Exploring Breeze Dashboard

Breeze platform is built to ease the process of managing Magento hosting.

There are numerous tasks that merchants, developers and agencies have to perform day-to-day to keep the Magento store up and running.

What if all is done via an intuitive and interactive dashboard – where team members can collaborate and monitor the store’s resources.

With Breeze, you are in complete control over your hosting. Let’s explore the Breeze dashboard, and see what you can do within it.

See how with Breeze, you can set up a Magento store easily.

Breeze Dashboard:


The first display will be the Overview of the store.

Under overview, you will find the information about your store. 

Account Name, Magento version, PHP version, Date of Store Creation etc. Have the summarized details about the store in a glance.


You can monitor the resources used by the Magento store. 

How much disk storage is left, and RAM used at different times of the day?

The monitoring helps you to plan your store accordingly for the festivals, and sales. 

Future: Adding more performance analytics, such as website speed metrics, bandwidth usage and showing large files.


From Access, you get multiple options to access your Magento stores.

Magento Admin: Directly login to the Magento store by clicking on Open Magento Admin. You can change the admin URL and password of the store from here.

Database Access: Access the database of your store, and you can create a new one from here. You can also open phpMyAdmin from here.

SFTP/SSH: SFTP and SSH access is the safest way to access the files of your website. SSH and SFTP access is available on Breeze.


Primary domain the main domain of that company. You can add, remove and change the primary domain from here.

Here you can also add an SSL certificate to the store in a click.


Schedule a Daily backup. Or you can manually take a backup any time.

Under backups, you will find all the backups taken and you can restore them in a click to your store.

Future: We will be adding more options to take scheduled backups, so instead of daily, you can schedule hourly backups or weekly backups.


Under Tools, you will find multiple tools to help your Magento store improve performance.

Site Cache: Cache makes your site load faster by storing site data. Clear it to make sure your site shows the most recent version.

Varnish Cache: Varnish is an HTTP accelerator designed for content-heavy dynamic websites. Serve images heavy files in seconds.

PHP Engine: You can change the PHP version from this setting. We suggest using the latest version for the best performance.

Restart PHP: This will restart the PHP workers and may help in resolving some of the issues.

Reset Permissions: This will reset the permissions of all files and folders to the default one to avoid any issues occurring due to permissions or ownership.

Elasticsearch: Enable elasticsearch to improve the search speed on the store.

Redis: You can enable and edit the Redis cache from this setting. We suggest using the latest version for the best performance.

Web IDE and Terminal: Web IDE provides you with a development environment inside the browser on demand.

Future: We will keep adding the new tools that we find helpful to manage the Magento store to this section.

Resize Server:

Change the server size and upgrade/downgrade the plan from here.


A cron job is a Linux command used for scheduling tasks to be executed sometime in the future. This is normally used to schedule a job that is executed periodically – for example, to send out a notice every morning. 

You don’t have to use additional extensions and plugins to schedule Cron jobs. Breeze comes with an inbuilt function to schedule Cron.


The static view files deployment command enables you to write static files to the Magento file system when the Magento software is set for production mode.

You can deploy Static Content from here in a click, instead of running lines of code.


We already added the firewall to the server, but if you like you can add an application firewall here.

SSH Keys

Add and remove SSH Keys to the store. The SSH keys are necessary to create SSH access with the website.

You can find all the SSH keys connected to the store, and the name of the User.


A web application firewall (WAF) protects web applications from a variety of application-layer attacks such as cross-site scripting (XSS), SQL injection, and cookie poisoning, among others.

You can add your own Firewall to the store. There is also dynamic bot protection to protect your store from bot attack.


We log all the changes and actions made on the website. You can access all of them from here.

You can change the file path to see what’s going on with other files.


Finally, if you want, you can delete the Magento store from here.

All files, databases, and staging environments associated with this site will be removed.

This does not remove your account from Breeze. You can create a new Magento store from the same account.


The stage helps to test the code before deploying it to the main store.

Sometimes the code works perfectly in an isolated environment, but as it is deployed to the site, it creates errors and bugs.

To tackle this, one has to create a replica of the main store, and environment, and test the code. If anything happens, it happens to the staging site – and the main website stays safe.

Basically, staging is for testing out new changes.

You can create a stage in a click with Breeze. And after testing, you can deploy the changes to the main website.

Take the Demo

If you like what you are reading, you should take the demo and see it all working.

With all these functions, Breeze can save your team hours of work.

Just ask your team how much time it takes to create a staging or install a firewall. You can do that from Breeze in several clicks.

Packed with multiple features, our team has planned various other features that you can see on our Roadmap.

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