17 Best WordPress Analytics Plugins for Every Website

17 Best WordPress Analytics Plugins for Every Website

WordPress Analytics Plugins play an imperative role in analyzing website performance and tracking website traffic.

The right WordPress analytics plugins help website owners access extensive data. This data helps them track visitors and discover their likes and dislikes.

The WordPress analytics solutions also let you find out the factors holding back the efficiency of your website.

Why You Need WordPress Analytics Plugins?

The web analytics plugins provide some useful metrics regarding your website. These statistics are quintessential for you to plan your future strategies.

Furthermore, you can get detailed insights about your online visitors and most visited posts and pages with analytics plugins.

Note: Before tracking the top pages and posts, you must have the 6 most important pages on your WordPress site.

When you use WordPress analytics plugins, you learn following things from the data:

  • The total number of users visiting your website.
  • The sources that are driving you traffic. (For instance, search engines, social media, advertisements, or referral links).
  • Your top posts and pages that are mostly viewed
  • What users do when they are on your website.

Not just this, the web analytics plugins also help you with:

  • Planning your marketing and content strategy
  • Doing site SEO
  • Optimizing website design
  • Analyzing website trends
  • Helping improve the user experience

In a nutshell, you can know what’s working best for your website, and what your users loving about your site.

Likewise, you can invest money in the right direction to run promotional campaigns and strategizing your web content.

No doubt, the Analytics plugins for WordPress help improve site SEO up to a limited extent. However, for sure-shot SEO success and better ranking, you need to use the best WordPress SEO plugins for your website.

Having said that. let’s unveil the best analytics plugins that WordPress owner must try.

We’ve accumulated the top performing and the most trusted Web analytics solutions for WordPress. Compare them to make a better choice.

Top 17 Web Analytics Plugins for WordPress

1. MonsterInsights
3. KISSmetrics
4. WP Statistics
5. Crazy Egg
6. Mixpanel
7. Matomo
8. Woopra
9. Heap
10. JetPack
11. Parse.ly
12. Adobe Analytics
13. AFS Analytics
14. Google Analytics Dashboard for WP (GADWP) 
15. Clicky
16. Analytify
17. WP Power Stats

1. MonsterInsights

WordPress analytics plugins

Starting with the best, MonsterInsights is an amazing analytics solution for all WordPress sites today.

With over 1 million active installs, It becomes the no. 1 plugin that lets you easily add Google analytics in WordPress. Also, it helps you analyze tracking reports in just a few clicks on your WordPress dashboard.

There are following two ways to add the Google Analytics tracking code to your WordPress using MonsterInsights:

i) Authenticate using your Google account (it’s like using a social login)
ii) Manually paste in your Google Analytics ID

Most of the users find the first method better. Why? Because that’s what lets MonsterInsights display actual traffic reports inside the WordPress dashboard:

Here’s what MonsterInsights traffic report looks like:

WordPress analytics plugins

It might take 12-24 hours to show the data. You can track the data under the “Reports” section.

Top MonsterInsights Features

  • Shows your top traffic sources in WordPress admin area with website stats dashboard.
  • Displays your top ranking posts and pages to understand the user behavior even better.
  • Helps review your site’s performance from within the dashboard. No need to login into your Analytics profile!
  • Track outbound link clicks to see top external content your visitors like.
  • Create custom dimensions with its premium version.
  • E-commerce tracking for premium MonsterInsights users.
  • Form tracking to track how people interact with your forms.
  • A lite version of the plugin is available to download for free.

P.S. For most websites, MonsterInsights Pro version is the perfect Google analytics solution. It offers event tracking, e-commerce tracking, affiliate link tracking, form tracking, and many more features.

You can try MonsterInsights Lite for free.

Price: MonsterInsights Plus @ $99.50 / year

2. CAOS Analytics

WordPress analytics plugins

CAOS for Google Analytics is a complete analytics optimization solution that lets you host analytics.js locally.

You can then keep it updated automatically using WordPress’ built-in Cron-schedule script in wp_cron().

CAOS can help you avoid ‘leverage browser caching’ warning, and also help reduce external HTTP. To integrate this, you will need to install ‘Complete Analytics Optimization Suite’ by Daan Van Den Bergh.

Also, CAOS can help you score higher on Pagespeed and Pingdom by making your website load faster. How? Because when you use this plugin, the user’s browser can directly download the file from Google’s external server.

To enjoy the benefits, just install the plugin and enter your Tracking-ID.  The plugin adds the required Tracking Code for Google Analytics to the header (or footer) of your theme. Once you download, its dashboard will look like this:

WordPress analytics plugins

For more information: How to setup CAOS for Analytics.

Top CAOS Features

  • Host analytics.js/ga.js locally,
  • Allow tracking always or only when a certain cookie exists or has a value — Read more about GDPR Compliance,
  • Add tracking code to header, footer or manually,
  • Set-Cookie Expiry Period,
  • Set Adjusted Bounce Rate,
  • Change enqueue order (prioritize the order of loaded scripts),
  • Force disabling display features functionalities,
  • Anonymize IP addresses,
  • Track logged in Administrators,
  • Remove script from wp-cron, so you can add it manually to your Crontab,

Price: Starts at Free

3. KISSmetrics

WordPress Analytics Plugins

KISSmetrics is another analytics and conversion optimization plugin for WordPress.

Instead of telling you about what’s happening on your websites like Google Analytics and MonsterInsights, KISSmetrics take a behavior-based approach and tells you who is doing it.

You can get important metrics and data using this amazing plugin for WordPress.

If you use WordPress for an e-commerce business, Congratulations! KISSmetrics is perfect for large e-commerce websites too! It helps with events/products based user tracking and much more.

Note: You can integrate KISSmetrics with WordPress easily. How? Just install the plugin and enter your API key. With Kissmetrics, you can also track people along sales funnels to optimize your site accordingly.

WordPress analytics plugins

Top Kismetrics Features

  • Unlimited reports
  • Unlimited A/B split tests
  • Visitor segmentation
  • Dedicated consultation and support (professional plan)
  • Track an individual user and see what they did throughout the time spent on your site.
  • Connects all your data to actual people
  • It tracks users across browsers, devices, and time.
  • Choose which events to track and leave it on Kissmetrics

P.S. The only downside of KISSmetrics is the price. Most small businesses and individuals will not want to shell out much money for an analytics solution. Therefore, we recommend bigger enterprises to go for this WordPress analytics plugin.

Price: $150/month for up to 500,000 monthly events.

4. WP Statistics

WordPress Analytics plugins

WP Statistics is a one-stop solution for all your WordPress analytics needs.

When you install WP statistics, you can analyze the tracking stats with simple graphs in your WordPress admin area.

WP Statistics helps track redirects from different referrers, browsers and search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. You can easily see these stats in your dashboard by managing user roles.

Here’s an example of tracking the reports of top ranking pages and posts:

WordPress analytics plugins

Top WP Statistics Features

  • Maxmind GeoLite2 technology to showcase in-depth geographical data
  • Filter data as per browser versions, visitors country, search keywords, IPs, pages etc.
  • Protects privacy with hashing IP addresses in the database
  • Shortcodes for data in posts/pages and widgets
  • Allows to export collected data to XML, CSV or TSV files
  • Automatically emails reports for all statistics.
  • Records stats on exclusions

Price: Starts at Free

Premium Version Pricing depends upon Add-ons.

5. Crazy Egg

WordPress analytics plugins

Want to know where your visitors are clicking on your site? There’s no looking further than Crazy Egg plugin. It uses a technology called heat-mapping, that helps the users to visualize users interaction with your WordPress site.

With Crazy Egg, you can also know how far your users scroll on your pages and posts. This way, you can analyze the content of your website and decide on the best-performing ones.

In a nutshell, Crazy Egg is an analytics software program that makes your performance tracking experience visual and fun. Therefore, we’ll say, it’s definitely worth a try!

Here’s the tracking script to use while using Crazy Egg for WordPress:

WordPress analytics plugins

Top Crazy Egg Features

  • Confetti tool allows you to segment the clicks into referrals, sources, search terms, etc.
  • A/B testing tool to pick the right color, font, and image based on the user stats.
  • Make data-driven action for your website’s design and landing pages.
  • Heatmaps and individual session recordings to know your website visitors
  • Know where your users are coming from, navigating to, and spending time on.

Price: Starts at Free!

6. MixPanel

WordPress analytics plugins

Real-time event tracking sounds cool. Mixpanel helps you add it for your campaigns!

Bonus? It is available for websites as well as mobile apps. With a powerful user level targetting you can now build user retention by sending push notifications and emails to your visitors.

Mixpanel lets you create funnels to track your visitors and boost conversions. It allows 2 types of pricing plans — People plan and Engagement plans.

i) People Plan: With people plan, you can collect the data of 1000 user profiles for free.

ii) Engagement Plan: With the engagement plan, you can collect up to 20 million data points per month.

You can choose either of the two as per your choice and need.

Having said that, you’ll enjoy all the amazing features and better website performance after using this WordPress analytics plugin. The image below is showing what you get when you choose MixPanel.

WordPress analytics plugins

Top MixPanel Features

  • Track user engagement with your products,
  • Know their source (website or mobile apps)
  • Measures the actions people take on your products
  • Advanced segmentation options to visualize complex data
  • Funnel experiments to increase conversions
  • Customer groupings to know and track them
  • Customer retention reports

Note: Mixpanel is another event-based analytics tool. Some people compare it very favorably with KISSmetrics. As it offers similar functionality but is much more affordable, since it offers a free account.

The only downside of MixPanel is that it’s not as easy to set up as MonsterInsights and a few other plugins.

Price: Free for up to 25,000 data points, paid accounts from $150 per month.

See the Pricing Table .

7. Matomo (formerly Piwik)

WordPress analytics plugins

Matomo, formerly known as Piwik, is a free open source analytics solution for WordPress websites.

Basically, it’s a self-hosted solution. It, however, has a premium cloud-hosted version too.

With Matomo you get user-centric insights, data protection, custom, and extensive analytics reports, heat-maps, a/b testing, and much more.

Its self-hosted version is free of cost. Once you install it, you can track user interactions on your WordPress site hassle-free.

If you want to make it easier, and don’t want to deal with the technical steps, Matomo’s cloud-hosted version will be your best bet.

The pricing for Matomo’s cloud-hosted version is generally based on the page-views (tracked on your websites and mobile apps).

P.S. Matomo is an all-in-one leading web analytics solution designed to deliver the most conclusive insights with the startling range of features.

WordPress Analytics Plugins

Top Matomo Features:

  • Customizable dashboard (for multiple websites too)
  • Goal conversion, events, and e-commerce tracking
  • Site speed and page speed analysis
  • Detailed logs for individual visitors
  • Scheduled reports via email
  • Mobile app to display statistics on your phone.
  • 30-day free trial available for Pro version


Self-hosted Version: Free of cost

Cloud-Hosted Version: Starts at $9/month for 5 websites up to 50,000 page-views.

8. Woopra

WordPress Analytics Plugins

Looking for a premier web analytics platform that lets you track user interaction and real-time statistics with ease? There’s no beating Woopra!

It focuses on customer trends, interaction, retention, segmentation, and more.

With Woopra, you track what your users are interested in. Also, you can monitor what’s stopping your visitors from taking an action on your site. This makes online success easier.

Furthermore, you can track and unify data across product, sales, support, and marketing with custom tracking with over 50 integrations.

P.S. With a similar approach like KISSmetrics, Woopra lets you track the detailed behavioral profiles of your visitors. It allows instant collection and tracking of important data.

Here’s the amazing example of analytics tracking on Woopra:

WordPress analytics plugins

Top Woopra Features:

  • Real-time analytics
  • Real-time notifications
  • Analytics for funnels
  • Track visitors interest
  • Automated weekly reports emailing
  • Discover dead ends inside funnels
  • Customer Retention analytics
  • Visitor and member tagging


Free account with limited features available for 30,000 actions per month.

Paid accounts Pricing.

9. Heap

WordPress analytics plugins

Track every event on your website or mobile app automatically with Heap Analytics.

When used on mobile, Heap gets you the track of every touch, swipe, tap, or and any other gesture-generated event without any configuration.

Heap works amazingly well when it comes to website performance tracking. However, Heap is a bit different from Google Analytics.

Heap focuses on automatic events tracking whereas Google Analytics only tracks page views automatically. Also, Heap makes individual user tracking easier across separate devices and cookies as well.

Moreover, Heap Funnels let you see every minute action before a conversion: This might help you in identifying drop-off, decrease friction, and also in improving your site’s conversion rate.

Here’s how Heap tracking chart looks like:

WordPress Analytics plugins

P.S. Heap is a web analytics solution that enables you to track onsite events for your WordPress site and mobile apps automatically. Yes, it doesn’t need any third-party plugins, Heap might be the right solution for you.

Top Heap Features

  • Heap’s Event Visualizer for conversion funnels set up and segmentation analysis (without using code)
  • Quick and easy website or iOS app tracking.
  • Heap tracks click and form submissions are also amazing features.
  • Custom pricing for big companies (as per their needs)


Free: The free version of Heap allows you to track only 5000 sessions per month. 

Pro version starts at $299.Mo.

10. JetPack

WordPress analytics plugins

JetPack by WordPress.com is probably one of the most trusted and simplest WordPress analytics plugins today.

The plugin helps you gather basic stats in your WordPress dashboard with little work on your part. Users can use this plugin on any self-hosted WordPress site to track their visitors.

The best thing about JetPack analytic solution is it’s free to use and a suitable option for small blogs as it offers easy to understand traffic reports.

To connect your site to WordPress.com servers and run Jetpack, you would require a free WordPress.com account.

Once, you have successfully connected, you can now easily track your website reports on your WordPress dashboard.

Here’s an image for JetPack weekly reports tracking:

WordPress analytics plugins

Top Jetpack Features

  • Track website traffic and know your visitors
  • Increase traffic with Related Posts, Publicize or Sharing features
  • Prevent your site from Brute Force Attacks
  • Customization tools like Galleries, Carousels, and Notifications
  • Overview of daily page and post views
  • Top-performing content, referrers, and link clicks
  • Summaries for monthly, weekly, and yearly traffic with comparison

Price: Free 

Pro version starts at $200/Mo

Also Read: Best Security Plugins for WordPress

11. Parse.ly

WordPress aalytics plugins

Seeking a super-easy and beginner-friendly solution to track website traffic? Parse.ly is the plugin for you.

Parse.ly offers an easy to use interface that gives clear audience insights to its users.

This platform offers the following 3 products:

i) Content Dashboard: The content dashboard of Parse.ly is quite streamlined. It gives WordPress users, a clear picture of their website analytics in real time.

II) API: Create great use of audience analytics with Parse.ly’s content-powered APIs. It’s a powerful recommendation tool that can help you double your page-views and time spent on your website.

III) Data pipeline: this product from Parse.ly lets you unlock all your data in an easy-to-query and transport data format.

You can buy these products individually or as a bundle as per your needs and budget.

Furthermore, you can use Parse.ly’s historical trends to view 30 unique attention metrics and get a clear understanding of the past results and future trends.

WordPress analytics plugins

Top Parse.ly Features

  • Explore historical trends and make data-driven decisions to boost your revenue.
  • Custom quotes for products based on your website’s needs
  • Campaign tracking with UTM codes and other popular parameters
  • Track video analytics for strong content strategy
  • Tailor content experiences for the fast-changing audience online

So, whether you’re an advanced WordPress user, or are a newbie in analytics tracking, Parse.ly is the plugin for you.

Get started with Parse.ly today!

Price: Download for Free

Premium Pricing

12. Adobe Analytics

WordPress analytics plugins

Adobe Analytics, by Adobe Systems, is an advanced tool for enterprise-level websites.

This analytics plugin helps you understand your customers and their interaction with your website.

Also, know how do they like your brand through visualizations, cross-channel marketing capabilities, and advanced analytics.

With Adobe Analytics, you can easily determine your most valuable user segments and serve them better through customer intelligence. Moreover, you can measure user interaction on your mobile apps and deliver better across all devices.

P.S. If you want to keep the track of data in real time, and if insights are like oxygen for you, then Adobe Analytics is THE PLUGIN for you. 

Here’s an example of advanced segmentation done with Adobe Analytics:

WordPress Analytics plugins

Top Adobe Analytics Features

  • Capture data from virtually any source (i.e. web, email, campaigns, mobile devices, client-server applications etc.).
  • Analysis Workspace feature for building custom analysis projects
  • Artificial intelligence, machine learning, and automation
  • Multiple rules-based and algorithmic approaches to track customer behavior
  • Create, manage and share audience segments based on any behavior

Price: See the Pricing 

13. AFS Analytics

The AFS Analytics plugin for WordPress is a professional plugin for tracking website performance. It is pretty easy to use and provides several advanced features for enhanced results.

AFS Analytics comes with real-time analytics and reporting to see the tracking right away. To improve your website’s content and conversion rate, you can track your online users’ behavior with automated event tracking. It will include clicks, scrolling, download, video, and more.

WordPress analytics plugins

This analytics plugin further recovers most of the “not provided” keywords from Google. Therefore, they’ll also be evaluated in your website tracking data.

It’s very easy to install AFS Analytics. Not just this, it’s user-friendly plugin that provides an intuitive toolbar and shows your website statistics on WordPress admin area.

You can start analyzing your website traffic and performance in 3 steps.

WordPress analytics plugins

Top AFS Analytics Features

  • Recovering “not provided” keywords from Google
  • Advanced AFS algorithm for real-time data
  • Tracking, understanding and reporting visitor’s behavior
  • Receiving automatically PDF reports daily / weekly / monthly
  • Optimizing your website for search engines (SEO optimization)
  • Ultimate performance via the latest technologies (HTML5, jQuery, AJAX)

Price: Starting at $11.86/Mo

Try it for Free!

14. ExactMetrics (GADWP)

WordPress analytics plugins

ExactMetrics (formerly Google Analytics Dashboard for WP) is another popular plugin for WordPress analytics. It’s one of the top Google Analytics WordPress plugins that most of the beginners love.


ExactMetrics makes analytics easy to understand and shows reports right inside your WordPress dashboard.

The results include demographics reports, enhanced link tracking, affiliate link tracking, and real-time reports etc.

WordPress analytics plugins

P.S. If you want an essential yet easy to understand analytics plugin for your WordPress site tracking, go for ExactMetrics.

Top ExactMetrics Features

  • It adds the tracking code to your site and pulls all the key statistics for you
  • Google analytics data such as statistic, timeframe, and more on your dashboard
  • Supports multiple sites
  • The Google Analytics tracking code is fully customizable through options and hooks
  • It allows advanced data collection like custom dimensions and events

Price: Free 

15. Clicky

Clicky is another leading WordPress analytics plugin suitable for every WordPress user.

It is easy to use, and offers real-time data, individual visitor tracking, and can be extended with premium features.

WordPress analytics plugins

Clicky also needs a tracking code to work, just like Google Analytics. Thanks to the plugins that support WPMU; for instance Clicky by Yoast and Clicky Analytics.

The interface of this analytics plugin is quite intuitive. All your important data is shown on the dashboard. Moreover, you can also conveniently view the data from your mobile device as well.

Here’s what the analytics reports on Clicky look like:

WordPress analytics plugins

P.S. Clicky can be your best bet if you are looking for an easy to use interface that works great for WordPress analytics..

Top Clicky Features

  • Real-time analytics
  • Individual visitor tracking
  • Customizable dashboard
  • Better bounce-rate calculation.
  • Goal and campaign tracking (Pro)
  • Split testing (Pro)
  • Heatmaps (Pro Plus)

Price: Free for one website and 3,000 pageviews per day. 

Premium accounts from $9.99/month.

16. Analytify

WordPress analytics plugins

Analytify is a freemium plugin for WordPress analytics.

It helps you add the Google Analytics tracking code and makes data tracking simple.

You can see the stats on the WordPress dashboard. Also, you can track the analytics related to specific posts and pages when you go to the Posts or Pages menus on the dashboard.

Analify plugin presents everything in a large, clear, and easy to follow format. It focuses on the key statistics for you to drill down to the details.

WordPress analytics plugins

P.S. Analytify is a good option to access Google Analytics data almost anywhere on your WP dashboard. It’s offers a clean interface to give you a clearer view.

Top Analytify Features

  • Easy-to-use social media stats
  • eCommerce tracking (Pro)
  • Front-end stat display (Pro)
  • Real-Time Stats, Campaign Stats, and ShortCodes (Pro)
  • More information about a post/page in the Edit screen
  • Super-easy for beginners

Price: Here are the different Analytify pricing plans.

17. WP Power Stats

WordPress analytics plugins

Seeking a lightweight WordPress plugin for website analytics? If yes, WP Power Stats is something to try!

It offers statistical data on page views, types of devices used by visitors, referral sources, OS and more.

The WordPress analytics plugin also allows you to customize statistical reports and manage website tracking for individual users.

Unlike Google Analytics which stores data on Google’s servers, WP Power Stats saves the analytics on your WordPress hosting account.

This means your website database can get really large leading to larger backup size and potential website speed issues.

WordPress analytics plugins

Top WP Power Stats Features

  • It offers multiple languages
  • One-click install to get you started quick and easy
  • Customizable plugin to personalize your data
  • Private statistics on your hosting that only you can access
  • Keeps track of page views, referrers, type of devices, operating system, location and more

Price: Download for Free

Wrapping up!

It can be irritating when you realize you don’t have enough access to data to troubleshoot issues on your WordPress site. Thankfully, with these 17 best WordPress analytics plugins, you can track website performance and problems from right within the dashboard.

Note: Take advantage of the power of analytics combined with the best, managed WordPress hosting to track performance, make better decisions, stay secured and achieve online success.

Compare the plugins listed above and choose the one suits you the best.

P.S. We hope this article helped you find the best analytics solutions for WordPress. You may also want to see our expert pick of the best Backup plugins for WordPress.

Which is your favorite WordPress analytics solution from the list, and why? Let us know in the comments below.

How to Clear Cache from Breeze.io Dashboard?

Clearing cached data and pages ensure that your website shows the most recent version to your users. Thus, everytime you upgrade to a new version, we suggest you clear all the cache stored of your site pages.

Take a quick look at how to do it on breeze.io:

1. Open breeze.io and click on “Login” on the top right corner.

clear cache

2. Enter your login credentials to access your Breeze dashboard.

clear cache

3. Once you’ve successfully entered into your admin dashboard, look for the site of which you want to clear cache completely.

4. Click on the website’s name, or simply click on the “Manage” button.

clear cache

6. You will see a toolbar on the top that lets you navigate through the panel.

clear cache

7. Go to “Tools” option on the navigation bar.

clear cache

7. You’ll find a “Flush Cache” option on this page. Click on the “Flush” button to clear your WordPress cache completely.

clear cache

8. Click on “OK” on the confirmation popup.

clear cache

9. Done! Within a few seconds, your site will be updated.

P.S. After every latest upgrade, PHP version change or restart, you will have to Flush the website cache to see the changes.

For any query, you can reach out to us or simply comment down your question.

Top 10 WordPress Backup Plugins to Protect Your Website

Top 10 WordPress Backup Plugins to Protect Your Website

Your WordPress site is where all your hard work resides. Just one security disaster and your website is gone! Thanks to WordPress backup plugins that create backup of your data, and keep your website safe.

If you haven’t installed a backup plugin yet, you’d be kidding yourself! WordPress backup plugins are the must-haves for every WordPress owner.

Here’s why:

  1. Backup plugins safeguard your sensitive data
  2. Simple recovery after an unexpected security hazard
  3. Offsite location prevents unauthorized access.
  4. Regular backups enhance website security

Thus, creating the backup of your website is one of the best things you could do for site security. Now let’s move on to our next part, the list of awesome backup plugins that prevent data loss.

10 Best WordPress Backup Plugins for Data Loss Prevention

  1. UpDraftPlus
  2. WP-DB-Backup
  3. Duplicator
  4. VaultPress
  5. WPTimeCapsule
  6. BlogVault
  7. BackupWordPress
  8. BackWPUP
  9. Backup Guard
  10. CYAN Backup

Without much ado, let’s compare the pros and cons of each backup plugin for WordPress.

1. UpDraftPlus

Store your files and database on the cloud in minutes with UpDraftPlus. It integrates with several cloud-based storage solutions including Dropbox, Google Drive, Rackspace, SFTP and Amazon S3. UpDraftPlus is probably the safest plugin to back up your site.

Top Features

  • You can quickly schedule automatic backup or set-up an on-demand backup.
  • Create the backup and restore with a single click.
  • UpDraftPlus paid plan comes with a multi-site backup option and dedicated support.
  • Premium version also backs up to Microsoft OneDrive, Microsoft Azure, SFTP, Google Cloud Storage, and WebDAV.

Starting Price: Free

Pro Version Price: $95 per year (for businesses)

WordPress Version: 3.2 or higher

Active Installations: 1+ Million

Download UpDraftPlus

WordPress Backup Plugins

2. WP-DB-Backup

WP-DB-Backup saves you from a sudden security hazard, server crash or any discrepancy that may happen down the road. You can escape serious situations like these by simply creating a complete backup of your WordPress site with WP-DB-Backup. However, the plugin requires some technical know-how; thus not much recommended for the newbies.

Top Features

  • Backup different tables in the same database.
  • Easily schedule automated backups for once hourly, twice or once daily, or once weekly.
  • Quickly save the backup to a remote location, or send it to your own email address.
  • Pull your database from a location, and export or push it to a different location (Paid version feature).

Starting Price: Free

Pro Version Price: $80 for 1 active site

WordPress Version: 3.6 or newer

Active Installations: 300,000+

Download WP-DB-Backup

WordPress Backup Plugins

3. Duplicator

Duplicator by SnapCreek is one of the most sought-out WordPress backup plugins on the market. It’s best known for creating site backup, migrating or cloning a WordPress website. With over 10 million downloads, Duplicator becomes the most trusted backup plugins for all WordPress users around the globe.

Top Features:

  • Super easy to set up. Just one click backup and restore.
  • Transfer your live site to a local host at developing location.
  • The paid version allows you to schedule backup.
  • Store your database and files at cloud-based storage apps such as Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive and Amazon S3.

Starting Price: Free

Pro Version Price: $49 yearly with Multisite basic

WordPress Version: 4.0 or higher

Active Installations: 1+ Million

Download Duplicator

WordPress Backup Plugins

4. VaultPress

Looking for a real-time backup and security scanning? There is no looking further than VaultPress. Not just your files and content, you can also back up the comments, revisions, and media files in a few simple steps. Wow!

Top Features

  • Safeguards your site against hackers, botnets, malware, and any accidental damage.
  • Create the daily backups, migrate your site and enjoy real-time syncing.
  • Get Brute Force Attack prevention and uptime monitoring with its paid plan.
  • You also get spam defense for ping-backs and comments.

Starting Price: Free

Pro Version Price: $39 per year

WordPress Version: 3.2 or newer

Active Installations: 70,000+

Download VaultPress

WordPress Backup Plugins

5. WPTimeCapsule

Want a real fast backup process? WP Time Capsule is the one you’re looking for. It boosts the backup speed by just updating any changes done to the site, and not creating the backup of the entire site every single time. Whenever you create or update the backup, the files and database are stored in cloud storage solutions – Dropbox, Google Drive or Amazon S3.

Top Features

  • Observes the changes in files and database since the last backup then uploads only the changes.
  • Allows you to restore the website at any point of time.
  • You can also restore specific files & DB of your site.
  • It’s an open-source software which is FREE to download.

Starting Price: Free

Pro Version Price: $49 yearly (2 sites)

WordPress Version: 3.9 or higher

Active Installations: 10,000+

Download WP Time Capsule

wordpress backup plugins

6. BlogVault

It’s an amazing backup plugin that connects your WordPress site to an offsite backup solution. It’s one of the most favorite and trustworthy backup plugins for WordPress management companies. Why? Because it stores your backup at the Amazon S3 servers and offers 90 days of backup history.

This is not it; you also enjoy white label solution with Blog Vault’s premium plans. Here, you get the option to add your team and clients and collaborate.

Also, you get a staging site option to test changes before going live.

Top Features

  • One click site restoration.
  • Incremental backups to reduce server load.
  • Easy migration to a new domain, server or host
  • Unlimited on-demand backup and multi-site support.

Starting Price: Free

Pro Version Price: $7.4  per month (single site)

WordPress Version: 4.0 or higher

Active Installations: 30,000+

Download Blog Vault

WordPress Backup Plugins

7. BackUpWordPress

BackUpWordPress by Human Made is another great plugin for daily website backups. Its users give it a five stars rating which shows its credibility and high performance.

Even if you are a rookie in WordPress, you can still use BackUpWordPress easily. It comes for free and helps you store your data on cloud to avoid any server-wide risks. Though some of these amazing features come only with the paid version of the plugin, you can still use the features come with the free version. The best thing about this plugin is you can schedule your site backup as per your convenience and plans. It also provides good technical support.

To use BackUpWordPress plugin perfectly, you would need PHP version of 5.3.2 or newer.

Top Features

  • No setup required to start.
  • Create and manage multiple schedules of backups.
  • The plugin works great on Linux & Windows Server.
  • Easy backups and migration.

Starting Price: Free

Pro Version Price: $29 (single site)

WordPress Version: 3.9 or newer

Active Installations: 2,00,000+

Download BackUpWordPress

WordPress Backup Plugins

8. BackWPup

A free WordPress backup plugin best for both novices and experts. With BackWPup you not just create a backup of your data but also can optimize, check and repair database anytime you desire.

The plugin allows you to create and store your backup to the directory, FTP server, Amazon S3, Microsoft Azure, Dropbox, Amazon Glacier, Google Drive and more (required PHP versions or Curl may vary). With this plugin, you can create a backup on your server, to an external service, or can send it to your preferred email address.

Top Features

  • Step-by-step restoration wizard.
  • You get multi-site support.
  • Automatic daily or weekly backups.
  • Priority support feature with the premium version.

Starting Price: Free

Pro Version Price: $75 (single site)

WordPress Version: 3.9 or higher

Active Installations: 6,00,000+

Download BackWPup

WordPress backup plugins

9. Backup Guard

Backup, restore and migrate anytime with Backup Guard. You can backup or upload to Dropbox with super ease and create a backup of both files and database. You can also get the notifications mailed time to time to your preferred email id. So, whenever the backup, restoration or migration is completed, you’d know.

No, it doesn’t end here! You can schedule your site backups any time you want and do a lot more with Backup Guard.

Although you can download and use it for free, we would recommend you to purchase it’s paid version. Why? Because its pro version comes with a lot more exciting features that you’ll surely love.

Top Features

  • One click backup
  • Upload automatically to the cloud of your choice
  • Unlimited restore and import backup
  • Ability to specify custom exclude paths

Starting Price: Free

Pro Version Price: $20 (2 sites)

WordPress Version: 3.8 or newer

Active Installations: 70,000+

Download Backup Guard

WordPress backup plugins

10. CYAN Backup

This is new on the list of WordPress backup plugins but highly rated and praised by the users. With this new open source backup solution, you can create hourly, daily, weekly or monthly backups. With CYAN you can also specify the files and data that you don’t want to backup, or pick the selected files that you want to back up.

Top Features

  • Easy localization (translation ready)
  • Backup your files and data into a zip file.
  • Dropbox and restore support.
  • Auto-pruning feature to set the no. of files to back up.

Starting Price: Free

Pro Version Price:

WordPress Version: 2.9 or higher

Active Installations: 2000+

Download CYAN

WordPress backup plugins

Bottom Line

While building a website or making new changes to it, you might lose your old data by mistake, or if your website gets hacked, you’ll surely regret not installing a backup plugin. These were the best and the most reliable 10 WordPress backup plugins that I suggest.

Note: Usually your host takes care of your data and backup but if not, you need to upgrade to a better host. Going for a managed WordPress hosting is always a good idea since they take care of everything from backups to uptime & speed.

Btw don’t forget to comment your most favorite WordPress backup plugins from the list!

What is Lossy Compression & How to do it Effectively?

What is Lossy Compression & How to do it Effectively?

Sometimes, image compression is done aggressively by compromising somewhere with the image quality to reduce the file size. This quality-compromised image compression is known as ‘Lossy compression’. It dramatically improves your website speed and reduces image size on your website.

You can compromise on the images quality as far as they don’t impact your business performance.

Lossy Compression Example

lossy compression

Uncompressed (528 kb)

lossy compression

Compressed (336 kb) 36% reduction

You can see that there is no major change in the above two pictures. Both pictures can easily be seen, and are not distorted. The only difference is in their file size.

Now the question is why is lossy compression important, and do we really need it?

Who Should Use Lossy image compression?

It is totally up to you whether to use lossy image compression or lossless compression. You can implement this powerful compression method if your ultimate target is to serve your website’s pages the fastest speed and rank better than your competitors.

Who Should:

If you’re a blogger and use such pictures, or screenshots inside your blog posts to explain something to your readers, lossy compression is great for you. You can choose the level of compression so that you’re able to reduce the image’s file size to the optimum extent. Optimum level compression means the image is clear and smallest in file size at the same time.

Who Should Not:

We don’t recommend lossy image compression for the fashion bloggers, food bloggers, and photographers. We suggest them to go for lossless compression.


Because with lossy image compression, you lose the high definition quality of the images. And being fashion, food or photography experts, you must rely on pixel-perfect photographs to attract prospects.

Why use Lossy Compression?

1. It helps your images load faster

Of course, the heavier the web page assets are, the more time it takes to load as a whole. You’ll be able to make your web pages load faster than your competitors. It is a major ranking signal for SEO in 2018.

2. It saves your disk space on the server

Modern business is using SSD disks and that is costly as well. You can not afford to overspend for hosting your oversized images. So, compress JPEG images everytime you use them on your site and save disk space on the server.

3. You save on bandwidth when traffic spikes

Bandwidth is consumed every time an image is loaded from your servers. If you get 100 page views with 1024 kb of images on the page, it consumes 100mb of bandwidth on your server.
A very small number of page views are consuming 100mb of bandwidth, what if you’ve more traffic. If not today, occasionally, you may get a spike in traffic for any reason.

4. Google says compression is nice

If you check your website speed insights in Google page speed tool, you will find the section saying “Optimize Images”. This is actually asking you to compress and resize the images. As a tip, using 1000×500 image for a container 300×150 of size is not a great idea.

lossy compression

How to do Lossy Compression?

You can use tools like photobook or compressor.io to optimize your images in bulk with maximum reduction in size and minimum reduction in the quality. A photobook is an offline photo compressor/software that works with your MacBook or Windows-powered laptop. Compressor.io is another web application based image compressor that works on any device you have.

You can also do lossy compression online with Optimizilla that’s an amazing online image optimizer. Just drag and drop your image to enjoy compression.

For example, consider this image. With the help of Optimizilla photo optimizer, we reduced the image size by up to 85%. The image still looks fine.

lossy compression

P.S. You can also make use of some graphic design software for picture compression. Use Save for web command to save the image in JPEG format, and then choose the optimum reduction level.

Before Lossy Image Compression

1. Take a backup of your website

To stay on the safer side while doing any major change to your website, Taking a backup is very important. You can also try things on a staging website and then push it to the live site in Breeze Panel. I recommend making major changes always in a staging environment because it may affect your business negatively if you lose any content/functionality of your website.

2. Do a quick scan of your website images

Not only to analyze the images on your server but also to track the performance and statistically measuring the effect of lossy compression, do a quick scan and see how much storage existing images are using. This way, you would be able to figure out how much have you saved after performing the lossy picture compression.

Lossy Compression in WordPress

WP Smush

With the premium version of WP SmushIt by WPMUDEV, you can choose to lossily compress your images when they are uploaded. You can also do a quick bulk optimization to speed up and optimize your existing images on the website.

Smush Image Compression and Optimization


Imagify, by WP-rocket, is yet another WordPress plugin that helps you optimize website images. You have the freedom to choose the level of compression you need. The free quota per month to optimize existing or new images is 50 MB.

Imagify Image Optimizer

You can upgrade your plan and see results on your website. It simply justifies with your web hosting bills. While you save on your cloud storage usage, you pay for optimizing the images. Trust me, this will result in a profit in long run.

Explore more awesome image compression plugins that help in optimizing images on your site, and improve WordPress performance.

Page Speed Tests

Lossy compression really speeds up your site by helping images load faster. You will realize this after the page speed test. Compare the results before optimizing your images and after doing lossy compression, there’ll surely be a difference in your website performance.


Lossy and lossless compression, both are amazing methods to reduce your image file size. However, lossy compression is a more effective way to surprisingly speed up your website by reducing images size. As a result of lossy image compression, the web pages get smaller in size and it takes lesser time to load the web page as a whole.

However, if you are a photographer, or a travel, fashion blogger, you must make your way towards lossless image compression to reduce file size without compromising on image quality and clarity.

Let us know which image compression method do you use. Also, tell us your favorite image optimization plugins in the comments.

Safeguard Your Site with 9 of The Best WordPress Security Plugins

Safeguard Your Site with 9 of The Best WordPress Security Plugins

With the increase in WordPress sites over the last few years, there is a growth in the data breach, malicious spams, and website hacking. WordPress security has become a big concern for every business today. Here’s where WordPress security plugins play a vital role in strengthening your site’s security.

Let’s talk through some facts and stats.

83% of all CMS based websites hacked in 2017 were running on WordPress. (Sucuri)

Sounds horrible.

The percentage of WordPress sites at risk is very high; thus, there is an immediate need to secure your site and lock out the bad guys before it’s too late.

Another shocking stat for all the WordPress users out there:

More than 70% of WordPress installations are vulnerable to security attacks.

This means, your site can be the hackers’ next target. Cybercrooks and botnets want to attack the vulnerable sites. It’s because they can easily break-in, and access every nook and cranny of a weak website like yours.

P.S. It’s Better to be Safe than Sorry

Both of the above statistics show that WordPress is a popular hacker target. Hence, it’s suggested to secure your dear site before the bots and spammers hack your site and misuse it.

wordpress security plugins

Stop Security Threats with WordPress Security Plugins

Plugins are the software add-ons (or codes) installed on WordPress to enhance its capabilities. Different plugins are dedicated for different functions. Some plugins are used to speed up your site, some improve the SEO, and likewise, some boost the security of your site. Here’s what WordPress security plugins do for you:

  • The security plugins strengthen your website’s cybersecurity and keep your site safe from the fraudsters.
  • Also, the plugin helps improve your website, enhance its functionality and offer a better user experience.
  • When you use WordPress security plugins, you are safe from brute force attacks, malware, spams or any intruder access.

Now, let’s explore the top WordPress security plugins that will help you lock down your site from any security attack in the future.

Our 9 Best WordPress Security Plugins of 2018

1. Wordfence Security

When it comes to WordPress security, there is no beating Wordfence Security. This plugin tops our list because of the users’ trust. Over 2 million active installs prove its reliability.

Key Features:

  • It offers the most robust security to a WordPress site.
  • You can see traffic updates and hack attempts with its live traffic view.
  • Wordfence helps block attackers and malicious networks.
  • The plugin allows Cell Phone sign in, thereby, prevents brute force attacks.

Starting Price: Free

Active Installs: 2+ million

Download The Plugin

WordPress security plugins

2. Sucuri Security

Sucuri is another famous name for WordPress security plugins. Although this plugin has lesser no. of downloads, it is as trusted as Wordfence.

Key Features:

  • It’s a feature-rich plugin. The features include Security Activity Audit Logging, File Integrity Monitoring, and Malware Scanning etc.
  • With Sucuri security you also get more features like security notifications, blacklist monitoring, and security hardening.
  • Moreover, its Post Hack Security Actions help you retrieve your site data after a sudden disaster or attack.
  • With its paid versions you get multiple variations of SSL certificates, DDoS protection, customer support and much more.

Starting Price: Free

Active Installs: 300,000+

Download the Plugin

wordpress security plugins

3. BulletProof Security

First thing first, your website security should be your priority. BulletProof security is a tested, trusted, and an easy to use plugin for WordPress security. Also, it’s an answer to all your WordPress security issues. BulletProof Security offers ‘one-click setup wizard’. This means you don’t need to struggle through multiple steps to set up.

Key Features:

  • This security plugin protects your WordPress site against RFI, XSS, SQL injection, and code injection hackings.
  • With Login Security and Monitoring feature, you can easily monitor the activity and login attempts on your website.
  • You also get Anti-spam and anti-hacking tools to enjoy a secured WordPress site.
  • You can enjoy extra features to secure your wp-admin folder and root site folder with its premium version.

Starting Price: Free

Active Installs: 90,000+

Download the Plugin

wordpress security plugins

4. iThemes Security

iThemes is a popular and reliable name in the world of WordPress plugins. This security plugin adds an extended layer of security by banning the IP addresses of failed login attempts, and the hackers who have attacked any site earlier. The plugin scans your site thoroughly and then safeguards from any security risks. It’s a powerful plugin that you should download today.

Key Features:

  • iThemes security instantly reports about the vulnerabilities or loopholes in your site and fixes them in seconds
  • You enjoy more features in iTheme Security pro version. You get strong password enforcement, database backups, two-factor authentication and more.
  • The plugin locks out the cybercrooks, bots, and hackers.
  • The premium plan has even more features and starts from as low as $80 per year, which is quite affordable.

Starting Price: Free

Active Installs:  800,000+

Download the Plugin

wordpress security plugins

5. VIP Scanner

Want an easy plugin to strengthen your WordPress security? There is no looking further than VIP Scanner. It has a user-friendly interface that lets you locate the security loopholes in your website with ease. You must have this plugin on your WordPress.

Key Features:

  • This is one of those WordPress security plugins that protect your website from malware and viruses.
  • The plugin library allows you to create arbitrary “Checks” on your site so as to check your files separately.
  • With five stars rating on WordPress.org, the plugin becomes so reliable and a must for your WordPress site security.
  • Although VIP Scanner is a new plugin for WordPress security, it’s getting more and more popular every day.

Starting Price: Free

Active Installs: 600+

Download the Plugin

wordpress security plugins

6. Google Authenticator – Two Factor Authentication

Google Authenticator, also popularly known as Two Factor Authentication or 2FA is an amazing plugin that adds an additional shield to your site. As most of the hacking attempts are done through the login, it secures your site by adding the second layer of protection to your login module. It is popular worldwide.

Key Features:

  • This is a feature-rich plugin as it provides language transition support, various authentication methods,
  • The authentication method can be Google Authenticator, push notification, soft token, QR code, and security questions
  • With Google Authenticator (2FA) you can select the user types who will need to go through the authentication process.
  • You get multi-site support, once you move to the paid version of this plugin.

Starting Price: Free

Active Installs: 10,000+

Download the Plugin

wordpress security plugins

7. Jetpack

If you are a regular WordPress user, you must be aware of the Jetpack plugin. It’s probably the most trusted plugin for WordPress users. Why? Because it’s developed by the team of WordPress developers. Unlike other WordPress security plugins, this plugin does three tasks for you: it helps speed up your site, it strengthens your social media, and also boosts your website security in one fell swoop.

Key Features:

  • You get regular downtime monitoring of your site.
  • With its set-and-forget module, it prevents brute force attacks.
  • It also has 2FA module to provide an extra layer of security.
  • With paid version of Jetpack, you get daily backups, security scanning, and spam protection.

Not just WordPress security tools, with Jetpack you also get features like email marketing, social media management, and site customization. It’s a perfect plugin for your WordPress site.

Starting Price: Free

Active Installs: 5+ million

Download The Plugin

wordpress security plugins

8. Security Ninja

It’s not too old, not too new security plugin for WordPress. Security Ninja is a great plugin with that handovers all control in your hands. This means you can now decide which security module to use. It runs more than 50 security tests, thereby, is an awesome choice for the experimental WP geeks.

Key Features:

  • Afraid of zero-day attacks? Security ninja lets you check for this vulnerability before time.
  • the plugin protects your site from brute-force attacks and password strength tests.
  • Its premium plan comes with a Malware scanner to protect your site from malware attack.
  • You also get WordPress core file scanner and event logger.

Starting Price: Free

Active Installs: 10,000+

Download The Plugin

wordpress security plugins

9. Shield Security

Shield Security is again a trusted name that blocks out all the malicious traffic that could harm your site. It’s one of the free WordPress security plugins that have an easy one-click setup. Moreover, it’s step-by-step wizard will help you walk through the basic configurations.

Key Features:

  • Shield is a ‘sandboxed’ plugin. This means the plugin critically protects itself in case of an attack.
  • It has features like automatic Limit Login Attempts and automatic Brute-Force Bots Blocking
  • Shield provides powerful Core File Scanner for malicious file changes and hacks detection
  • Powered with amazing features like Automatic IP Black List and 2FA (including Google Authenticator and Email).

The only drawback of this plugin is that it doesn’t provide any malware scanner.

Starting Price: Free

Active Installs: 80,000+

Download The Plugin

wordpress security plugins

Need more tips on website security? Here’s a full post about WordPress security and its best practices.


Every day hackers want a new target to attack; your site can be the next. So, beware and install a reliable security plugin today.

Just installing a plugin is not enough, you need to rely on a trusted, managed-hosting for a fully secured WordPress. A managed WordPress hosting provider like Breeze specializes in WordPress, and thus, is the best choice for your WordPress site hosting. Try out our 3 months free trial today. Use Coupon Code ‘RISE18’.