How to Enable Magento 2 Captcha for Customer Login / Register?

Enable Magento 2 Captcha for Customer Login (1)

Are you looking to enable Magento 2 captcha for customer login and registration form?

Magento 2 comes with the prebuilt captcha configuration. So you do not have to install any extension to add a captcha.

Within a few clicks, the admin can enable it. This quick tutorial will show you how to add a captcha to the Magento 2 store.

What is Captcha?

Captcha is short for a Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart. It is a tool to tell the difference between real human users and robot crawlers.

There are so many bots roaming the internet. They move from one webpage to another, following the links. 

However, if there is a captcha, they will be required to enter a string of text, character, or number displayed in the box to continue forward. The captcha tool morphed these characters in a way that robots cannot read them. Humans can easily understand the disfigured characters, though.

By this simple trick, the captcha prevents the bots from entering the website.

Why use captcha?

Not all the bots are good. 

An eCommerce store uses analytic bots for marketing purposes and third-party bots to add functionalities. But hackers also use them to steal customer information, fake registration, DDoS attacks, Brute Force Attacks, etc.

Then some people run scripts to buy the products during sales, leave spam comments and fill the forms with spammy information.

By using captcha, you keep the website secure from such practices.

How to enable Magento 2 captcha for customers?

Follow the below steps to enable Magento 2 captcha for customer registration and login:

  1. Click ‘Stores’ on the Admin Panel.
  2. Select Configuration under the Settings section.
  3. Under Customers, click on Customer Configuration
  4. Open the Captcha section and enable it.
Enable Magento 2 Captcha for Customer Login and regsitration

You can enable the captcha from here. But, first, let’s understand all the settings to configure it properly.

Enable CAPTCHA on Storefront: Select Yes to enable captcha in frontend

Font: Pick a font to be used for the captcha character. The default is LinLibertine. 

Forms: It shows the list of the Magento 2 forms. Select the form to display the captcha.

  • Create User: Show captcha while registering for a new account
  • Login: Show captcha when the user login. You can set the acceptable wrong login attempt before showing the captcha.
  • Forgot Password: Show captcha when the user is resetting the password.
  • Checkout as Guest: Show captcha when the user is not registered when checking out.
  • Register during Checkout: Show captcha when the user is registering the account during checkout.

Displaying Mode: You can pick one of the following modes:

  • Always: Will show the captcha all the time
  • After a number of attempts to log in: it Will only show the captcha after an assigned number of wrong attempts

Number of Unsuccessful Attempts to log in: Enter the number you allow for unsuccessful attempts before the captcha appears. 0 means captcha is always available.

CAPTCHA Timeout (minutes): Number of minutes before the captcha expires. Users have to reload the page to refresh the captcha once it expires.

Number of Symbols: Range numbers of characters for the captcha. The maximum number is 8. 

Symbols Used in CAPTCHA: Symbols to be used in the captcha. Set letters (a-z and A-Z) or numbers (0-9) as captcha symbols. Spaces and miscellaneous characters are not allowed.

Case Sensitive: Select Yes to make the captcha case sensitive. Users have to enter the captcha as shown in the image, respective of Uppercase and lowercase.

Finally, click on Save Config to save all the work. 

Wrap Up

Following this quick how-to guide, you can enable Magento 2 captcha for the customer’s storefront. 

Captcha can help secure your Magento store, but it is only a part of Magento security. eCommerce security starts from quality Magento hosting.

I hope this article helped you. If there is any confusion at any step, please feel free to leave it in the comment box.

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