5-Step Guide to Choosing the Best WordPress Hosting

best WordPress hosting

Looking to choose the best WordPress hosting for your websites?

It could be a daunting task.

The best way to choose WordPress hosting that compliments your business is to understand the requirement clearly, estimating your budget, prioritize the features your website needs, and then running few experiments.

In this quick article, I will guide you so you can make the right decision.

How to Choose Best WordPress Hosting Provider in 5 Steps:

  1. Undersatdn your Business
  2. Estimate your Budget
  3. Quality Customer Support
  4. Speed & Uptime Guarantee
  5. Latency Test

1. Know Your Business Type

First thing first, you need to understand the type of your business to know which host will serve you the best. You should be clear about what your WordPress site is for.

  • Is it your big brand site?
  • eCommerce platform?
  • eCommerce store?
  • Forum?
  • News website?
  • Small business website?
  • Personal blog?

Make sure to know your business type before jumping into the pool of options for WordPress hosting providers. It makes it much easier for you to choose the perfect web host for your website.

Also, analyze the traffic volumes that your site receives in normal and peak times. You would want to go with a web hosting provider that can easily handle all your page requests and traffic -day in and day out.

1.1 Types of Hostings

Once you know these two things, decide on which type of servers you want for you. You can choose from any of the following hostings:

best WordPress hosting

A. Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is the server that’s not dedicated to your website only. Here, multiple customers share physical hardware.

It’s like sharing a cupboard with your siblings or friends. All of your and your siblings’ clothes are in there and it takes a lot of time for you to search for the exact piece of cloth that you want.

In this case, you give more time searching and end up irritating.

Therefore, shared hosting is a good option for small businesses with low traffic volumes who look for really cheap servers and don’t care much about the quality of service and speed.

B. Dedicated Server

Dedicated servers are those where you get a personal server for you.

This means you get full control of your server and can be rebooted or customized if required. A dedicated server is an excellent option for the customer seeking better performance and control.

C. VPS Hosting

VPS stands for Virtual Private Servers. These are different from dedicated servers as they share a single server instead of running one hosting account on one server.

However, they are much similar to shared hosting but offer more control, CPU/memory power, and scalability.

D. Managed Hosting

The managed WordPress hosting providers are the experts in providing hosting solutions and managing the WordPress platform for you.

Though you can host only WordPress sites with such companies, it’s amazing for your website and business.

The best WordPress hosting company and all of its resources are dedicated to your WordPress sites only. Their focused efforts will surely lead to better results. I’d strongly suggest you go with managed WordPress hosting for instant online growth.

E. Cloud

The cloud offers to host on virtual servers. It pulls computing resources from the underlying networks of physical web servers.

Cloud hosting service configures servers in a flexible way allowing the most affordable, scalable, and reliable web infrastructure.

2. What’s Your Budget?

Money matters. Before digging deeper into the list of the best WordPress hosting providers, you must seek value for money. Know how much you can spend on a server depending on your earnings and then seek the server accordingly.

There are providers with all prices. Their cost can depend on a number of factors such as:

  • Server capacity
  • Shared or dedicated hosting
  • Quality of customer support
  • Speed and Performance
  • Security

You can locate some very cheap hosting providers who offer web hosting at a really low cost; these are mostly the shared hosting providers.

And then there are some better server providers, especially managed WordPress hosting companies, who offer quality service and better support at a little higher cost.

3. Good Customer Support

What if you notice a problem on your site at midnight but there’s no one to help you out. It’s a sheer disappointment where you face trouble and don’t get technical support from your hosting provider.

On the other hand, a WordPress host that’s always just a call or text away offers peace of mind. Whether your site goes down for some reason, or you face an unexpected security threat; whether your site is sluggish, or some page is behaving weird, good customer support will always be there to fix your website issues in minutes.

Therefore, when it comes to choosing a host for your online business, 24×7 expert support becomes a must.

When you have such a host, you can rest assured and relaxed knowing that there is someone who’s taking care of your website.

best WordPress hosting

4. Speed & Uptime

4.1. Speed

Faster websites are likely to make better business and make more regular customers. It develops trust between your brand and your users.

This makes speed a concern while looking for the best WordPress host as a speedy site is something that makes an instant impression.

4.2. Uptime

Are you fed up with frequent, unexpected downtimes?

It is probably because your poor web host is not taking care of your website so well.

For 100% uptime and excellent performance, you must seek hosting services that guarantee uptimes of 99.5% or more.

I know it doesn’t seem much, but even a 0.1% can affect your online income significantly. So, choose a web hosting company wisely; choose the one with excellent uptimes and performance.

5. Low Latency

Latency is one of the major concerns for every WordPress website today. You better analyze your user base and figure out the right location.

Once you’re done, choose the closest server location possible.

Why it’s important?

Choosing a close-by host will greatly reduce the time gap between the user request and server response. Thus, make your website super fast.

It is suggested to do a latency test and prefer low latency to decrease the bandwidth consumption, and improve user experience along with SEO of your website at the same time.

best WordPress hosting

The One Last Step: Ask Yourself

Last but not the least, ask yourself a few questions before finalizing the web host for you. Just read these questions, jot down your answers and choose your server accordingly.

  • Do you want a web host that is dedicated only to WordPress hosting and specializes in its services?
  • Do you want the best WordPress hosting for more than one WordPress site, or you can add new sites later on the same host?
  • Would you want to enjoy the benefit of a free domain with the host of your choice?
  • Does the WordPress host you choose, allows you to have multiple addon domains or subdomains?
  • Would you want free daily automatic backups or you’re ready to pay the extra cost for manual backups?
  • Do you want speed, security, powerful stack, performance and expert support all at one place and at an affordable cost?

Now once you get satisfactory answers, look for the same qualities in your best WordPress hosting provider. You’ll be the happiest person if you get a good host who puts your mind at ease.

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