How To Change Website Logo In Magento 2?

Change Website Logo in Magento 2

The website logo is the first thing people notice when they open the page. It represents the brand and creates an image of the eCommerce store.

One of the first things you want to do is change the website logo in Magento to make it more customer-friendly.

Magento 2 lets the admin change the logo in the header, emails, invoices, etc. You have to provide different sizes of the logo to each location.

In this quick tutorial, I will show how to change logo in Magento 2.

  1. Open the Configuration
  2. Select the Theme to Edit
  3. Expand the Header Section
  4. Save Changes

Importance of a Logo for your Magento Store

Before you change the logo, here are a few reasons why selecting a logo is critical for a Magento store.

  • Attention and Impression: The logo grabs attention and can impress the user from first sight. It is typically located at the top of the site.
  • For an Identity: Logo helps to create an identity of the store. Logo design removes the confusion from the consumer and evokes brand recognition.
  • Consistency: The brand logo lets the user identify you across the web. With social media, website, and offline marketing, users can easily recognize its logo.
  • Brand loyalty: Symbols have always played a significant role in bringing the people under one umbrella throughout history. The same is with brands. A symbol unites all its consumers.
  • Expected: Users expect a logo. It is a universal practice, and everyone has preformed notion that a website must have a logo. Or else it screams spam to them.

Step 1: Open the Configuration

First of all, log in to the Magento admin panel. 

On the Admin dashboard, find the Content in the left navigation panel. Click on the ‘Content’ to open the configuration.

Then go to the Design Configuration.

Content >> Configuration >> Design

Step 2: Select your Theme

Change Website Logo in Magento 2

On the Design Configuration page, you can easily edit the design-related properties and elements. 

The page will display a list of store themes. Select the one you want to make changes to, and click on Edit.

From here, you can change the theme too. Pick a theme from the list and set ‘Applied Theme’ to the view.

Typically there are two default themes in Magento 2: Magento Black and Magento Luma.

Step 3: Expand the Header Section

Under all the other settings on Theme Editing Page, expand the Header Section.

Upload Logo in Header Expand

Configure the following settings:

Logo Image: Upload the new logo of the website. You can use PNG, GIF, JPG, and JPEG format images.

Logo Image Width/ Logo Image Height (Optional): It is optional, but it is helpful for the page speed, as the browser can leave a placeholder space if the image load is slow. 

If you are struggling with speed issues, contact us. Breeze can load your website in 2 seconds.

Welcome Text (Optional): Another optional text that you can leave blank. However, you can write something to enhance the user experience.

Logo Image Alt: Add the Alt text for the SEO and visually impaired users.

Step 4: Save Changes

After filling everything, click Save and Continue to save the changes.

And that’s it. You have successfully changed the Website Logo in Magento 2.

You can open the website in a new tab to check if it is working. If you find the old logo, clear the Magento cache.

Wrap Up

In this quick tutorial, I showed you how to change website logo in Magento 2 safely. 

Having a unique logo representing brands is necessary to run an eCommerce store and beneficial in the long run. You do not have to invest a lot in creating a logo.

There are lots of free logo makers tools, freelancers, and pre-made logos available on the internet. It is better to have generic logo than nothing.

If you encounter any obstacle, you can post it in the comments section.

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