Definition in Magento 2 Swagger while developing a Magento 2 extension?

In this quick tutorial, we will resolve it.

Why Failed to Load API Definition?

An application programming interface (API) allows two programs and computers to interact with each other.

Magento extension developers create custom API to drive the data through various programs. Data is collected from the client and has to go and interact with several Magento elements. 

For example: After taking the order, the order id and customer’s email address should be sent to various departments (sales, operation, marketing) to perform the next function. The connection is built through the API.

Quality Magento developers maintain the API coding standards. To do that, they have to add phpdoc in the file. phpDocumentor (phpdoc) is an open-source documentation generator written in PHP. 

The phpdoc consists of code that looks like comments, but it does affect the output in API building.

For example: The absence of variable’s datatype in API phpdoc will generate failed to load API definition in Magento 2 swagger.

Let’s see how to solve it:

Solution to Failed to Load API definition in Magento 2 Swagger:

When we add phpdoc in API creation it adds like:

    * @param $orderId
    * @param $mailId
    * @return mixed

Cut the above code and add the following code.

    * @param int $orderId
    * @param mixed $mailId
    * @return mixed

That’s it. You will not encounter the issue again.

Wrap Up

Magento is a powerful ecommerce platform, but it comes with many bugs and errors. With quality managed Magento hosting, you can get rid of 90% of errors.

Many errors could be resolved by picking the right Magento extensions, as they also cause issues. Some error we solved are:

I hope this tutorial helped you in solving the failed to load API definition in Magento 2 swagger. If you encounter any issue, please tell us in the comment box.

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