Your WordPress Website at Risk: New PHP Code Flaw is the Culprit!

Your WordPress Website at Risk: New PHP Code Flaw is the Culprit!

A security researcher at Secarma, Sam Thomas, discovered and mentioned a severe PHP flaw at the Black Hat USA event, 2018. The vulnerability can lead to PHP code execution attack on WordPress websites and can result in full system compromise.

Yes, even after applying layers of protection and several security practices, your WordPress website security can still be compromised. The new PHP code vulnerability is the sinner.

WordPress accounts for more than 60% of the total CMS market. It means more than half of all the websites on the web are exposed to severe danger.

The PHP object injection flaw was first documented in 2009. However, it came in the address last year, on February 28, 2017. The shocking factor is: even after a year of discovery and report, this critical PHP loophole remains unpatched. It makes WordPress PHP security a challenge.

The question is: Is it very hard to overcome the vulnerability in the PHP programming language? Well, let’s see.

How can PHP code vulnerability harm your WordPress site?

The PHP injection exploitation technique allows the cybercriminals to use low-risk considered functions against Phar archives. This is to trigger severe deserialization vulnerabilities in your PHP coding. Also, in most scenarios, the hackers won’t require the use of unserialize() function; it’s then easy for them to enter your website.

Serialization is to convert data into a plain string; unserialize functions recreate the object back into PHP values.

PHP Phar files store metadata in the archive, serialized format. The attackers exploit PHP vulnerability by using the file operation functions like “fopen, file_exists_call” to trigger the bug and unserialize the file.

All they need to do is:

  • Upload a malicious object (image) in Phar archive

PHP code execution attack on WordPress

  • Execute arbitrary PHP code via “phar://” stream wrapper

PHP code execution attack on WordPress

  • Successfully accomplish the PHP code execution attack on WordPress sites

According to Sam, “The way certain thumbnail functionalities within the WordPress application work, they provide hackers the privileges to upload/modify media items to gain full control of the parameter used in a “file_exists” call. It then causes unserialization to occur”.

Thus, the simplest way to accomplish this malicious activity is to use a JPEG image (that was originally a Phar archive).

Look at Low-Risk Functions

Beware, WordPress owners! You can be the next victim of the PHP code execution attack on WordPress.

Take note of every minor change or activity that happens in your PHP programming files. This is because you unknowingly might provide the attackers full control of your website. How? By ignoring the changes (deserialization) in low-risk considered functions.

“I’ve highlighted that the unserialization is exposed to a lot of vulnerabilities that might have previously been considered quite low-risk,” said the researcher at the BSides Conference.

The core vulnerability lies within wp_get_attachment_thumb_file function. This function is found in /wpincludes/post.php file.

P.S. Apart from weakening WordPress websites, this code vulnerability also targets Typo3 CMS (versions 7.6.30, 8.7.17 and 9.3). However, as most of the websites are based on WordPress CMS, the risk percentage is also higher in WordPress sites.

Final Words

Your website security should be your prime consideration. If ignored, even the simple PHP code vulnerabilities can lead to more critical Remote code execution attacks. Thus, it’s advisable to secure your WordPress site in every possible manner. Explore the best WordPress security practices of all times to secure your WordPress site.

As far as PHP code injection attack is considered, WordPress has already been notified about the issue. We’ll update as soon as WordPress comes up with a solution.

Comment below if you know more PHP vulnerabilities or other flaws and loopholes that can make a website attackers’ easy target.

11 Best WordPress Migration Plugins to Move Website Safely

11 Best WordPress Migration Plugins to Move Website Safely

Just like shifting a home or office, migrating your WordPress site can also be a tedious task to do. It has become relatively easier to move your WordPress website on the web, thanks to the best WordPress migration plugins.

3 Reasons to Migrate

WordPress migration is a fiddly process but can be necessary sometimes. There can be different reasons behind migrating a website. You probably want to move your site because of the following reasons:

  1. Move a client project from a local development site.
  2. Launch your own site and move it to Live from the staging local development server.
  3. Done with poor web hosting service and want to change their host. (If this is the reason, move to a Managed hosting provider instead. Good hosts would do the migration for free!)

Site Migration is Not 100% safe

No matter what your reason is, you must know that moving your site from a server to another is never 100% safe. It can lead to many problems including data loss, frequent downtimes or abnormal working of links etc.

Who wants that? At least I don’t.

So, it’s always recommended to use tried and trusted plugins when you plan to move your WordPress website.

With the best WordPress migration plugins, you don’t have to worry about website migration.

P.S. All you need is a good WordPress migration plugin to enjoy a fast and safe migration.

Our 11 Best WordPress Migration Plugins 

Now let’s dive straight into the list of our top 11 WordPress migration plugins that we’ve hand-picked just for you.

  1. WordPress Duplicator
  2. WP Migrate DB
  3. WordPress Move
  4. Backup Buddy
  5. Migrate Guru
  6. UpDraftPlus
  7. BackUpWordPress
  8. All-in-one WP Migration
  9. VaultPress
  10. WP Clone
  11. Super Backup & Clone

1. WordPress Duplicator

best WordPress migration plugins

Yes, it has to be on the top of our list. Why? Because people love this plugin, and their love is clearly reflected in the number of downloads. It has crossed 480,000+ downloads and got 4.9 stars rating on the WordPress Plugin Repository.

That’s what makes Duplicator the coolest and no. 1 choice for WordPress migration plugin.

Also, the WordPress Duplicator plugin helps you:

  • Handle your standard migration
  • Clone your WordPress site to a new domain name
  • Allows you to create back up or staging versions of your site and prevent data loss
  • Is a great plugin to move your site on another server

However, you need to have above than normal technical know-how to use this plugin successfully and without any worries.

Duplicator – WordPress Migration Plugin

Price: Free

2. WP Migrate DB

best WordPress migration plugins

As its name says, WP Migrate DB is entirely focused on your WP DataBase. Thus, it’s not a self-contained plugin like WordPress Duplicator. As it is focused on the database, you know how agitating the process of migration can be.

Don’t worry!

  • WP Migrate DB makes it easy by finding and replacing the URLs
  • This plugin remains a good option when you are technically sound or a WordPress developer
  • If you want to do it manually, WP Migrate DB lets you do that
  • If you’re seeking something that handles everything for you, choose another plugin from our list.

WP Migrate DB

Price: Free

3. WordPress Staging

best WordPress migration plugins

WordPress Staging is one of the best WordPress migration plugins that help you move your site hassle-free.

In fact, it empowers you as a WordPress user. How?

  • This plugin allows you to create, duplicate and migrate a staging or development site in seconds
  • WP Staging creates a clone of your WordPress site into a subfolder of the main installation.
  • This subfolder under WordPress installation also comprises the entire copy of your WordPress database.
  • WordPress Staging protects your website from being unavailable.
  • It is probably the easiest plugin to work with and migrate your WordPress site.
  • Yes, you can transfer the database and download backup in the process of migration

However, it’s a new plugin and it’s pro version costs you around $109. And with more than 20,000 downloads it becomes a good plugin for people hunting for something new.

WP Staging – DB & File Duplicator & Migration

Price: Free

4. Backup Buddy

best WordPress migration plugins

Fed up of your old host that’s not offering satisfactory services anymore? Backup Buddy is a cool option to move your site to a new host!


  • It’s a popular premium plugin that lets you create a complete backup of your site
  • It allows you for safe migration
  • With ImportBuddy scripts and on-screen prompts, you can easily move your client site to a local or temporary server/domain
  • You are able to move all the data, media, themes, plugins, and widgets easily

Download link: Here

Price: $80 (Yearly)

5. Migrate Guru

best WordPress migration plugins

Want to try a plugin which is new and happening? Migrate Guru is the name to look for. It is launched in August 2017 (just a year back) and gives you a terrific experience when it ones to WordPress site migration. Its creators, the BlogVault team, claim Migrate Guru to be the fastest plugin for WordPress migration with up to 80% faster than other best WordPress migration plugins.

The good news about the plugin is that it’s absolutely FREE and has no “premium” version. thus, is a perfect option for you if your website’s size is up to 200GB.

Here’s what tempting about Migrate Guru:

  • 4.7 stars rating out of 5 on makes Migrate Guru trustworthy.
  • There’s built-in instant site migration in cPanel and FTP on most web hostings
  • It offers one-click migration along with multisite support
  • Features include real-time progress reports and email alerts.

Easy WordPress Migration: Migrate Guru

Price: Free

6. UpDraftPlus

best WordPress migration plugins

With more than 2 million downloads, UpDraftPlus becomes one of the hottest and best WordPress migration plugins available. The total downloads show the count of happy people out there. It’s a trusted plugin that helps you create back up, duplicate the data, and also move your site safely to another location.

UpDraftPlus also offers several handy features. The list includes:

  • Backup encryption for WordPress website security
  • Backup encryption components to move website by splitting it into archives
  • The backup you create can be easily restored with just one click.

UpdraftPlus WordPress Backup Plugin

Price: Free

7. BackUpWordPress

best WordPress migration plugins

If you’re afraid of data loss while migrating your WordPress site, we must tell you about an awesome WordPress backup plugin – ‘BackUpWordPress’. It’s a plugin for a complete site backup to prevent the loss of data. Here’s something you want to know about the plugin:

  • You can install and transfer WordPress in just one click
  • It is super easy to use
  • No setup is required
  • Works on Linux & Windows Server
  • Avoids any unauthorized access to the links and data
  • Translations for different languages including Spanish, German, Chinese and more.


Price: Free

8. All-in-One WP Migration

best WordPress migration plugins

It’s a free migration plugin, so if you’re tight on budget and want to enjoy a free plugin for WordPress migration, you must choose All-in-One WP Migration plugin.

What’s makes this plugin one of the best WordPress migration plugins?

  • It’s been rated 4.8 stars out of 5; that’s what makes it a promising plugin
  • It’s super easy, and even beginners with a little technical knowledge can easily use it.
  • The process to migrate files, folders, media and other data can be done in just a few clicks.

All-in-One WP Migration

Price: Free

9. VaultPress

best WordPress migration plugins

It’s a complete paid plugin for WordPress migration. It means that you get nothing for free when you choose this premium migration plugins for WordPress. Know more about VaultPress:

  • It’s a paid plugin with a starting price of VaultPress is $9/month
  • Its features, speed, and reliability speak for the price.
  • It offers more than migration; it supports your WordPress site with backup and security scans.
  • With VaultPress, your posts, comments, post revisions and media files also get synchronized.
  • You can also scan your files with this WordPress website migration plugin.

Businesses and webmasters who want an exclusive plugin for WordPress site migration use VaultPress for an extensive experience.


Price: $9 (Per month)

10. WP Clone

best WordPress migration plugins

This plugin is from WP Academy. Whether you want to transfer your WordPress website from a local server to another, or you want to migrate your site to a newer, better web host, WP Clone is one of the best WordPress migration plugins of 2018 to look for. WP Clone is an amazing plugin for website migration because:

  • It lets you migrate, copy, clone and create the backup. Yes, all in one place
  • It allows you to install the pre-configured versions of WordPress
  • You don’t have to deal with the complex FTP program to process your WordPress migration
  • If you talk about the WordPress Plugin Repository ratings, WP Clone gets 4.6 out of 5 stars, on an average.

WP Clone by WP Academy

Price: Free

11. Super Backup & Clone

best WordPress migration plugins

WP Super Backup & Clone is always listed in the best WordPress migration plugins as it enables its users to move, store, restore and do a lot more in just one place.

Migrating your WordPress website is always a long and fiddly process. The Super Backup and Clone plugin put your mind at ease. Here’s how:

  • It’s a reliable backup solution helps you prevent any discrepancy during WordPress site migration.
  • You can connect to clouds and make fast migration of multiple WordPress sites.
  • You can easily create a backup and restore your backup anytime you want, in just one click.
  • The backup can be file and folders backup, data backups and full site backup.

Download link: Here 

Price: $35 (Regular License)

One-Click Migration for Free!

Whether you want to turn your staging site ‘live’, or you want to create your site backup instantly, you can do it at in just one-click. You can also download different awesome plugins on Breeze dashboard.

Yes, when you add your WordPress site to Breeze, you get an amazing, easy WordPress migration service, and empower yourself for a better and faster WordPress experience. Try our 3 months free trial now! Use coupon code: FREEWP.

WordPress CDN: 9 Important Reasons To Use It Right Now!

WordPress CDN: 9 Important Reasons To Use It Right Now!

Page load time and content delivery speed are the two most critical aspects for any business today. Why? Because all webmasters want their users to have a unique, fulfilling experience with super-fast service. Here’s where a WordPress CDN comes into play.

What is CDN?

CDN stands for Content Delivery Network. It is the network of servers spread globally to serve the cached static (sometimes dynamic) content copies to your users worldwide.

Want to know more about a WordPress CDN?

  • It is specially designed to fetch and serve data such as images, CSS, JavaScript, and video streams etc.
  • It has different servers called POPs (Points of Presence) located at the different locations of the globe.
  • These POPs host and deliver data from the nearest CDN to the users searching from a nearby location.
  • A CDN depends on the nearest geographic location to deliver the content. Thus, it speeds up the data delivery process up to many times.

WordPress CDN

How Does a CDN Work?

First thing first, when you host your WordPress site on a server you need to choose a physical server location as your primary preferable location. Let’s assume you choose the US as your primary server location. But you have readers from all parts of the world.

Now, if you don’t have a WordPress CDN, your customers in the US will face no issues when opening your site but the readers sitting at a farther place, say, Asia, will have hard times while accessing your website.


Because the data has to travel a longer distance to reach those people searching from farther locations.

CDN resolves this problem by fetching the cached static data from the nearest server and speeding up the content delivery process. It generally utilizes different networking hops. These hops help serve data requests from web browsers to hosting servers and vice-versa.

Also, your WordPress CDN also helps decrease Latency. It loads your website’s data from the POPs closer to your customers.

WordPress CDN

9 Reasons You Must Use a WordPress CDN

  1. Speed & Uptime Boost
  2. Fast Delivery with Caching
  3. Global Reach
  4. Cost Effective
  5. Cut Bandwidth Cost
  6. Crash Resistance
  7. GZip Compression
  8. Enhanced Security
  9. SEO Benefits

1. Speed and Uptime Boost

A 1 second delay in page response time can lead to a 7% reduction in conversions.

(Source –Kissmetrics)

Now, do you understand the importance of even 1-sec?

Speed is paramount for online success. You can’t afford to lag behind from your competitors even because of that 1-sec delay. You have to make your site blazing fast and a WordPress CDN lets you do that.

As soon as you subscribe to a reliable CDN, here’s what you get:

  • Your site gets a tremendous boost in its speed of request and uptime.
  • Higher speed and uptime lead to more conversions and traffic.
  • This helps decrease bounce back rate while increasing the dwell time.

WordPress CDN

To sum up:

Faster speed and response time results in more conversions, and better Google rankings. You need to have WordPress CDN, today!

2. Fast Delivery with Caching

Okay, you got that a CDN increases your WordPress site speed drastically, but how it does it like magic?

‘Caching’ is clandestine!

Just like you use the top caching plugins to cache your site data for a better performance, a CDN for WordPress does the same. It uses caching to save the copy of your content and site assets on different POP locations spread across the globe. When a user in any part of the world visits your site once or twice the CDN caches your site data automatically.

How it does that?

A WordPress CDN places an HTTP header known as “X-Cache” on the requests that it receives. As soon as the viewer visits your site twice or more, it caches your WordPress site media and it will show up as a HIT in the X-Cache. “HIT” means that now your data is cached on your CDN.

2.1 WordPress CDN Plugins

To add CDN to WordPress you can use WordPress CDN plugins such as CDN Enabler, or WP Rocket.

These plugins help in linking up your assets (caching your site) to the Content Delivery Network. It is done automatically; you don’t have to do a thing to get your content on the CDN.

3. Global Reach

The internet usage has elevated exponentially over the last 10 years. A CDN lets you accelerate your global growth with its local POPs in every nook and cranny of the planet.

When you have the best CDN for WordPress by your side, you expand without any worries.

You have endless opportunities your way, and with WordPress CDN, global success is easier to achieve.

4. Cost Effective

A CDN helps you save a lot of money. Don’t believe me? Here it is:

When you want to establish your brand globally, would you take up different hostings in different places around the world?

Would that be a great idea?

Definitely no. It will cost you a heck lot of money and still won’t give you overwhelming results!

On the other hand, a good CDN would cut down that extra cost and would improve your site speed and performance up to many times. In long run, you will find that you have been able to save oodles of money with the help of a good WordPress CDN. It’s a great choice to go with Managed hosting. Most of the providers like have CDN included for free.

5. Cut Bandwidth Cost

The WordPress CDN allows bandwidth furcation across multiple servers on the globe. This, thereby, keeps one server from handling all the traffic, thus, reduces bandwidth consumption. It helps you save a lot of money on your bandwidth.

For instance, when you choose Cloudflare CDN, your bandwidth costs are always the lowest, regardless of the traffic spikes.

P.S. A good CDN always cuts down your bandwidth cost.

WordPress CDN

6. Crash Resistance

A good CDN takes the load off your server and makes it lighter and faster. It, thus, reduces the chances of the site crashing up to several times.

How does it happen? A CDN reduces the server load on interconnections, peers or backbones by its strategic placement. In this way, a WordPress CDN frees up the capacity, decreases delivery costs, and takes loads off your server.

7. GZip Compression

GZip compression helps increase the performance of the site. It benefits your website health by compressing the heavy files on your site, for faster network transfer. It allows for a considerable reduction in the HTML, JS files and stylesheets size.

Too much work, right? But when you use a WordPress CDN, you don’t have to do Gzip compression on your own. A CDN utilizes GZip and automatically compresses the files making your site faster and better.

However, GZip doesn’t work on the images on your site. To make your site even faster with image compression, you must use the best image compression plugins.

8. Enhanced Security

With increased internet usage, security threats and hackers’ attacks also upsurged. These hackers and bots are constantly seeking your site vulnerabilities. Thus, you can’t afford to leave a loophole in your WordPress and open doors for these bots to break in.

A CDN gives you a sigh of relief:

  • A WordPress CDN offers an additional cybersecurity by providing a WAF (Web Application Firewall) for your site.
  • Most CDNs automatically block the bad bots by identifying them instantly thereby make your site safer and stronger.
  • A CDN can also help alleviate the DDoS attacks, spams, and malware on your website.

This makes CDN a must have for all the WordPress users across the web.

WordPress CDN

9. SEO Benefits

WordPress + CDN = SEO Boost

Site speed has been proven to be a ranking factor in Google time and time again. Also, uptime, lower latency and reduced request time are also active SEO factors.

If you’re fed up watching your rankings dinged, it’s time to use a WordPress CDN. Though it won’t make you rank on top instantly, you’ll surely get slight SEO boost with all the benefits that it offers. You can read these best SEO tips to rank better instantly!

5 Best WordPress CDN Providers

These are our top five CDN providers for WordPress. You can choose any one of them. The result remains the same if you choose a free CDN for WordPress or a paid one. Therefore, the decision to go to a hosting which includes free CDN never goes wrong.

Once you’ve chosen a reliable CDN provider, and moved to it successfully, it’s time to do some testing!

CDN Speed Test

We’ve had enough of talking about why to use a WordPress CDN and how it benefits your business online. Now, once you’ve started using a CDN, you can do the CDN speed test and simply notice the difference in the performance of your WordPress site before and after using a CDN.

One great way to get the CDN speed test done is through Pingdom. Make sure to run it more than twice when you do speed testing so that the media is properly cached. You’ll definitely see a huge difference in your website performance.

WordPress CDN

Summing Up

A good WordPress CDN leads to blazing site speed, better Google rankings, low latency and better user experience. Get one for your WordPress site today!

P.S. Content Delivery Network and a good web host go hand in hand. There are some hosts that also offer best in class CDN service for FREE to their clients. is one of those managed WordPress hosting platforms.

Don’t believe us? Here’s a 3-month trial. Use coupon code: FREEWP and see the difference for yourself.

10 Warning Signs To Move WordPress site to New Host Today!

10 Warning Signs To Move WordPress site to New Host Today!

Web hosting service is paramount when comes to your commercial growth. A poor hosting can have an adverse effect on your website performance and harm your company. You can’t afford to compromise; after all, it’s all about the business that you’ve worked so hard for. You want to move WordPress site to a better host as soon as possible!

Is Your Host Harming Your Business?

move wordpress site

Did you know that your poor hosting is harming your business, frustrating your customers and negatively affecting your brand reputation? Shared web hosting plays culprit in most of the cases and leads to many problems such as:

  • Lower Revenue
  • Security Issues
  • Unexpected 404 Error
  • Bad Site Management
  • Slower Website Speed
  • Poor Brand Reputation

Companies generally opt for shared hosting due to its lower cost and easy availability. The truth is bitter. If you observe closely, you will find yourself paying equal or even more than the managed web hosting cost, in the long run.

Thus, if you’re using a shared web hosting, it’s time to move WordPress site to a newer, better host.

A poor shared hosting is capable to downrank you on search engines, and lead to business loss. You face unexpected downtimes and your revenue is also ebbing. It’s an alarm to change your host right away.

Need more reasons to leave your current hosting and move WordPress site to a good host? Here are the top 10 reasons to migrate:

10 Signs to Move WordPress Site

  1. Unexpected Downtime
  2. Poor Website Performance
  3. Security Compromised
  4. Outgrowing your Resources
  5. PHP Limitations
  6. Customer Loss
  7. Lacking Customer Support
  8. Exhausted Storage Allocation
  9. No Daily Backups
  10. Late Updates

Let’s dive deeper!

1. Unexpected Downtime

Whenever your site goes down, it’s a grim news for you. Unexpected downtime (no matter how short-lasting they are) can be irritating and baleful. It’s a clear sign of the carelessness of your current host who’s not providing the right services to you, and not taking care of your needs.

To check your site regular uptime performance, you can install plugins for site uptime monitoring and must turn to a new hosting provider if you find any downfall.

2. Poor Website Performance

Your web server host is, at a great level, responsible for your website performance.

  • This mainly includes your site speed i.e. page load time. In other words, your poor host is accountable for the turtle speed of your site that hampers your website growth. 
  • To tweak the speed, simply analyze your page load time on speed test tools such as ‘Pingdom Website Speed Test’.
  • If your site takes more than 2 seconds to load, there is no reason to stick to your existing hosting provider.
  • Your website speed is a crucial ranking parameter for Google. Thus, you can’t afford to be lagged behind from your competitors just because of the slow site speed. Here’s an ultimate list of tips to speed up WordPress.

3. Security Compromised

Poor web hosting service means poor WordPress management. 

  • The inept management further leads to security loopholes that offer hackers a golden chance to break into every nook and cranny of your website.
  • At the time of any Cyberattack, not just your business reputation suffers, but you lose your users’ trust. You never want that, right?

Why put your website security at risk when you can easily secure your site. Thus, move WordPress site to a better host today. move WordPress site

4. Outgrowing your Resources

You’re getting bigger and better. The no. of clicks your site gets is getting doubled each month and you’re planning to expand your business as you’ve outgrown your resources. Praiseworthy!

But what are you doing for data storage, RAM, bandwidth and resource management? You need to move WordPress site to a better hosting for more resources and storage.

A managed hosting provider can help you expand by providing:

  • Extended memory
  • Bandwidth
  • Data storage
  • Better management
  • SSH access
  • 24*7 customer support.

5. PHP Limitations

Ever got an error message saying ‘fatal error: memory size of “xyz” bytes exhausted’? If yes, it could be because the PHP memory limit is surpassed.

  • You can easily rectify this by altering the memory limit on the wp-config.php file on your WordPress.

The sad part?

  • Most of the shared hosting providers don’t offer such a feature.
  • If it’s the case with you, find a better host and move WordPress site immediately.
  • Look for the one that can help you upgrade to VPS or dedicated hosting with a greater built-in memory capacity.

6. Customer Loss

Frequent downtimes, sluggish website speed, and security issues are enough to frustrate your customers. They will start doubting and questioning about your company’s reputation and become least-interested in your brand. 

So, if you are losing your customers gradually and getting lesser clicks or conversions, seek for a professional ‘managed web hosting provider’ and move WordPress site to attract more visitors.

7. Lacking Customer Support

Round the clock customer support is something that your website needs. If your web hosting fails in assisting you 24*7*365, you’re with the wrong server host.

Look at it this way:

You face an issue (say a security threat) on Friday and your web host provider doesn’t work on the weekend. The help you no earlier than Monday morning.

Will you be that patient to wait till Monday? No, right?

Your website security is critical. Your whole business and reputation depend on that. A security issue can lead you to a huge loss and negatively impact your Google rankings. You don’t want to suffer all this, do you?

Thus, when you move WordPress site or look for a good web server host, 24*7 customer assistance becomes imperative. If your current host doesn’t offer you constant customer support, switch to a better hosting today!

8. Exhausted Storage Allocation

When the traffic on your blog takes a spike, or when you improve your blog with HD images and videos, you feel that your storage allocation is getting exhausted. This is somewhere also related to how the website has been designed. For example:

  • A photo blog or Vlog may consume all its disk space in a matter of months
  • A personal blog can take years as it doesn’t upload that many numbers of files.

So, down the road, you would definitely need to increase the space to host all your website files. For this, you might want to move to the new host that gives you more storage space.

9. No Daily Backups

As we always say, “backups are the real lifesavers”. Whenever you lose your data, face security threats, suspect a virus or whatsoever, a complete backup can get your back.

  • The regular backups are mandatory for your site’s health.
  • If your hosting company doesn’t provide you daily backups, you’re putting yourself at risk.
  • At the time of any hazard or sudden data loss, only a host that gives you daily backups can help.

Here’s why daily backups are really important:

move wordpress site

Be smart, move WordPress site to a host who offers daily automatic backups and puts your mind at ease.    

10. Late Updates

Updates are crucial for all aspects of online success. Late updates can take away your no.1 position and put the crown on your competitor’s head.

Can you see that? 

So, leave the poor shared hosting that sends you updates weeks later. Rather, migrate to a host that instantly suggests you with latest updates and makes your website super fast, active, and updated.

Is it the time to Migrate?

  • If your existing web host is not fulfilling your needs and you’re facing issues day in and day out, ‘Yes’ it’s time to migrate.
  • If your hosting provider is affecting the quality of service you give to your visitors, and leading to lower Google rankings, ‘Yes’ it’s time to migrate.

In short, if you are not happy with your server host performance and still paying oodles of money every month, it’s time for you to move WordPress site to a better web host, immediately.

Conclusion – Change is the ‘Need of the Hour’!

Truly said.

There’s nothing wrong if you export WordPress site to a newer, better web host that could offer you a sigh of relief with its amazing services at affordable costs.

From getting a managed website to a blazing fast speed; from bulletproof security to 100% uptime; from building the brand reputation to gaining visitors’ trust, you get everything instantly when you migrate to a new host that cares for you.

Seeking a better ‘Managed Hosting’?

You’ll definitely benefit from our guide to choosing Best-managed Host.

‘Breeze’ is the one-stop solution for all the problems you’re facing right now! Our Managed Hosting can help you with 100% uptime, improved security, increased speed, and round the clock customer support for a ravishing hosting experience.

Switch today!

10 Best Form Plugins for WordPress – Reviewed & Compared

10 Best Form Plugins for WordPress – Reviewed & Compared

Having contact forms on your website is crucial. Especially, when your viewers want to connect with you online. The contact forms made with best form plugins for WordPress play a vital role in storing your clients’ messages for you so that you can respond to them later.

Although they can reach out to you using your email address, telephone no. or physical address, contact forms made with best form plugins for WordPress still remain the best option.

The best thing about using Contact forms is that your users can get in touch with you without having to know your email address. 

However, the contact forms shouldn’t be used to extract the sensitive information such as credit card numbers, bank account details and other personal data of your customers (until unless you are an eCommerce company).

Importance of Contact Forms

The contact forms help in fetching you leads that can benefit you down the road. You can use these forms as an RSVP by adding some checkbox fields, or dropdown to know the response of your readers about your event or campaign.

Some other benefits of using contact forms are:

  • Convenient communication
  • Better client handling
  • Enhanced email marketing
  • Secure user data input
  • Future rewards

10 Best Form Plugins for WordPress 

To let your users connect to you in a better way, we’ve hand-picked the 10 most popular and best form plugins for WordPress that are easy to use and can help you create your own awesome contact form.  

Our top ten picks are:

  1. Contact Form 7
  2. WPForms
  3. Ninja Form
  4. Jetpack Contact Form
  5. Gravity Form
  6. Visual Form Builder
  7. Happy Forms
  8. Pirate Form
  9. Formidable Form
  10. NEX Forms

1. Contact Form 7

The Contact Form 7 is probably the oldest and the most downloaded form builder plugin that still holds its popularity. Best Form Plugins for WordPress


  • It’s one of the oldest contact form plugins for WordPress that’s been used and trusted by many.
  • It’s a simple contact form that you can use for your blog for free.
  • Many third-party plugins work as its add-ons and those plugins too are available for free.


  • The UI is not much intuitive.
  • If you’re a beginner and don’t want to bang your head while setting up a plugin, you don’t want to go with Contact Form 7.
  • You can choose other best form plugins for WordPress from the list.

2. WPForms

Okay, I shouldn’t use Contact Form 7 if I’m a beginner. So, which form builder plugin should I choose instead?

WPForms is the answer.

Best Form Plugins for WordPress


  • It’s the easiest form plugin available for the beginners who want to do everything on their own and learn bit by bit.
  • Its drag and drop editor works great for every user.
  • You can enjoy all its wonderful features, with its premium version which is quite affordable
  • You can start with its annual plan which starts from just $39 per annum.
  • Here, you can integrate your forms with MailChimp, Zapier, GetResponse, AWeber and Campaign Monitor.


  • Most of the handy features and integrations are available only with the paid version of WP form.

3. Ninja Forms

If add-ons, features, and integrations are your preference, there is no looking further than the Ninja Forms -the best form plugins for WordPress. Best Form Plugins for WordPress


  • First thing first, Ninja forms can be accessed for free.
  • There are no limitations on forums, fields, and emails. However, with its paid version you get more features.
  • It has 40+ add-ons, different layouts, and updates, integrations include MailChimp, AWeber, Campaign Monitor, and Zapier.
  • The plugin lets you create beautiful contact forms.


  • Ninja forms are a bit expensive when compared to the WPForms.
  • Its yearly premium membership starts from $99 per year.
  • However, with the dozens of features and add-ons, the pricing can be justified.

4. Jetpack Contact Form

Out of 30 modules of Jetpack, contact form module is a powerful one.

Best Form Plugins for WordPress


  • This WordPress plugin allows you to build your own clean and elegant contact form for your viewers.
  • It sends an email notification to every contact response.
  • Yes, you can customize the email address. You can try it for free!


  • You get no backups with its free plan.
  • You get daily backups and other features such as automatic spam filtering with its paid plan that starts at 2000 INR yearly  In USD it will cost you around $30 per year.
  • For businesses, the premium plan price is 4,200 INR per year where you also get revenue generation feature.

5. Gravity Form

Looking for a contact form that has all the advanced features in it? If money isn’t a big deal for you and quality and features come first, Gravity Form is the best form plugins for WordPress to go with.

A good example of a sober yet well-branded form made using Gravity form plugin is this.Best Form Plugins for WordPress


  • The plugin is powerful enough to create quiz, surveys, web directories and user submitted contents.
  • You can also get premium support options such as Knowledge Base, FAQs and email support etc.
  • It is the best in its class.
  • It lets you create clean, crisp and clear contact forms for your WordPress site.


  • It’s a paid plugin.

So, if you’re tight on budget, and don’t need a feature-rich form builder, you can go with other listed options that don’t cost you a penny.

6. Visual Form Builder

With Visual Form Builder you can build and manage your contact form at one place.Best Form Plugins for WordPress


  • Visual Form Builder is the best choice for you if you are non-techie and have little knowledge of HTML, CSS or Java.
  • With this form builder plugin, creating your unique contact forms is a child’s play!
  • What makes Visual Form Builder one of the best form plugins for WordPress is you can add fields is just one click.
  • There are multiple field layout options to allow you to arrange the fields in columns.
  • The plugin helps to store all your form entries in the WP database by default.
  • You can easily access and manage the data whenever you want.
  • The trial for all the memberships is one-time free!


  • The pricing depends on the no. of your sites and the cost is “per site”, not “per year”. This can be a problem for some WordPress users out there.
  • If you wish to use unlimited forms for multiple sites, you need to pay $199 for it.
  • For a single site with unlimited forms, the pricing is $29 where you need to buy the add-ons separately.  

7. Happy Forms

This is an amazing contact form plugin which is built in WordPress customizer.

best form plugins for WordPress


  • You needn’t learn a new UI.
  • Whether you talk about code or performance this WordPress contact form plugin is one of the most lightweight and fast plugins of all times.
  • It uses the drag and drop option that’s most of you are familiar with.
  • Happy Forms make an amazing choice if you want something easy, fast and light -for Free!


  • It’s a newer plugin, so if you are seeking something old, tested and trusted, you must go with other listed form builder plugins which are more popular, and used by more people.

8. Pirate Forms

Pirate forms are another great option for contact form builders. If you’re seeking a fully customizable framework for contact form builder, Pirate forms are the answer for you.

best form plugins for WordPress


  • It’s user-friendly and easy to use.
  • You can create your own awesome contact form and take the credit.
  • Pirate Forms offer a stunning reCaptcha feature helping you stay away from the spammers by blocking spam emails.


  • You don’t get multiple-forms and MailChimp integration with the free version of the Pirate form.
  • You have to move to its pro plan to avail more features and updates.

9. Formidable Forms

Want to have a form up and running in just a minute? Formidable forms are your best bet.

best form plugins for WordPress


  • Formidable forms plugins are free. And with this free plugin, you can easily create a clean, comely contact form real fast.
  • The features like drag and drop, email notifications and visual styler are available.
  • You can customize HTML and CSS to make your form look perfect.
  • The features are so easy to use.
  • This best form plugins for WordPress come with two pro versions.
  • The cost for one site is $47 and for unlimited sites, it’s $117.


  • Alike Ninja forms, Formidable forms also sell plugins separately.
  • It can cost you so much in long run.
  • Also, if you wish to use forms on more than one site, you have to go with the premium version that’s expensive enough for many users.
  • Most of the important features come with the paid plan only.

10. NEX Forms

Now creating a super-stylish and fast form is not a dream anymore! NEX form plugins are there to help you.Best Form Plugins for WordPress


  • These are amazing form plugins that offer tons of animation features, design customization options, 650+ icons and 1200 fonts.
  • They have multi-step forms, email auto-responder, and sidebar widget option.
  • The price of this best form plugins for WordPress is also quite affordable as it starts at just $34.

What else do you need to create a responsive, attractive and personalized contact form


  • These are one of the most famous forms and not so old. So, if you are looking for something old and more trusted, you can still choose Contact Form 7 or Gravity Form plugins.

10 WordPress Contact Form Compared

Forms Feature Starting Price Active Installs Best Suited For
Contact Form 7 Multiple contact forms, Customizable, supports Ajax-powered submitting, CAPTCHA, Akismet spam filtering etc. Free 5,000,000+ Experts
WPForms Drag & drop, templates, responsive, conditional logic, multiple forms, multiple add-ons, spam protection etc. $49/year 1,000,000+ Beginners
Ninja Forms Developer friendly, translation ready, multiple add-ons and integrations, instant updates etc. Free 1,000,000+ Blog
Jetpack Contact Form Built-in spam filter, customizable, redirect readers to a specific page, multiple forms, create, edit and manage. Free 4,000,000+ Business
Gravity Form Intuitive UI, 30+ forms, conditional logic, email notification, multiple integrations, and responsive. $59/year 1,000,000+ WooCommerce
Visual Form Builder Easy interface, email designer, multiple field layout, data migration, spam verification, responsive, and import/export etc. $29 for one site 100,000+ Blog
Happy Forms Drag and drop, notifications and emails, honeypot, Google reCaptcha and spam prevention etc. Free 700+ Multipurpose
Pirate Forms Shortcode ready, reCaptcha, customizable, SMTP, multiple forms, multiple add-ons, support and updates etc. Free 200,000+ Beginners & Blog
Formidable Forms Fast, customizable, drag and drop, visual styler, multiple forms, graph/charts, white label, responsive. $49 for one site 200,000+ Developers
NEX Forms 70+ animations, 30+ form fields, 1200+ fonts, conditional logic, drag and drop, anti-spam, popup forms, import/export etc. $39 10,000+ Businesses & eCommerce

Wrapping Up

No website is complete without a good contact form. There are many options available for free as well as paid form builder plugins. The best ones are mentioned on our list. Go through the comparison table and then choose the WordPress contact form plugin best suited for you.

Add your own website at,  and create an awesome contact form using any of these amazing plugins. Let us know how it worked out for you. Also, if you know a cool contact form plugin for WordPress or a plugin that didn’t do well, tell us in the comments section below.