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RISE, the event that’s buzzing around the world, and the businesses (large and small) are going banana over it. It’s the largest tech conference in Asia, and this year it’s going to be electric.

From thousands of startups across the globe only a few have made it to RISE 2018.

We’re delighted to announce that ‘Breeze – a managed WordPress platform is one of those brilliant startups that are shortlisted at RISE this year.

The RISE Conference

Produced by the team behind Web Summit, Europe, RISE is a massive IT conference. As you might know, the Web Summit is Europe’s largest tech conference where over 60,000 attendees from 170+ countries showed up last year, RISE too is all set to attract thousands of attendees and hundreds of speakers, this July.

RISE conference is all about the world’s biggest businesses and the most exciting startups. The motive of the event is to encourage the established brands and brave startups to share their experiences and stories so far to add value to the world technology.

There will be major global media, hundreds of investors and thousands of attendees to make this event giant and legendary.

Who will be at RISE Conference?

  • RISE conference is going to be held in Hong Kong; it’ll be a 4-day affair from July 9 to 12.
  • Big brands like Google, Microsoft, KPMG, Accenture, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, and IBM etc exhibit at this mega event.
  • Talking about startups, Breeze, an ALPHA startup is shortlisted from among 1000s of other startups to exhibit at RISE.

Why Breeze?

Because Breeze is an amazing platform to manage your Magento website. It helps you build, manage and monitor, all at one place. With an additional suite of tools such as code profiling, analytics toolkit, and automated testing etc. it further enhances the overall experience of Magento users and developers. The idea is new and amazing which has led it to RISE conference.


To summarize, RISE conference 2018 is going to be power packed with hundreds of tech startups avid for raising their ideas.

Breeze, an intelligent managed hosting platform, is also shortlisted at the event because of the uniqueness and revolution that it brings to the IT world.

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